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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday July 19th, 2019

What are you better at than most people?  Probably not something you ever thought about but what is something that you love or wanted to be better at that you’ve moved up the ranks?  The next question is, what if I asked people around you the same question?  Would they have the same answer as you?   My guess is for 50% of the readers, others would say the same thing.  Others they would.  For two reasons.  One, you’re great at something nobody notices.  It could be something you do alone or where nobody gets to see it.  The other 50% is you’re well round aka not special in any one thing.

I mention this because I am always curious about how people spend their time.  I see a person really good at golf and think “How does he make the time to get enough rounds in to be that good”. Usually the answer is THAT is his thing.  That’s what he does.  For a married person with a family and a job there is time to be great at one thing. That’s it.  There’s not enough time in the day to be great at more than one thing.  You can be good at several, but not great.  When I meet a young person I ask them the question I said above “What are you great at”.  Most of the time its not something that is going to change their lives.  But some times it is.  One kid said, I have a good radio voice and I’ve been practicing calling sports games.  He sent me a youtube clip and I’ll be damned if the young man wasn’t fantastic.  No doubt in my mind that will be his future.  Too good not to be.  And he puts in the hours.  Watches a game, turns down the sound, and calls the whole thing to practice.  An unusual talent but a talent.

When I was younger I chose what I wanted to be great at.  Soccer and storytelling.  I gave up the first and traded it for running and I’m still not there (but getting better) on the storytelling.   There have been quite a few changes over the years but essentially they’ve been the same two for the last decade.   If you ask someone else they would probably say running and talking.  Talking is the start of storytelling 🙂   How about you, what do you put your time into that you’ve been great at?   Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on

Domain of the Day:   I am going to leave a toenail under the pillow for a bitcoin

Quote of the Day: The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.” ― Steven Pressfield


Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction     Great letters and it ends in C.  Top tier in my opinion     Nice little CVCV which you don’t see at Snap much    Kind of alludes to what I mentioned above.  People like to have “pros” doing their work   I like to keep my cash folded, not rolled but I still like the brand AND nobody cares how I keep my $17 in my pocket  Because your pets deserve a place to retreat to   Not sure all the bids are coming from the Jewish slang for “non Jewish person”   Sounds like something that is live   Love this one.  Not huge value but would make a good brand and easy logo.  And a good beer name   No bids on this coaching forum or site  Last call  Met reserve at $30  Don’t know what it is but I laughed and remembered


Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  1999 domain and wouldn’t be surprised to see this cross $8K  This has and now headed to five figures   The Pelicans are going to issue this  Was my nickname on the JV basketball team  As long as there is a Google this one has big value   Kind of cheesy but I can see it on a T-Shirt   I liked this one a lot but it quickly moved into the price range that I have to think about it.  I don’t do well when I think  Exudes organic and just picked  What my wife does so I know all about it.  Of course people get less benefits every year  This is a rare find right now.  I think it will go for $40K plus.  We’ll see   A killer to boot.  Good day, good day   Sounds like a cafe or a coffee shop  It’s what you do to keep it tight.  Or loosen it up  Nothing says I’m an awesome teacher like misspelling teach   I’m hungry just typing this one out  Used to be a pretty big social media site   Decent marketing name for a climber or mountaineer   aka grow marijuana  Buying history here


Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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