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Sep 27 2017

You know the guy.  The guy that thinks everything has to have blame.  Nothing can happen by accident and everything turns into some conspiracy.   If something bad happens to them they can’t let it go.   They have to let the whole world know that they’ve been wronged.  Some times they can’t give a reason why that person would want to wrong them they just know they did.   “Somebody is trying to screw me”.   It’s hard for a mathematically intelligent person to “get over” stuff.  Cause and effect is ingrained in them.  They can’t let stuff go because there is reason behind everything.   It couldn’t be as simple as somebody made a mistake. Living on campus most of my friends are professors in the sciences or mathematics.  I find they are either very laid back or crazy analytical.  I’ve learned not to argue but to laugh.  Because it drives them crazy when I laugh.  I laugh because 9 out of 10 things they are worked up about in the scope of things really aren’t a big deal.  It just is to them.  They want answers.  I don’t have them so I just make jokes about it.  They probably think I am too stupid to respond but in reality whatever problem they had is so inconsequential that it’s not worth having a discussion over.  And its not entertaining in the slightest.  So I laugh it off and move to more fun things to talk about when running, like how the Cubs are surging at the right time.  Much more entertaining than trying to figure out whether someone should be refunded for being charged for regular gas when he put in E-85.  Who puts in E-85 anyway?  Here are today’s names, you have to click to see current price. 

Quote of the Day: “It’s very very difficult to dispel ignorance if you retain arrogance” -Sam Wilson, Army 

Domain of the Day:      Damn. Not sure I’ve ever seen a at auction before


Namejet , DropCatch, and Sedo Names at Auction    A bit long but almost more of these than doctors right now  Met reserve at $20K    The foodie market is growing exponentially each year.  Unique is good   14 bidders.  LLC has its own tax rules.  If you specialize in it this would serve you well  “Dig” in Spanish      Met reserve at $360.  Ends this morning  Love the name as a wine seller or restaurant  HUGE name.  I pay for this every year.  As do everyone with a credit card machine   The opposite of the giant check you get when you win a sweepstakes   A similar name sold for $4200 yesterday.  But that did end in 8   This one is actually better   How the cool people are spelling juicy   Already sounds legit  Remember this from Step Brothers  I’ll probably buy it but I’ll put it here just for some competition  I can’t buy it because of my age……..but you can


 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  1998 name but sounds like a 1970 mens lifestyle magazine   18 years old.   Not exactly sure what it is but I’m thinking all the bidders are thinking visual arts    Safe Windows seems to be the use on this one    A company that was acquired by Trusted Knight and they let the name expire    Great name for cannabis infused water    Under $250 at press time.  Y is not a vowel but some consider this a CVCV    HK for Hong Kong    All consonants so $800 plus     The workout is Tai-Bo but a lot of people use this spelling.  Thus the bids   I’m just going to leave this here since its getting good bids.  I’ll avoid discussion   A lot of MMA on the West Coast     Ad testing obviously.  Not as obvious without camel casing   Bee names always seem to do well   A name that would be a coffee shop on campus in the brick and mortar days but now an online education resource .  At $400 plus at press time


Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  Surprised this one has no bids.  Official sounding name.  A lot of new people coming into marijuana and edibles It’s a basic right unless you violate someone else’s right to do the same 2000 birthday. Leap has been a popular keyword in brands over the last decade Big supporter of this organization What we’re all trying to make. No bids at $12. 2004 name I love these two short word dot coms under $20. I have good luck and payback with them Not a ton of value but a fun name Like


Other Domains With Bids
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