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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 29th, 2019

This whole CBD oil thing completely reminds me of the ACAI craze from a decade ago.  I remember going out to Oregon to look at nurseries and I saw trucks with Acai this and Acai that stickers all over.  Everyone seemed to be selling the new Super Juice as they called it.  It was packaged in fancy bottles like wine and it wasn’t cheap.  They were telling me its much better than pomegranate juice which was also the new craze at the time.  They gave me a few bottles to take home. I drank some in my hotel and by the way they described it I was going to get super human strength.  Instead I drank too much and got the runs.  Even better, I forgot I had the jugs in my carryon and they took them from me at Security. They said I could go back and check them but I decided to leave a gift to the men that rubbed my shoulders and felt my nuts as I went into the gate.

CBD Oil could be real.  I don’t remember Acai ever making it into a national chain so CBD Oil has a much better future.  But I am a seller here.  I want to make whatever I can on it just in case it doesn’t last.  All this being said, I think the buyers or will get their $500K back in the first year.  They are going to kill it.  There is so much momo to take advantage of that even if it fades they will make millions before it ever happens.

On another note Sedo put out their new Expiring Domains page.  Much much easier to search and they got it right.  Travis and I were having a heck of time navigating the names and the feed they sent out was everything at auction and with the expiring names mixed in it was quite a lot of names to manage.  Its all been separated and the search functions are great.  We beta tested it to give them feedback and they took our ideas (or maybe they already had them) and gave it the tools necessary to do pretty much anything you want.  Kudos to the Sedo team for their work.

Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on.

Quote of the Day:  Theres only 2 kinds of people, people that look at porn and people that lie about looking at porn, and I dont look at porn” -Alex Jones

Domain of the Day: 

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction    Go to any craft or garden show and you’ll see several booths selling handmade soap.   Reserve met   Higher end properties in some form or vacation rental

Flights.Click   I think this is the first dot click I’ve seen.   And its not terrible At $30K and climbing     Spreading fungicide over the field or farting down the plane aisle  This has been for sale a few times.  Reserve has dropped way down. Will sell this time   Good letters and C at the end. That’s usually good enough to get it sold  1998 domain.  Once you’ve bought new windows you’ll understand the value of this one   You know I like the short dot coms with repeating vowels   You can pick your nose but can’t pick your family

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   somebody forgot to renew their name.  I guess that’s true with a lot of the names on the Godaddy list  I think every name with Canadian in it sound like at railroad    Good name for a drop catch or expiring name site  Road race or hearing impaired aid   Team name or dog fan site  Another marketing name.  Safety supplies are a billion dollar business  I think it sounds a bit cheesy but I can see why some may like it   Ripple is still pretty popular with the kids  I see this more as a marketing name than something to build a brand around     The company on Techcrunch is on the dot co.    I imagine that’s where the bidders are angling  Yeah, I see reverse too

The LLLL.coms Today

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids    Would be a good name for a phone or media company in Africa     The dot org is giving you a chance at a lead gen name for next to nothing    Way down but not out   I have it but everyone else uses Google    Take the road less traveled.  Road B    Pretty much every Chinese restaurant has one of these two words     Solar name all the way    Get high….stretch.    Makes goat yoga seem boring    We have a neighborhood named this behind us.  Everyone has a hanger and there is a neighborhood airstrip    Flower is what many people call a bud.  The professional/marketing term    Great makeup name    I just think it makes a good souther brand    Find your flowers or your bud.  which is actually the same thing as mentioned above   Because its so much cheaper than travelblogger and people will still get the point   Yet another canna brand for less than $12

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Acai was and I believe still is sold at Costco- if I recall that was the best value way back when.

    Remains to be seen on CBD but agree that those folks will get a great return on their investment.


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