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I’ve been eating vegetarian for about 3 weeks now. It’s not because of the treatment of animals, it’s because I want to see how my body reacts to a plant based diet. So far its pretty good. I haven’t started a marathon training cycle on it but from my guesses I’ll have no problems keeping energy up and will be super lean. I can already tell the difference in my body. I’ll check the vitals in a few months.

I stopped drinking milk several years ago because I didn’t see the reason to drink milk. I actually lost weight because I had 300 less calories per day by moving to almond milk. I found a nut milk that I really liked after going through 15 I didn’t. I now actually prefer it to milk. This week Deans announced they are declaring bankruptcy. I assume its because I stopped drinking milk. Next up are the farmers.

Farms in the US received 40% of their income from our government in subsidies. Because I farm trees and flowers I receive no help. No crop insurance, no price guarantee. I am told I don’t qualify because I am a luxury good and they feed the country. Which is wrong. Without my trees you live in the burning sun. Your air conditioning bills are double. You don’t have clean air. Corn and beans don’t feed you. They feed the animals that feed you. Don’t get me wrong, we need farmers. We just don’t need to prop up the industry. Let them compete like a normal business. They are our countries biggest welfare. I find it difficult talking at the coffee shop to a farmer who is bitching about the lady on welfare sitting on her ass as he worked 22 days a year and received hundreds of thousands in subsidies. Just because its called subsidies and not welfare doesn’t mean I’m not paying for it out of my taxes.

So maybe I am passing up meat for health reasons, maybe its political. I just know that I am trying to be the best person that I feel I can be and I will experiment with what that is. I’ll never go Vegan so don’t get too excited. I’ll continue to make fun of them as always. I’ll eat fish despite the overfishing problem. I continue to be a hypocrite so I still have some work to do.

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Domain of the Day: Great name for so many businesses but a special effects company comes to mind first

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction 5L with no reserve since its an expiry name. Some are going to think Mercedes the reserve seems to be right in line with the wholesale price No reserve name and doing as well as I thought it would Also no reserve. Good if you’re talking cool weather and football season. Bad if you’re talking falling down or a downward spiral Everyone loves a sammich Dr. Harry Riley Get all your comps here. No bids One of the better .agency I’ve seen. Under $100 and met reserve

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Click the links to fund the site and our work Not really a word people use except when they are doing exactly that. Renewing their certification Top number of bids on the GD board today but its only for the history and backlinks I immediately thought HomeMade Lots of numbers can be put in front of the word bet but I think all of the NNBet names with an 8 will be worth four figures plus Some 6N kept some value Great name for someone in our industry. I bet it ends up going for over $1500. All results for this one is for a person accused of triple murder One worth spending a little on and throwing on Afternic IMO Who doesn’t? Although I met a few at Namescon that didn’t like deoderant Positive name. Sounds like a marriage or religious name Some things I want to see in HD, some things I don’t Rock on Slot machines or porn Godaddy give it a $3K value. Bidders $30

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  1. Jeezus – if i didn’t know any better, i’d think you sissy girlz are at Stage 1 of your global “evolution” into a bunch of super-rad, hipster, leftists.

    It’s a good thing i know better or else i too might stop fitting into my skinny jeans, fitted smock-top and tesla. (I tend to commit carbocide… ya’ know – eat too much wheat & corn syrup based product and drink too much lactose (aka – milk) when i’m a bit stressed, which makes me a bit gassy and makes it tough to fit into my size extra-small, fitted Banana Republic getups)

    Which reminds me, i wonder which razor creme and lotion i shall use on my open pores today to create maximum glowage for the weekend, so i can live my best life. (?)

    I’ll stop mansplaining now… wtf… but whoever thought zoolander would come true? Mugatu – eat your heart out, sweetie.

    1. JC you are so right. Banana Republic is a dream. Its one of the few places that has a good fit for a fit man like myself. I’m not a better man than you but I will always be more man than you

  2. Hey Shane,

    If you Google search for “total US farm subsidies” it shows 20-25 billion yearly.

    Google “How much is total us welfare” it shows over 1 trillion depending on what you consider welfare.

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