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Stories.  I find myself telling them all the time. Things I’ve done. People I’ve met.  Places I’ve been.   I have met a lot of people over the years and while I am not necessarily a better storyteller than others,  I do pay attention to things more than almost anyone I’ve met. I don’t judge the things I see but gather stories.  Things that others would glance by, I take in and describe later.  Of course things get some embellishment and exaggeration but I’m not reporting news, I’m entertaining with a story.

It’s also the reason I try so many things.  I figure that as long as I don’t die there is going to be a good story when I come out. A 20 years old goes to get Instagram photos, I go to get a story I can tell someone later.  My wife and I have been married 23 years and after 23 years she knows me better than anyone.  She instantly can spot me smiling and knows that I’m taking it all in and filling the mental notebook for later.  I love long conversation and you have to have a lot of stuff to talk about in long conversation.  I can talk plants and domains all day but in the case where those conversations don’t work I need something else.

For instance, I wanted to go see Carrie Underwood.  I couldn’t get anyone to go with me.  I asked friends, daughter, wife.  Nobody wanted to go.  I had 2 good tickets but no takers.  So I sold the two tickets. But as I was selling the tickets I saw one front row seat for sale. One.  Row 1, seat one.  I said screw it, and went by myself.  Yes myself.  It took me a while to even go to the movies by myself.  I felt going by myself made me look lonely. Living by myself, on the computer all day, talking to my best friend ,my cat and then getting out to see a movie.  Then I realized that’s ok.  People do things by themselves.  But a concert may have been a stretch.  But I figured nobody would probably even know I was alone.  They wouldn’t know if I knew the person I was sitting next to was a friend or not.

So I went.  Best seats I ever had.  I was two feet off the stage and could see everything.   The guy next to me evidently was the guy that sold me the ticket.  He had two.  He sold one to me.  We both went alone.   I in my non descriptive T-Shirt.  Him in a shirt that said ” It’s Walters and he’s gay”, referring to the song and” I don’t even know his last name”.  Which I gave a 8 for creativity but drew a little more attention that I was probably going for in my first concert alone.  Just a gay man and a straight man who everyone now thought was gay,  going to see a concert alone/togetherish.  That’s cool, nobody would even see me.  Except everyone in the entire auditorium saw me sitting up front and came to say hello.  “Who’s your friend?”  they asked.  I was trying to figure out which direction to go. Do I say I came alone and face the shame of a middle age man going to a Carrie Underwood concert alone.  Or do I go with the “this is Jay” and just let them run with whatever thoughts they had.  I decided to go with “this is the guy I bought my tickets from”  Leaving it as I don’t know him and that I bought plural tickets rather than just the one and that my friends were somewhere just not there.

The concert started and Little Big Town opened up.  They were fantastic.  I was a big fan and now a bigger fan.  And then came Carrie.  I knew she had nice legs but up close they could have been the most fit legs I’ve ever seen.  I’m not a foot guy but I have to say that those open toe shoes and painted nails were cute.  And then I joined the me too moment. Just on the wrong side. I tickled her toes.  Yeah, I reached over the gate on to the stage and tickled her toes mid song.  I think Jay my new friend and his screaming and crying pushed me emotionally and caused me to do things I normally wouldn’t.   She kept on singing but almost lost it.  Not in a bad way fortunately but a “that’s a first” way and simply backed up a step.  In hindsite it was a bit creepy but I still laugh about it when I tell the story.  The story of going to Carrie Underwood by myself,  my new gay friend and almost get thrown out for tickling the toes of the main act.  But boy was it fun and I vowed to go to more concerts by myself as long as I had incredible seats and a great act.  I’ll keep my hands to myself though.  Unless its the Foo Fighters.  I’ll tickle Dave Grohls feet given the chance.  Here are today’s domains.  Hope you find a good one. Click to see the latest price

Quote of the Day:  “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined efforts of everyone I’ve every known.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Domain of the Day:   Your Domain Here….   Fails the radio test but flies on the short and cool factor


 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Met reserve and will sell. Good brand for other things beside selling paperbacks    As a balding man I know millions of men will pay a lot of money to get their hair back. No bids   Great letters.  I gives you a discount   Mmmmm, animal free food

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids     Upgrade name for a few companies.  One is on the .ie  Like sunscreen    Forget Goat, Hot and all those wannabe yogas  1999 birthday.  People like fast and winning.   40 bids   I’m sure you’ll get the best rates here.  Cause they’re direct    Over $6k just based on the 888  Upgrade name.  Short and good for anything  Missing again but still think people are going to get it and love it   Big money means big money towards software engineers   Developing sites like this   21 years old  The RX gives it a medicine angle but still going to China   Hard to believe GD thinks this is worth $3K but it is getting some bids


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  great name for a staffing service  A lot of money in SAT and ACT prep.  Application help as well  Canna and plant seeds are hot right now. No bids  something outdoor oriented.  No bids  Means nothing to me but does sound very techy   Important to keep it dry so its there when you need it  I like it as a brand.  No bids at $12  Reputation repair will be a business as long as there is an Internet;

Godaddy Names With Bids

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