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Feb 18 2019

So my daughter wants to train full time this summer but wants to make some money so she asked me if there was anything she could do for me that would let her put in the miles, travel, and work online.  The original plan was to do outbound sales under a new company I was starting for her,  but things made a hard turn this week.  I sell a product at the nursery that I get from a small family supplier.  I do pretty well with it and its been a nice little category for me over the years.   It’s something I could sell online but never set aside the time to do it.  After thinking about it, I thought my daughter could set up a site and start selling them online.  They’re very shippable and since I can get them cheap there is some good margin to selling them retail.  Good enough I could throw in free shipping.

After telling the supplier about my plan she said something even better.  “Why don’t you just take the order and I’ll ship it to your customer for you? No sense in touching it twice”.    She said she did that for a friend and they sell two hundred a week and make $7000 A WEEK doing it.  And most people buy multiples of the item and there are only 20-30 customers a week to deal with.   And they company isn’t trying very hard. They don’t rank for the term on Google. Don’t use adwords.  Don’t do anything to push it.  They just made a name for themselves for having this product and they are happy with what they are making so they don’t really push any harder.

I’ve definitely found my daughter’s new job, maybe mine in the future :).  She just has to make sure the orders go through.  Check emails for problems.  And check in with customers to make sure everyone was happy.  And if it goes right she can make $15 to $20K this summer.  If it goes poorly I’m pretty sure she’ll still double what she would make working at the coffee shop she worked at last summer.  All the while, having a great experience and training hard to earn her scholarship.  Everyone wins. And yes. I’ll probably take back the business when she graduates and becomes whatever she wants to do for a living.   I’ll let you know how it goes as the season gets going.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD continue writing each day.


Quote of the Day: “Gratitude is beautiful, even more so when it’s on display”  -Ammar Kubba

Domain of the Day:   I think this hits $100,000, jk but you never know anymore

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  Closing in on the reserve.    Was my pin number 20 years ago if that means anything.  Its not anymore in case you’re thinking of getting at my hundreds of dollars in my account  Met reserve at $300 if interested   buy low while .net is down.  Just not sure if its ever going to get up   Met reserve at $500  And it gets 180 free visits a month   Some are going to call this pronounceable but not priced as one ……yet  If this is my name I want it  Gets over 800 visits a month and is under $100

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  Lots of companies with names close to this but doesn’t look like there are any exact match yet.  I think that actually makes it worth more    Go on a magical Highcation or for Europe a Highoday  Already a crypto coin and a mining pool that was hacked  Smarter just for wearing it   Much stronger name than Fiverrrrrrrrr  according to Namebio, names with buddy as the end word run from $125 to $900 lately  Upgrade name for several companies.  My brain keeps seeing Atari  Like these letters a lot.  Be interesting to see if it goes for more than $1K  Seems to have some comic book, fantasy reference but I just see it as some who deletes stuff   Essentially what Facebook is   Solid bitcoin name.  Every time I get hopeful for bitcoin I see another hack or lost bitcoin headline  What the kids now call video games.  And I just made that up   Showing up is 80% of the work.  Actually not true but makes the people that don’t show up feel bad   Not sure if geo + dispensary names are worth an investment.  I’ll start paying attention  I do like this one.  Just sounds cool.  Personal opinion.  Don’t buy anything because of me. You all are grownups and can pick things you like.  I’m just here because I can be funny every 6th day or so  Sell this to AOC and her New Deal teams.  Just don’t ask them any financial questions   Probably going to be a mobile gaming company but I think only of fondling yourself through your pocket. But that’s why I can never be President………..and a few other things  Nice short brand.  Sounds greek or speedy  Makes blockchain crypto sounding



A Great list of Dropping Numerics.  Maybe the Best in the last 12 Months

And pretty much none of them are under $1K.  Actually 5 or so. I guess that’s not none

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  I can see this being accepted at a Brand site.  No bids  Sounds like an outdoor brand.  Kind of   I’m thinking email or K-Pop.  Hopefully a buyer will have a better idea.  No bids Decent name for someone in our industry who hunts names  For all those people that don’t like Zoom. There’s hundreds of millions of dollars in lawn care products  Has to be cheap because everyone is going to spell it Pookie  Upgrade name for a few.  Definitely scooter and wheelchair sales name  Nice canna name.  Sounds classy   Nice brand for under $20 IMO

Other Domains with Bids
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  1. Anthony

    You are usually bad with days and dates but I feel this title “FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17TH” and the temporary joy it brought me could leave you open to a lawsuit.

  2. Jason Sheppard

    The link is wrong – it goes to a backorder page for I don’t mean to only comment when I see something wrong.. I read DSAD nearly daily and really do get a ton of value. We buy quite a few names off your lists so hopefully the value goes both ways. Nice meeting you in LV, brief as it was. Maybe next time we can chat longer.

    1. Post author

      Comment all you want and thanks for buying off the list. We truly appreciate it. Anything helpful, funny, or informative flies here. I misspelled inertia. Fixed now. And a pleasure meeting you as well. I was a day late and didn’t spend nearly as much time as I would have liked talking to people.

    1. Post author

      I need to not watch basketball when I write these things. It’s up. Actually was there but forgot to hit save. I’m sure there will be many more errors. It’s part of my “character”

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