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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 15th, 2019

If you happened to miss it yesterday, Mike Sullivan, the newest member of DSAD, had a nice interview with the CEO of  Told an inspirational story of how the CEO went from call desk worker all the way up to the Top rank.  He rose up the ranks by mastering each part of the business and moving up to the next.  A good lesson for all.  Because of Mike and the others here at DSAD we have picked up two new advertisers and more to come. We’ve all become blind to advertisements but you have to remember than many of the sites you visit during the day only exist because of the support we receive., and single handily kept this site running for the first 5 years and its not forgotten.  I even thanked Matt Barrie of personally when we had dinner together at NamesCon and he said.  “We’re happy with your work and glad we could help”  “And you are again?”.  Just kidding.  I know he has much more important things to worry about than working with a little blog called DSAD I was still appreciative.  In exchange I told him he needs to hook up with and if it works out he would have to buy me that 911 I’ve been eyeing.  Remember, its the only one of two things I allow myself to buy since I’ve minimized my life.  The other is my running shoes.

On another note I have been experimenting with different forms of online advertising.  I’ve pretty much exhausted all forms of traditional media for the nursery and the next step is digital.  Our first step was converting all ad dollars spent on print over to Facebook.  It was a smashing success.  We had 1/3 the ad spend and 3 times the response.  I’ve recently been working on Instagram and can see that its a perfect fit for the nursery.  The nursery is beauty and Instagram can capture that beauty.   Its a no brainer.  As for as Adwords, I’ve realized I can fill the adwords spots in the local paper for next to nothing compared to what it would cost me to buy a constant ad.  I never beat out the national stuff or car dealers but I pick up the other spots for pretty cheap.  I’ll start filling national sites here soon but when I turn up the traffic I have to figure out my lander and what I am pushing them to.  It can’t be just the main page.  I need a carrot and a hook.  The carrot is easy.  Being a local ad with a city they recognize is very effective.  Putting our city in big letters really catches them because they always are surprise when they see a local ad in a national site.  They have no idea how it works.  Only that its cool to see an ad for something they’ve heard about.  My job from this point on is how to get them straight to an action and not just remind them we are there.  It’s going to take a little more thought.  But like most things on the net.  I’ll eventually figure it out.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on.

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Quote of the Day: “Life is just a pattern of realizing you didn’t know what you thought you knew 5 years ago”  

Domain of the Day:    Pretty much another word for Instagram

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   Easy logo and certainly memorable.  At $19  No bidders at $19  No bids on this

Portfolio of 25 Domains:  Reserve met at $35., and more   Can’t get hotter than CVCV and this one is under $300 at press time with no reserve  I like the rhyming in the name.  Rhyming makes things memorable   Adjectives that make your company sound better are always recommended.  OKData doesn’t have the same ring to it   Sports or sales leads  Great name for anything hand done or hand built  Someone in our industry is going to snap this up  High reserve but probably worth it  I like logic names.   Not sure why but I do see it used in tech branding all the time

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   “Grapes” in Spanish.  A word that more English speakers know than you realize  Has a strong opening offer.   I think oil and the fact we used the word to replace the F bomb as a kid  “Boots” in Romanian.  We’re learning languages here folks.  Learning languages  Ag, canna, or rural sounding bank name  Become the Eventbrite of conventions  Excellent name for a nutrition tracker/planner  Solid name for a “What’s going on this week” site or magazine  We’re at peak foodie and this type of domain benefits from it   Very memorable.  If you have to have bitcoin in your name this is as good as any  I know what it is.  Just don’t know what I would brand with the name.  Some bidders think they know  That triple 9 doing way better than I thought it would  “We specialize in quality” which translates to “its going to cost a lot”  Already a Rolex named this.  If its good enough for Rolex its good enough to be a brand  There have been some really good draft names coming through the last few weeks  The peso may be the only North American currency that is less stable than Bitcoin   Massage is in the headlines.  But for the wrong reason lately Asian cuisine I presume  The confusion for consumers when you go with a newG instead of a dot com  Gotta want it   Pretty name but Zinnia is the flower and the proper pronouncement  Always room for one more note app  Learn to fish.  Although DIY might not be the best word.  Nobody takes fishing lessons that I know of  Drink this Kool-Aid  Pretty sure this universally stands for Back Dat Ass Up  Love the product, a big meh on the .co  Nice landscaping name or even a brand   Organic Shelf   nice little 5L to end the section

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids Might be the deal of the list.  But it went from one bidder to 3 just while I was writing this list.  I think it ends up over $1K  Blockchain tracking and management will be a business model and this name is a fun play on words for that industry  Review site for all the different wallets Fun name for $12.  Living la vida loco People have been using the word diamond to represent the best. The is a special best. No bids   Add a Y and get a good deal on a Raw Food name  Always liked this type of memorable name Another one I like.  Cheap and memorable  Sounds like a youtube production or data firm  Card carrying member

 The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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