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Jun 07 2017

I was reminded of a very valuable yesterday.  A woman came in to the nursery to buy a plant.   Her teeth were not in the greatest shape.  Smelled heavily of smoke and a real raspy voice.  And a fanny pack.  She brought in a tiny piece of plant and wanted another one.  When I didn’t know the plant she said “I thought I was coming to an expert”  All this was right as we opened.  Hadn’t even had a chance to get the day rolling yet.   We tried to find the plant but everything I showed here just wasn’t quite what she was looking for.  I started to get a little frustrated and she eventually settled on something.  30 minutes later I saw her still looking though the shrub lot.  She said she wanted to return the old plant and get a new one she found.  She had never left the store and was already ready for exchange.  I was a little grumpy in my voice but asked if I could carry it to here car and I did.

As I got to her truck she asked if I would like a gatoraid or a water.  She insisted.  I don’t usually take water from strangers but I did just to make her happy…and leave.  But as I looked in her car I saw a stick used to pick up trash.  I had seen that stick.  That stick was used by the women I see at the park cleaning up every morning when I run.  This person that I had judged so horribly was the woman that cleaned up the park every day on her own time and money.  And kept our park the nicest park in town.  She took pride in it and I had told her thank you several times.  Bu we cross paths in the dark or early light.  I really had never seen her.  The person that I had judged for the bad teeth and smoking was actually one of the people that I was most thankful for each day.   Once I realized who she was and I thanked her one more time.  She cried this time.  And inside I cried a little for being less than nice to a person that was undeserving all because of appearance.  Another life changing moment

Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:  “Comparison is the thief of joy”

Domain of the Day:  Plant names make good brand names

Namejet Auctions (mixing it up a little today)  The dream of every person. To see some unclaimed money with your name on it.  Found money is as good as new money.  Triple repeating to the right is most desired by the Chinese but price is still pretty nice  Upgrade name for several companies.  Include a craft brewer    Pretty name and fun.   I’ve been called this by a few southern people  I was trying to figure out why the bids on this were so high.  Uniregistry is high bid and then I saw it My Uniregistry  A complete China play.  If you’re in to that kind of thing  You know I like   They just been so good to me over the years   32 bidders at press time.   Cardio and Fit go together like peas and carrots

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Marcus is the most famous of the Mariotas but plenty of other things named this   My favorite name on the board.  I will win it.   I put it here just in case I don’t      Hotel and Air BnB types places all the way   All the rage right now.   Homes and offices all over the country being built out of shipping containers.  at BIN    Like I said above, fit is everything.  Some like it firm    Film or hole       I was looking at Google on how people used this term and realized Google returns the time of day right now.   Learn something new just researching this name.  So I like it   Chinese will like this pattern.  I think its OK.  Tough acronym    Has four figure bids     a type of design that designs for the phone first and then adjusts to bigger screens   This coffee thing is really taking off.  Two bidders   There is such thing so people are bidding this up   Also known as a fairy garden  You can’t see a rendition of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat without all the great work of Musical Theatre participants    VR glasses?  You need to get out of it


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids 17 years old. Upgrade name for a few entities Same thing here. A few upgraders. No bids Worst race car driver’s name ever. Oh that was Dick Trickle Surprised nobody sees Synthetic marijuana in this one. No bids two word dot coms with bright in them have a good sales history No bidders at $12 Canna marketing. At $10

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

If you believe in Dot IN then you’ll LOVE Sedo’s Auction of

Super Premium Dot IN 


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  1. Ategy

    I work with the public as well .. wish I had a better memory and/or decided to keep a diary 25 years ago .. there are people out there who surprise me every day .. on both sides of the coin. People who look professional and clean who can be really horrible examples of humanity (likely the people who leave the garbage in the park) .. while at the same time on the other end stories like yours! 🙂 .. the little old toothless ladies are actually my favorite .. most of the time I can’t even understand what they say .. but they still make me smile all the same!

    On the domaining side .. today was a rare day I went to bed (relatively) early last night AND got up a little late this morning and totally missed today’s names. Usually it’s no big deal as I tend to have a good chunk of the names on your list on mine already .. but looking at the matching names I lower my expectations on acquiring the domain(s) due to increased visibility .. happy to report I got one of the ones I wanted today at a nice price I wouldn’t have expected .. it’s a real pain for me to do auctions at work and I need to work them into my fixed-time breaks (meaning I might need to bid blindly in advance before the auction ends if I really want it) .. I might not even had bid if I had seen it on your list today! lol

    But just pointing out that I enjoy the blog even without the names .. not just for the domaining tips/stories/news .. but also for stories like the one you shared today! 🙂

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