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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday February 7th, 2020

As many of you know my nursery does snow plowing. We added it to the mix for two reasons. It was a good way to keep more people working all year long. Many of my employees have been there more than 20 years and we used to offer full medical insurance. Those that received it then still get it now. We didn’t stop doing it because its something I feel would be wrong to take away. It also saved a persons life and I have felt responsible for making sure that continues.

Our foreman of our landscape crew became ill and the told him he needed a liver transplant. He had two years to live if he didn’t. Now I don’t know the percentages or how the list works for who gets it and who doesn’t but I do feel that a person with 100% medical coverage might move up in line. When the day came he received the call he drove to Barnes to get his new liver. He could have died but he had a chance to live. When he got there the kidney didn’t match as well as they hoped. There was a higher chance of rejection than they liked but he was getting close to the time he had no choice. But then a tragedy and miracle happened. A young man was in a car accident and died. He was an organ donor. And his liver was a perfect match. And because he had just died the new organ went from the young man to our foreman within hours.

The cost of the transplant and all the rehab pre and post was close to a million dollars. Something he may have never been able to pay. With his insurance his out of pocket was less than $10K. So that’s why we plow, to save lives. Not directly but because the extra income allows us to provide more things to our employees. Last night I got 2 hours sleep because we kept having unexpected snow. So every time we’d finish up, it would get covered up. Normally we just wait it out and THEN get it. But everyone screwed up the end. We got it done, everyone was exhausted. Why do I go out and not just send employees? That’s how it works in our company. If you can help, you help. I’m too old to hump it out there on the crews, or lift big things, but if I can help. So I do. Of course then I jet off to some tropical island and let them hold the ship. So there’s that too.

Domain of the Day: As much fun as we have making fun of Vegans and Vegetarians they are a huge category that we would all like to have a slice of. Animal product free slice

Quote of the Day: The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” — Terry Pratchett Names at Auction or Dropping Another name like one listed the other day that uses the word to as in a sentence. I wouldn’t say call to action but more a descriptive phrase Huge trademark problem here but I think a fan club could be set up here. But consult with your lawyer. Not a plant grower There have been so many forms of calm registered that I think this form, even on a dot io, has value. You might be the only backorder These are the one word dot io that get good prices. Known, widely used dictionary words. Although not everyone knows what Rummy is but I know Kate Buckely does because I saw her playing at NamesCon GG is being used for eSports meaning Great Game so compete goes with this very well

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Great name for selling farm and hunting ground. Or just a place outside of town. Getting some good bids The dot com sold for $4800 soooooo Palindrome and overall cool, short domain I have 99 of them but the dot org isn’t one. (put this up just so I could write that line) 24 years old. Sounds like a good time. And that I should bring some water Great letters, no reserve. 1996 birthday I think this one kills it. Great brand. Short and memorable An important part of your health is taking care of ZGut. Gut health determines overall health A bunch of great LLLL.coms dropping today on Namejet. Like this one because of the TV A few thousand dollars expiring here. Amazing what people let go I think this may actually hit reserve. Only 260 of these although scarcity is not always a good determinate of value This 100% is headed towards California. The home of homeopathic medicine aka placebo medicine I think some people in Ohio might want this Because some people can afford a jet I feel like I could find what I need to make a Moscow Mule here Met reserve under $1000. Looks like the bids runneth over I had another above. Will be interesting to see how very similar names end up for each of the platforms I don’t think I’ve ever had a .shop on the list but at under $150 reserve its worth a thought I think its a cool looking name and pretty sure one of the brand sites would take this Not sure if this has any value but would go to the site for the name alone

Godaddy Domains With Bids Sounds a chill place to relax Sounds like Tarzans bike repair shop Its not a brand, its a lifestyle The VOX is bringing all the boys to the yard I had too many Revolutionary War classes to not think about this being the British Turn your gold into cash at I like cheese so much I’m willing to misspell works Great name if your firm specializes in it I like pork more than beef. You? I don’t know what it means but its Chinese so just buy it Because those combines ain’t cheap ,, and Patterns, Patterns, and more Patterns Important word, tough brand You really don’t want to see an All Me porn Data or old clothes in red containers you bought cheap during Christmas A bit long. Get it? Bit I like deals and I like yes. Check and check The Z is like a giant coupon code for domains You’ll notice that Godaddy likes domains with Earth in them. But they have a big sales report to show why Really good brand. Easy logo. Square with a maple leaf in it. I think it goes for $400 plus. At $45 at press time Girls name. Any girls name with some Google results has value Kitchen = food. Food = Money All the results are for a Star Wars character Nothing says technology like gold

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  1. Thank you Shane for the story! I just signed up as an organ donor. For some reason I have never thought about this before, but it really was a super easy decision to make. To be able to save someone’s life after I’m dead, wow!

    Here in Sweden we can do it online, and it only takes 1-2 minutes.

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