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I was one of the final two bidders in the Namejet auction that ended 2 days ago.  I was within $100 of the final price and it got to the point to where I didn’t like the price. Or at least getting uneasy with it.  I wrote down 3 reasons why I liked the name and three concerns I had with the name.  I called the guy that always gives me the best advice Mr. Rosener.  Immediately he hit on 2 of the 3 concerns I had with the name.  One being the immediate adult connotation, second was the return based on purchase price.  He also gave me a list of 5 names that could be had for similar price.  I ended my bidding.

The first thing you would say is “Aren’t you smart enough to figure all this stuff on your own?”  The answer is yes.  But I am like many.  I need to hear someone else say it or agree with me for full confidence. Not always,  but there are times.  Even after 10 years of doing this every day I have daily doubts.  It’s why I love having a second opinion a phone call away. You do things long enough and you meet some pretty smart people along the way.   All I have to do is return the favor when the text or phone call comes my way.     I could do it without them but I have made better decisions because I called them. Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:  ” “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” —Anita Roddick”

Domain of the Day: Anyone who likes balance should like this No bids at press time


Namejet Auctions   Virtual Reality took this from a bottom tier to this price  It’s getting hard to find first names at reasonable prices anymore.  This is a last name as well  Might get a good price because reserve is under $500 and not a lot of bidders   Keep your stuff secure.  7 bidders   66 bidders can’t be blamed for bidding on this dictionary word  Safety and OSHA audits are a company’s worst nightmare.  Big business here  Great letters but then about you are one letter away from being DUMB  As seen on Sherpa.  And we all agreed we liked it   Online tutorial on how to write apps is what I see here.  Or someone that already does looking for work  Not a bad brand for $69.  No bidders  One of the few escrow names that stands out to me.  Better than payoneer (sorry Brandon)   I think any big product + warehouse is a good buy for $69 right now   The com is developed and its a heck of a name.  No bidders   I usually use a white male in a corvette or a drunk college student as bait.  No value   One of only 26 triple X 4L.coms   Got a ways to go to meet reserve….I think.  Could be closer to left side of range   Chinese are bidding on it because its short.  Not because its a dog name.

Sedo Auctions  Another VR that has become much more valuable in the last few years   Not quite the rage it was a few years ago but still a super fruit   One of the best names up for auction in a while but not going to be cheap  Great use of the .in tld  .  Met reserve

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    21 years old and even the hypen can’t stop the bidding on this one    Much better name than Prestin.   Four figure bidders already arrived  1998 registration.   Golf all the way   Doing pretty well for a V name without a R next to it  One of the most asked questions is about orchid care.  And venus fly traps  Bitcoin anything   Hard to make money on charity names but this one isn’t too expensive yet      Nice 5L and surname  And   Makes you feel like the information is going to be well organized  One of four names you are evidently allowed to name your pug dog.  Pugsly being number one with a few bids.  13 years old   All vowels.  The exact opposite of a Chinese premium   Can’t call it a yacht unless its expensive   Sell it to Trump   I didn’t even know what this was until recently and I found out from a real estate agent there was a whole list of homes that the owners would sell but didn’t want a for sale sign in the yard or have it listed   Mobile cleaning company   Makes me think blockchain for some reason    Sidekits are sides used on trucks that can be removed as you are unloading.    I love the new accordion type.  So easy to unload   Upgrade name for a few, good name for the rest

Domains That I Like With One or No Bids sold for $28K in February so……  Everyone is motivated by something Call 1888 Cars for Kids. Or is it Kars . Motor donor is easier People have been sneaking in alcohol for generations Get your free lawsuit with purchase right here Not sure what the stick is going to do but so glad it will be easy doing it Paleo diet company #fakenews Lastname and ancient Indians Brite and Bright are in demand brand keywords A bit long but everyone caught needs a lawyer and its not cheap Describes California. Never seen so many people have their garages full of junk with their cars parked in the driveway and on the street Had to double check this for a misspelling. Couldn’t believe it didn’t have a bidder at $10 Went to one today. Cost the same as this domain No bids. Should be worth more than 0$ with the double ones Put one of my up for auction to see what happens. Will make a profit if it sells for more than $18 We’ll see if the NN gives it any value. No bids


Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Flippa Names   and 98 other dot nets for $1 and 109 other dot coms for under $20

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an emailI Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

Domain Spotlight:

5 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday June 21st”

  1. Shane,
    Regarding, it was very wise of you to bounce your concerns off Drew.
    When I saw the auction the immediate connotation was porn. And it’s not even a good porn category name at that. Not that I’ve ever watched porn 😉
    Aside from building a bad porn site, I can’t see any mainstream value given the “Adult” connotation.
    At $16,301, your concern regarding your ROI was warranted because the connotation totally kills any mainstream branding potential.
    At $16,301, the buyer had better an end-user building out a porn site because if they are a domainer they overpaid for a name that will ALWAYS and ONLY connote “Adult “.
    The $67,000 EstiBot means nothing.
    Yes, even though we can make decisions on our own, it’s alway good to have smart people to get advice from.
    Very good advice from Mr.Rosener.

  2. Shane,
    I have lots of respect for you, however being in this industry for more than 17 years successfully I have to totally disagree with you regarding
    I was also participating in that auction but unfortunately it went over my available budget.
    The first thing that came to my mind living in the UK is the bird Swallow and aside from that Swallow is a popular Surname in the UK.
    Lots of companies specially lawfirms and apparel companies listed on Google using the name Swallow so the negative annotation that you mentioned has no base here.
    Furthermore, I think that the association to the adult industry that you also mentioned gives the domain name even more value, online adult industry is a super huge market and decent names such as this one are hard to come by these days.
    Lastly a simple check of the domain on Alexa returns a very respectable rank of just over 1 million in the US which indicates that the domain is getting good traffic.
    All the above makes the $16,000 paid for the domain a very good price for the buyer if an investor and a true bargain if an end-user.
    If the name was mine I wouldve never listed it in an auction site and wouldve just waited for an end-user to knock on my door for at least $75,000.
    Anyhow, time will prove one of us wrong.
    I would also like to thank you for you daily articles, I thoroughly enjoy reading all of them.

  3. Back on topic .. I often say pricing domains is the hardest thing in domaining .. but equally difficult often times is simply saying NO!

    In the end it’s all about value .. that’s why the only negative about Sherpa reviews in my mind is the fact we don’t know the purchase prices. you can have the absolute best single word domains in the world .. but unless we know the purchase price to evaluate VALUE, the domain owner could be the worst domainer in the world if he bought the best domain in the world at a really bad price.

    Often you see a domain in the expirations/auctions and fall in love .. but you really need to be disciplined enough to say NO once is gets past that value price-point!

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