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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday November 20th, 2020

I have had my second best year trading ever. It should have easily been my best but I can’t seem to follow my own trading advice. I have a simple rule. Set stops to have a limit of losses and to let winners run. When things are looking good I either take my original investment out and let the rest go, or I set a stop to insure I don’t lose any money. That’s what I did yesterday for FUV. The problem is I set it too high. I wanted to insure a good profit instead of using it as protection. Of course it got hit and closed my trade. Then the stock ran and ran and ran. Giving me a nice $10K profit. Anyone would be happy with a 3 times return in 2 days but if my stop wouldn’t have been hit I would have closed the day with $35K profit. Or if I would have sold half my investment I still would have had a $25K profit. I know the saying. “You never go broke taking a profit” but in options you have to let the winners run to their full potential in order to pay for all the bad trades. Very similar to domains. If you don’t get a great price you won’t make an overall profit.

My best year trading options I took $2K and ended the year with $125K. It was at $250K and I put it into one trade that year. I figured if the trade went well I would make a million dollars, if it didn’t I would lose half. I lost half. My wife and I remember the day vividly. A $125K lost in an hour. But I got there with risk and I still ended up with a 60X my money. This year I haven’t done that well but I started with $7k and I believe I’m up approximately 10X. “Why don’t you start with $100K and do that every year?” I don’t have the stomach for $70K options trades. I don’t mind losing 5K on a trade but I’m not confident enough to add a zero.

And yes. I have put some of the profit in Crypto. After I paid the taxes on the gains I bought some Ether and a bitcoin. Add in the bitcoin and I now have a little exposure in Bitcoin. I was in real big a few months ago but I needed the money to buy domains so I sold most of it and bought a few . I just bought another but was fortunate enough to be able to leave it and let it run. Because it would have been my luck I took it out the day before Eth started running.

Quote of the Day: ” Never share your problems. 80% is not interested and the other 20% is secretly glad you have them.”

Domain of the Day: One of the better podcasting names to flow through

Remember to click the links to see the current prices and if you are going to pay for a name do it while visiting It pays for the gas to run the ship. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup The rarest of all dot io. Not sure if its the most wanted though Kids like names like this. How old do I sound? Means “fighting chicken” or something like that in Spanish I like Fusion food so I like this name even though it has nothing to do with food Again, not sure of value but a pretty round and memorable number

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action 24 years old. Taken in 21 extensions. No reserve and finally it’s Free Taken in 29 extensions. I was surprised how many people are using Estek in their name Memorable and works perfectly for a tax provider. No bidders The 4th largest city in Bosnia A bit generic but probably could make a brand of out of it. No bids Definitely worth the $226 opening bid Worth a shot to see what happens. Haven’t seen many brands started with a but that’s what speculation is all about I’m somewhat confident this will be caught by Namejet

Godaddy Domains With Bids Could represent owning the market, or capturing the market. Or just kidnapping but that’s a tougher market to promote If you saw all the crazy deer and duck blinds around me you’d realize how big the “hunting house” market is Love these types of names. Make good restaurant names. Not going to get rich but definite market Sounds like a British deals site I’d much rather own PhotographyClasses but this isn’t terrible. Still gets the point across of the site Butch is the best reloader in town. Second most bids today. Top number of bids on the board today. Everyone single one of them coming for the backlinks and juice of the old site Another price built on history. I like the name on its own. Instagram Travel is the draw I think Another name that moved from real coins to crypto coins This would have been 4 figures a few years ago. Chinese not very active in the dot cc space any more Pick the place you want to explore Everyone should own a few data names Super fun name. And good for a product called Messy Taken in 26 other extensions and 22 years old The perfect example of a nice brand that Zero people will be able to spell quickly I know the concept well but don’t think anyone is going to name a company this Four figure name IMO Opportunity is about as much as you can ask for Sounds official Minecraft shit I think this would be popular

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