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Jul 05 2017

Hope everyone had a great July 4th.  Our family has a tradition over the last 10 years of running the 4th of July 5K in our town.  I knew the day would probably come when me daughter would beat me.  It was either going to be my old age or her speed.  Last year she won the overall women’s race out of 700 but it was a time that I had beaten before.  I was coming off the NamesCon soccer game torn hamstring so I chalked it up to that.  I was looking forward to this year and came in with pretty good conditioning.  Not my best but pretty good.  I figured if I could keep my pace under 6 minute miles I might be able to catch her.  But the the heat set in.

Race time temps were mid 80s with 70 degree dewpoints.  Temps that don’t agree with a man of my size and age.  I figured I would try and keep it at 6:15 now.  Then I did a 3 mile warmup.  I then reset my goal to 6:20 pace.  Now I was in trouble of being beat.  My daughter is not effected by the heat like I am and she was wearing her American flag shorts.  Shorts she only wears when she is ready to hit it hard. Evidently those colors do run.  Now I am really in trouble.  Off we went.

I kept her in site the first mile.  6:18 clicked on my watch.  My heart rate was at 135 so I knew I was in a good place.   The half way point came and it was time to turnaround and get a glance of what I was going to need to do to beat her.   My daughter was in second place and I knew two things weren’t going to happen.  One, she wasn’t going to catch the girl in front of her because that girls looked older and stronger.  And two, I had zero chance of catching my daughter.   The hard part of the course was coming up.  A slight incline.  A part where I usually fly past everyone that went out too hard,  but something she was also prepared to do.  My second mile was 6:26, a little slower than I wanted, but I felt ok.  I was in a pretty good rhythm and my heart rate was under 150.   I flew past everyone in my age group like they had a flat tire and gunned for my daughter.

I could see her in the distance and I calculated what I was going to need to do on the last mile to catch her.  5:35.  And nope.  No chance.  I kept it steady, sprinted the last half mile and ended up with a 19:22.  About 40 seconds behind but at a 6:15 overall pace. The girl winner ran around 17:10 which was a tough catch on a hot day. And it became official.  I’m never going to be faster than my daughter ever again.  And I’m cool with that.   Because that may actually save me a few hundred thousand in college.  And my pride is worth a lot less that.  Enjoy the day Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day: 

Domain of the Day:   Bee decline is a huge issue right now and bee friendly products are selling like hotcakes

Namejet Auctions     Grow lighting or solar comes to mind for me on this one. 21 years old   Waves or Internet     Chinese collectible all the way  I have to admit I like his one.  Only two bidders agree   True makes it sound safer    I have had and sold similar names. But I have plenty of plant names   Going to need a buildout to get the value of out this one    Hawaii deserves its own weather.   One of the easier jobs in weather    13 year old video game name


Flippa Auction Names

30 (THIRTY) KEYWORD RICH .COM, Domain Names, and Chinese Lucky Number Combinations!!!


Sedo Names At Auction   Chip that has reached 4 figures and ends today    Will sell on the first bid


 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Pets are a trillion dollar business.  I made that up but they seem to be a every growing segment    Email and a whole lot more.    Slogan is too easy    What all the cool people are doing right now  Bids are for the 20,000 backlinks and aged domain   BrandBucket type of name    If you’re talking food I couldn’t agree more   Poor Sarah.  Not sure what she did but there are several bidders that are really sick of her   Most towns have mobile blood banks.  Bees are important but given the choice

Domains That I Like With One or No Bids       Nothing much hotter than block chain and banks are some of the users At $11K at press time. Not highly desired but low desire in is still better than most names 1999 domain with no bids. Not a bad recruiting name. Elite worked for modeling 1998 name. There are no sales to prove that this name should be owned. Only I am willing to take a flyer on .cc for $12. There are several .cc names on the list today. Again, no sales history to show value. Just a personal like which means nothing   This one actually does have a lot of bids but I wanted to put it down here with the other dot cc. Evidently diamonds are a big enough product to warrant using a .cc.  Four figures good.   Airline tickets don’t sell well on the Internet.  Oh wait. Pretty big keyword with no bidders as well Timely name after July 4th. No takers Pretty sure an s on this one would get it to four figures Big enough to make the dot net have value IMO. But nobody agrees. No bids 439,000 backlinks for $17 Not sure if it has any value but easy to remember and spell. That’s worth something Probably worth more than $50 just as an email for Todd. Todd likes his personal emails 13 years old. Sounds more like an online Press release or app than a professional group. But its cheap Can’t tell you what it will be used for but seniors are such a big segment of the population I’m sure somebody will use it Another BrandBucket type name. one bidder

Other Names With Bids
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