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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 1st



It’s one of the most exciting and scary parts of running a business. Borrowing money.  “I don’t need to borrow money, I self finance”  Congrats.  You are a rare breed. The rest of us have to borrow money to scale up.  To meet operating needs if you are a seasonal business.   I need over a million dollars up front to float everything before the spring sales come in and I hate asking for it every year.  Every year I hope that I will have enough in the bank so I don’t have to borrow.  Yet every year the business grows and money gets put back in.    Finances are usually personal but I don’t mind talking about it because financing is what drives, stagnates, or kills a business.  The numbers and the zeros may change but plain and simple, most businesses have to borrow money from other people to get bigger.  The key is trying to put assets as collateral not give away equity.

I don’t need to do that.  I am confident in the time frames of my business model that I can borrow the money and pay them back in a timely manner and keep the company and all the profits.  The difference between my business and a number Internet businesses is I actually make money.  I have to make money.   There is no burn rate.  The only burn rate I have is if I try and burn the place down to get insurance money.   All of this is why I approach things a little different in domain investing.  In some ways it helps, in some ways it hurts.   I often sell  too quickly to make profit because its in my nature to sell things when profits become great.  But all in all I make money and that’s probably more than most Internet businesses can say.

Here are today’s names.  Click the links for current price


Quote of the Day:  ” Be that person that make everybody feel like somebody”

Domain of the Day:     I can see this on the back window of a 2007 Ford 450

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Has a hyphen but gets thousands of visits and has thousands of backlinks.  Instant site booster  19 years old.  This media name is close to four figures   Used to be a T-Shirt printing company    Most arbors and outdoor furniture are made of cedar   Milkweed is the hot plant right now.  Don’t know what Millweed is.  Getting some bids   16 years old.  Great looking  Would like to own   E is a tough ending but still a few words it can be an acronym for.  16 years old   So many uses.  At $350 at press time but wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit four figures    Speaking of kicking ass.  Typo of Tushy the site that …well…..specializes in a certain film genre   Fun name and memorable     Oh Hell no. THE Josh Gracin of American Idol doesn’t own his own name?  Somebody buy a headline on    Spanish for adapt.  Just kidding .  Upgrade name for a few companies   Not hard to price these.  $3K is the over under IMO    Exact match that actually works as a brand  The Chinese love this.  I would prefer the Q more left


Domains With One or No Bids The running free and Vibram thing has kind of run its course but still plenty of uses for this one. 16 years old. everyone loves the exit story. The journey is great but we never get to hear the details of selling out. One bid Poll Generator name with no bids Not a bad brand for $12 Not a bad email name for $12. Not a ton of value, just some IMO No value I just really want to know where the two visits are coming from. Must be doctors No bids. sounds like something most people want I can see this on the back of a CrossFit shirt

Other Names With Bids

Namejet Auction   Metal or chairs.  High reserve but a fair one   Has met reserve.  One of the hottest groups of the short niche.  24 bidders at $79     Buzzfeed name all the way.     56 bidders  Met reserve at $5K    Data or just digging a hole.  16 years old  Big enough area to be built out on a dot net   This would have been several hundred dollars a year ago.   Settling into new range   It has a four but these have been as low as $500 and over four figures    25 bidders   28 bidders at $79     The two riders on the new SpaceX moon trip are going to need a few of these     Online poker still exist and I think online gaming makes a big comeback

DropCatch Pending Deletes and Auctions    Upgrade name for a lot of businesses    Everyone’s looking for it


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