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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday June 14th, 2019

Pretty much daily people complain about Godaddy’s interface, auction platform, and lack of bidder ID, and various other things.  I’ve been on that list.  Mostly about the outdated coding of the platform which makes improvement an extremely slow process.  But our money speaks louder than than our voices and our money has been saying nobody cares.  I don’t have any real totals to back my thought, but I would assume expired auction sales totals at Godaddy are way up not counting the Chinese Rush period.  I am going by the number of names that have bids when I do the list and the sales totals when Travis does the recap.  People are voting with their wallets and saying they are willing to look past the flaws in order to have good quantity of inventory to choose from.  Does it mean they don’t need to improve?  Not at all.  It just means they have
less incentive to fix things if everyone in the department is getting pats on the back at the sales meetings.
It also doesn’t help that Paul Nicks and Joe Styler have become the PR department which isn’t really their jobs.  Or probably wasn’t in the job description.  Paul is a great spokesman but I think he struggles with tackling problems publicly. He works for a big public company that handcuffs him and what he can and can not say.  Joe does a pretty good job as well but seems to be more of a Fireman putting out fires rather than promotion of new and improved.   Not their fault.  They do what they can do. They’re not afraid to take the heat either.   They’re even doing a panel at NamesCon called “Ask me anything about Godaddy or Afternic”.  So if you really have questions you can fly to Portugal and ask them live.
I like the super quick payouts now on Afternic and the auctions.  They changed payment processors and its made a big difference.  I have enough domains so I have a personal assistant for my names and auctions and Mike is nothing short of incredible.  He has saved me thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of time.  I find it kind of hard to complain because every problem I have is responded to and taken care of.  My biggest pet peeve used to be winning and auction and then having it renewed and losing it.  So far this year.  That’s at less than 5%. Way down compared to previous years.  And that one was because of a 3rd party registrar selling through Godaddy that messed up.
In short, there are tons of flaws at Godaddy and I have been like most others.  I simply work around them or ask for help when needed . The positives greatly outweigh the negatives. True even if you took away the commissions from DSAD.  I’m sure many disagree but I would be curious if they still give their money to Godaddy every day.  Because if they do its not a very strong stance and if they don’t do they only add names privately or through DropCatch and Namejet/Snap?
 Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on

Domain of the Day:  Highest price on the GD board today.  Splash splash

Quote of the Day: Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behaviour says everything about you, and their behaviour says everything about them


Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  One of the better names I’ve seen at Snap   In addition to being an acronym its also a family name   Could be a lot of things. Sounds like a collectible line

Rental.Property   One of the best dot property you can own. Reserve met so its going to sell      Fuzzi Wuzzi was a bear   A dot net but while not at its peak, plenty of day traders out there  1998 birthday.  Download all the legal forms you need  Nice loan name with no reserve  Memorable because valentines aren’t usually blue  One bid at $79   Met reserve at $600  No bids on this

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  Lets get this rolling again with some more sweet Vegan name   I like this one even more  I saw LightNing the first time I saw it.  More money in lighting than lightning    Great acronym letters and the Google results prove it   What the mexican gangbangers call their OGs.  Getting some great bids  Everyone loves saving a little green.  That’s money for you color blind people   Perfect for an online interior design site  Sounds like a fake name your vendor gives you if you buy enough of their product  A bit specific but we offer it  I’m not even sure what the points are good for but so excited I get them and quickly   Doing a lot better than I thought it would.  Didn’t think people wanted to take on the Got Milk people   Great name for a fondu or grilled cheese restaurant  DNA testing and genealogy all the way  Not sure what this is. Not really a trading name and the plural makes it a tough site or blog name  1999 birthday  SEO is still as important as ever. Its just some have given up and just buy ads  In case it gets too real  I love these types of names.  Simple, two word, brands  Your brand is your identity  Merchant services companies make hundreds of millions.  They can afford a good name  Marketing name for all those hauling companies  Iceland Air should buy this one


Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I notice that my price changes on Afternic are now immediately reflected on GoDaddy which is a positive. Previously the old price would remain on GoDaddy for several hours. It’s not a huge deal, because I’m not changing prices all that often, and it rarely matters how quickly that change is reflected, but I see it as a positive sign that the systems are working better together. It could be a sign of better things to come soon.

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