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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday July 5th, 2019

I lost another auction yesterday I would have liked to win.  I was bidding on which went for almost $3K.  I think its a great name and I was willing to go over $2K but it just kept running and I could see I was going to be outbid.  I’ve done enough posts about skyrocketing names at auctions but my bankroll or my mind won’t let me keep bidding higher.

I had my first race of the summer and I was pleased with my 18:57 5K time. I was hoping to keep it around 19:40 but despite the heat I felt really good and as people melted and slowed down I seemed to feed off their pain.   It’s always nice to run a race to see where I am on my conditioning.  It’s been a tough training cycle because its been so hot so I really wasn’t sure what kind of shape I was in.   Now I know that I’m on schedule for where I want to be when I run Berlin in Sept.

And finally, if you look at what names are bid each day at Godaddy you’ll notice there are always several bids on random consonants.   Add in the mixed numeric letter domains and you have the Chinese spends tens of thousands a day on random stuff that no US based domain investor would touch.   Combine this with the rising prices of the domain auctions and you can see why Godaddy is killing it lately.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on

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Quote of the Day: Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you.


Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction   The bee pollinator plants and everything bee related is super hot right now  Solid dental name Not sure if there is such thing but does it really matter?   Nice for the price IMO with one bid at $79  Smarter days lead to better days    This was good enough to start a company with in 1999 and    These two have unusually high bids.  Could be someone trying to protect the European brand   Because the real money in poker is made with slight of hand  1999 birthday for this  3 bidders on this one  Reserve is under $500    More needed than doctors right now  Good dating site name. Met reserve at $850   There’s room for another online razor club IMO and this is your name to start it   Its not but easy to remember

1.8 Million .UK names drop today.  You can place your backorders HERE

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  All the top results are definitions. Not one brand.  Good and bad  The cognac comes up a lot for this search term   Nice 5L and an acronym for a lot of different entities   All the bids are for the history and backlinks.  Not just people love Hobos    Sprint telephone may have something to say about this but to me it has nothing to do with phones.  I think running  Good brand but sounds like a boat named by an old person   in the sky or in Hollywood  was a huge fad at one time. Still thousands that believe in it    Good mantra.   Works with dot org IMO    Not sure anyone really looks for this or would go out of youtube but bidders like it  We don’t really need another escrow company but if we did  All block names are now blockchain names in my world  20 years old and under $50


Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids



The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids
Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good.

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5 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday July 5th, 2019”

  1. Speaking of auctions and I normally don’t bid in them but why would GD show on on the bid history only 2 bidders actually making the bids, yet they say 3 bidders where involved when the finally auction was closed. It’s as if one bidder got to stay unknown.
    Any thoughts on this.

    1. Is this an auction that you participated in? If so, you were probably the third bidder. I think GoDaddy shows the other bidders as bidders with numbers and yourself as your bid.

      1. It was one I was in. Thanks Travis. Just wanted to check.
        I never noticed it before. The backoffice in GD showed all the number IDs. But while bidding it just said bidder 1 and 2. Thanks

  2. I know this is random, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on NamePros. I just had a comment removed and got a warning from their staff because I said, “What a great name. Good luck on a huge sale.”

    Am I wrong for thinking that’s ridiculous?
    I guess they want a more negative atmosphere there or something…

    1. Namepros is good for general banter and to give those that don’t have a voice a voice. They don’t like off topic comments and are pretty consistent with having them removed. But there was a period of time where
      they let members attack each other and the place got pretty hostile. It’s never recovered IMO. You won’t find most of the older, well known, or largest domain investors participating unless its to defend themselves or add facts to a post. But there are some people like Raymond of TheDomains that have provided good information and banter for a long long time. In short, good place, mostly good people participate, the moderators have a job to do so they will always offend people including me quite often

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