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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday February 17th, 2019

What the world thinks is news is up to the people that report it.  You assume that people will report things that bring readers. But our industry is different.  It’s tight.   Despite all the sparring that goes on, overall we’re a family of people that are trying to make money in the same way.  We often skip over articles that intrude in the personal life of others.  And that’s how it should be.

When someone told me about Frank Schilling getting divorced my only thought was “that’s too bad”.  I think of the kids and the pain that comes along with it.  Divorce is personal and to me it’s not news because it has nothing to do with business.  Many people go through it and it’s part of the lives of 50% of the people you meet according to statistics.  My parents divorced but I was an adult so it didn’t effect my family in the same way it would younger kids but I still understand.   Going through one is still one of the hardest things any person will ever have to deal with.

What makes this possible news is how divorce works in certain states and countries.  In some places the spouse gets half of the assets that were built during marriage.  Jeff Bezos of Amazon is going through a divorce and he built the company with his wife’s support.  He admits it and is working out a financial deal to get her a portion of the assets.  It’s news because its a big hunk of Amazon. Frank will most likely have to do something similar.  The news is in the fact she’s suing Uniregistry to open the books so she knows how much she’s due.   I have no idea of Cayman laws but undoubtedly some cash will have to be paid out and in some way will effect Uniregistry.

I only write this story for the same reason I write every morning. I am open and honest about my life and life in general. Divorce is part of life.  There’s no shame in it.  There are times when for various reasons, two people don’t want to partner for the rest of their lives.  I’ve said it many times that our spouses are often the key to our success.  They watch the kids when we work.  They support us in so many ways while we achieve our dreams. But occasionally the dream ending doesn’t come and you go your separate ways.  That’s when it gets difficult and ugly.  I think more than anything the Schilling doen’t need articles and stories but merely thoughts and prayers.   Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD continue writing each day.


Quote of the Day: It is a sign of weakness to avoid showing signs of weakness.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Domain of the Day:       People are loving this one.  Can’t get a hotter industry and X just makes it cooler

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   Previously sold for $5600.   Reserve is at $XXX.    Up is a good positive brand word    Good for much more than selling orchids    Nice little   Cool home brand.   I can picture the logo  Buy all your fake stuff here.  Even fake news


Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  It’s a 5 figure CVCV in my opinion and could get there just at auction  I bet you had no idea that a was worth this much   More patterns that brings in big money bids from China   I’m thinking car was all the way   You’re buying history and backlinks at this price   All three of these are solid solar names.  I assume they were all owned by one individual  Sounds like an organization that’s getting it done  Boring name to me but bidders love it   Busy British or Australian Mother with ‘Mum’  5L with a few bids  According to some politicians you don’t have to have any Native in you to be called Native  I think of the dog when I see it.  And Pug owners sure love pugs. I see more bumper stickers on pug owners cars than any other breed    Sounds like a restaurant.  And a name a shy person would call someone when they’re mad   Upgrade name for a company in the Netherlands.  I think water when I see it   Has some history.  Landscape design name so yes.  I like it   Slang for hacker

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids with nice round numbers and the first letter of the alphabet  Tens of thousands of workout places around the world  I thought the singular was up for auction recently but couldn’t find any history  Surprised this doesn’t have any bids.  Could happen  To me “leaf” means canna.  So I see edibles here.  But I like to stretch things  Big City Geo and services have held steady over the years.  Although I might want the plural here  Big enough keyword to give the .cc value IMO  Generally associated with anything that is 95% or more effective  Only $12, memorable, and radio test passer.  Can’t say that about many names We still doing flare names?   I didn’t think so  They won’t spend a lot but there are more and more 100 mile races in the US.  Its the new marathon  Nice 5L for $12 in my opinion  Can see this one on a ad for a builder.  One bidder

Other Domains with Bids

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  1. Good effort putting the list together.
    I don’t think there is much profit left to be made after buying a domain in auction due to competition these days.

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