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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 27th, 2020

I won’t lie, a lot of the time this past few week I have no idea what time it is or even what day. While not as important as a life a business is the life of many. In a retail business you are selling the wants of people. In the wholesale side you deliver things they need. While deciding whether to stay open I had dozens of landscapers begging me to stay open. If I don’t stay open there are 100 companies that can’t mulch or get products to work for 2 weeks. I am part of the horticultural pipeline. I 100% agree offices have to close. There should be very minimal in anyone working inside. Most people should stay home. BUT there is balance of starvation and death and if a person can safely work outside, come in contact with nobody then it is a rare chance to support your family in this environment.

The city decided it was easier to just shut down their services.. Our city has put a strong hold on green dumping in our town. They take all grass trimmings, leaves, and basically anything green and charge by the cubic yard to dump. Then they compost it and sell it right back to people. If a third party tries to do this they make the rules and regs so stringent that its not economically possible. Especially since they operate on tax payers dollars. So nobody else in town can take brush, wood, or cleanup material. They decided to close. Because they didn’t want to deal with the general public coming to get a bucket of compost. Meanwhile, every agricultural company that could work safely outside had nowhere to dump their yard cleanups or grass waste. Shutting down maintenance, or trying to.

They claimed it was safety but the reality is they are government workers and have no incentive to stay open. They get paid either way. Closing the office and having one person stand outside all day and write up people under a tent wasn’t something they were willing to do. Commercial accounts don’t have to sign anything. All the had to do is say their name, the person would gauge how much brush and write it down to be billed. With a barrier at the front saying, “commercial accounts only”. No danger. Nobody within 8 feet of them. Outside and no contact. One of the safest jobs you can do. But instead they cut off one of the few safe job opportunities and give the person with nobody to give them sick leave no income. But I get the safety issue. I truly do get it. It’s a balance. But boy its just as tough watching a person not knowing how he’s going to eat or pay any bills and cry in front of you. Sure at least he has his health. But he certainly doesn’t have his life

Domain of the Day: I think its a five figure name. As good of a logo design site or app name as I could think of

Quote of the Day:Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin Names at Auction or Dropping The kind of name I used to be able to get for $99 and now is exactly what people are hunting for Pizza is a pretty good keyword. dot lc I don’t know anything about I like this one. It may be a single bid that takes it NYC always recovers, always A ton of great GG expiring today. This is probably my favorite Great eSport chat name

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction 18 years old and reserve met. Billions of dollars of property auctioned on the net Great name for someone in our industry. 24 years old Registered in 37 other extensions. 24 years old A little scary but cool name No reserve and price is at $5K. May get to find out new bottom. for wholesale. Ends today Met reserve at $71 Even with the dot org I like it as a malware virus checker This is the kind of name dot biz was made for Is this a bad or a good name. I know Corona names are bad. Either way its met reserve at $31

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids, 3rd biggest price on board. You get the whole country…with a dash. The non dash is a political forum. I know its a nice 4L but not exactly sure why Viss is super special. I know I’m missing something because I always do Great name for another place to get information you’re not sure whether to believe or not I struggle with regular math Sounds like a stock site but could be anything that’s tracked One of the few CVCV.nets that I would buy I take a hard look at ALL CVCV.coms though Again, who knew that buy LL888 names could have made you millions Pizza is one of the few things I miss since I’ve stopped eating out. Although I got my first drivethru yesterday because I felt like I needed to support the local restaurants or they won’t be here much longer Sounds like a video game 5L for under $250 Loved the movie Most people don’t realize how many things get plated in nickel, zinc, gold etc I assumed the same person let this one drop that’s that makes you healthy, sunshine baby Every town has a company with this name Going to have to say IE instead of Y but women have spelled Billie like this for decades 1.2 million backlinks will get you this kind of price Not worth a ton but hundreds of payroll companies out there with worse names People will start buying RVs again soon

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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