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Dec 14 2018

What a name. was one of the better names to come up for auction in a while.  I thought was also pretty impressive but just didn’t make the reserve cut.  It’s funny because I talked to a few people that said the price just didn’t allow room for a good return.  Which is ridiculous.  Margin or percentage wise yes but profit dollars is in the hundreds of thousands.  What the real answer is you don’t have enough money. Buying a name like that takes up too much cashflow.  Which is true for 95% of domain investors.  But if you DO have capital, then a 20% to 50% return on $400K is a fantastic return.  In any investment short of a drug cartel.

Sometimes its important to look at profit dollars.  How much money you make vs the return on investment.  I get into this argument with my Dad every year.  Making up numbers here but lets say we make 50% margin on everything we sell,  but we make 20% on mulch.  But we sell 1.5 million dollars in mulch and make $300,000 profit.  Three hundred grand is a lot of money.  Spending $1.2 million to get it is also very expensive. The handling cost is minimal.  You arrange a delivery or throw some scoops in a truck. But what it does take is a lot of money to keep the supplier paid.  It causes a big cash crunch on the company because its basically an accounts receivable play.  You hope that you can float the companies that go over their 30 day account because your supplier wants their money in 30.   Anyone with enough money would take on mulch in a second.  But someone with a limited cash flow or operating loan may have to use that money only on the items that have a 50% margin.   Because they don’t have enough to do both.  Of course my goal is to do both and we do both.  But the end of year margin reports always are highlighted in yellow by the other owners.  I simply ask them if they highlighted the profit dollars created at the bottom as well.    Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list


Quote of the Day:  If you can find something everyone agrees on, it’s wrong.” — Mo Udall

 Domain of the Day:    A CVCV which we all know means thousands of dollars.  And this one has a nice flow to it


Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  Well worth the reserve in my opinion.  Own the autographed memorabilia market with one domain purchase   Love the brand. We talked about it on Sherpa and it was a panel favorite  The kind of name that really doesn’t mean anything but still a single word.  And most single words make great brands  I like it because it has run in it  Upgrade name for dozens of companies  No bids.  Not sure how many people are getting into the hosting bids now that the big boys have taken over but if someone wanted to  NO bids.  Assistants gets butchered in spelling some times but for $69 not a bad buy   No bids.  Solid gear head, mechanic name  Price is the want of the aged site history not necessarily the domain


Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   Some use the term for “random” some rando.  Also a last name.  5L pronounceable alone is good enough.  20 years old  Four figure name at auction IMO.   High end classic car site in waiting  Are we even allowed to play in the office anymore.  1999 birthday  The first baby.  No limit in spending.  By the third, they get all hand me downs and one picture is taken on their birthday and that’s it.  it’s all the rage in rehab.  Takes down the inflammation immediately   Not sure what it would be used for but I like the keyword growth  Hard to beat but this one isn’t too bad  Was a phenomenon.  Owner must not have had good enough typo traffic  the name just screams startup   A bit long but a smart name  the Chinese love these patterns and aren’t afraid to pay big money for them   Ditto but double on the 5Ns  the old energy company.  Now it can be yours   A bit long but exudes a good drill down of info


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  Where you start.  Solid name for $12 but its not going to stay at $12  I’m starting to resemble this domain.  At least half of it  cute children’s brand domain with no bids  Everyone will know exactly what the site is about No bids.  I wouldn’t call her big to her face though  One bidder.  Dex is popular ending in branding  The new cool clothing line.  The modern day Panama Jack  Two short words that are easy to spell.  Probably wouldn’t do bad to have every word with coffee behind it

 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Michael

    Exactly. Some people love telling about buying a name at $150 and selling at $2,000. Which is great, sure. But I would rather buy one at $50K and sell at $70K.

    1. Matt

      I’d rather spend the $50k buying 333 x $150 names that could each be sold for $2k – That would make $616k profit… If only it was that easy 🙂

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