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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday June 8th , 2018

 It’s hard to believe that in today’s world that people even bother putting phone numbers in their ads.  I can barely tell you my wife’s number let alone remember some random phone number on the side of a truck.   Even worse, the phone numbers in radio ads.  You think I have a pen lying around to write the number down?   Forget 1-800 numbers.  I can’t remember if its 800 or 888.  No just give me a memorable company name or domain name.

Even if its just a memorable name I can at least remember that and I’ll just Google it.  Even better,  give me the name AND the domain name.  Then I’ll definitely find you.  But I can’t Google or type in something I don’t remember.

A good example is all the landscapers that come in to the nursery.  There are hundreds of them.  They all have similar names.  H&H Landscaping,  LS Lawn Maintenance.  They all sound the same.  Except one.    Eddie.   Eddie is actually Eduardo.  He is a larger than life guy.  About 280 lbs and always smiling.  His trucks, his shirts, everything has a big yellow sign with a super memorable name on it.  I would say what it is but as I was typing this out I saw that the name of his company is up for expired auction at Godaddy.   People already remember the name of his company more than any other landscaping company simply because of his name.  He doesn’t have a website on the sign but a stupid number that nobody remembers.   So every time we refer him to customers we have to Google the number.  And I think the only reason he is the top referred landscaper is because his personality and his memorable name.

I’m hoping I win the auction so I can give him the domain.  Undoubtedly he will get more business. Because that’s what good domains do.  They pay for themselves by giving you more business.  Here are today’s domains.  Hope you find a good one. Click to see the latest price

Quote of the Day:  “Speak only if you can improve the silence”  –Spanish Proverb

Domain of the Day:      Great name for a new BTC based Escrow service

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   Hotn, so hot in hur.   Met reserve at $81   Top bidder is Uniregistry which will make bidders feel more comfortable

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  A lot of people are in to this kind of stuff.  People acting a different age in role play situations. Not always sexual but almost always  A measure in time in Star Trek.  Or a date with a celebrity.  1994 Birthday   Solid brand.  Will get a lot of  “Razor?, No Raaazzzer” feedback though. 1999 domain  People love herbs.  Teach them more about them  Good brand on its own but could be used for a dog supply site or actually sell dog pens  One of the best in the last few months.  Easily crosses $2K IMO  The next level is Fool’s gold  Guys that like this are between 40 and 50 have a TON of disposable income.  Over $100k in annual salary.  I read the info on Ironman guys.  Advertisers love them  You have to be a girl, married or in a long relationship to understand what these are.  Also known as “stay away from me for a awhile” panties     A short sale is when an owner of a home sells a house for less than they owe on the mortgage.  Happens all the time  The name grew on me as I wrote the list.  I like both keywords, first time I though of them together  I can already hear it on a commercial    Should hit $3K   I know a ton of people on the Ketogenic diet.  More of a marketing name than a real need   the Y makes it unique.  My wife thought it sounded cute  I don’t like it to actually sell honey.  Just like it as a memorable brand

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  Might as well grab the .net of the above while you’re at it  Sounds like a mapping program from 1997, the birthday of the domain No bids.  Also known as Tinder  Also known as safety orange.  Lots of clothing in this color sold each year One bid.  An odd form dictionary word but they have a market.  Not an end market in my opinion but amongst domain investors who don’t know better  as good of a name as any of the other mortgage sites.  No bidders

SelfUniversity.comPretty good name for online education at $12 See all the latest VR stuff

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  1. Shane you make a great point here. A few years back I tried to talk my friend into using a more brandable domain and company name for his electric company. His was JN Electric, our other friends were CJ Electric, and another was MC Plumbing and Electric. None of them could get those domain names because they were all already taken so they resorted to picking their middle initials or putting the JN at the end or something that added more confusion each time. I told him he should make it Big John (or Johns) Electric b/c everyone called him Big John. He said it was too silly and didn’t sound professional. It might not be the best example, but Big Johns Electric is a whole lot more memorable then JN Electric or any combination of letters IMO.

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