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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday November 8th, 2019

My favorite part of trading options is the physiological warfare that goes on during a trade. People say that short term options are straight gambling but I say they are just regular gambling. Because there are things that move the stock. Things that you have the opportunity to play. Of course it doesn’t always work out, but like domain investing, it only takes a few wins to pay for all the bad ones. And some times those wins are big. I like options trading better than day trading bitcoin. Bitcoin has no rhyme or reason. It trades on nothing. With options I can at least pretend I have a plan.

The China/US trade war deeply effects the stocks of certain companies. One is Alibaba (BABA). I had a plan. If the stock had good earnings I would jump in on some short term options that ended Friday and ride the earnings up as the stock prepared for Singles Day, their biggest shopping day of the year. If any positive trade war news came out then it would be a bonus. So Alibaba also seems to trade in a pattern. Up big at opening, settle back and then build back. The earnings were announced and they were good so I new my entry was coming. So I waited for the expected big bump and the settle. It came, and I bought some in the money 180 calls at $2.55

This is where I struggle. I have been very good at picking my entries into my options. In an almost impossible run, I have not lost money on one options trade in 2019 but I have left 10s of thousands on the table by not letting them run. But with this one the expiry is today. So there isn’t any time to make up if it goes south. Yesterday the perfect scenario came about. The stock market was up again for the second day in a row and news came out that some tariffs would be removed in the near future. Alibaba moved heavy early, retraced as normal, and then started running. To the point my trade was up 3 times my money. A few thousand dollars profit. Here’s where I get into trouble. I think about what that profit could buy. A new laptop. A vacation. Good Christmas Gifts. All guaranteed if I get out now. Or I could let it run to where I think its going and make even more. And I did what I always do and sell with a good profit. I take the money out, transfer it to my bank account and go to and pay the taxes immediately so it’s covered.

So what’s wrong with making a good profit? After trading regularly and for a living I still struggle with when to get out. I have always known the rule “let the winners run, and cut the losers early” but I waste so much time checking the stock price, thinking about the right exit, that I can’t get anything else done. I get fully invested. My last trade I got out with a 400% return but if I would have kept it I would be a 10X my money. Something most people would say I shouldn’t be upset with but I know better but I can’t just let it go. On the last one its even worse. Because the money in the trading account is all profit. I took out the original money long ago and even if the this went to zero it would be a heck of a year. But no, it gets to 7.50 and I’m out. I’m not leaving much on the table this time because it expires today but yet I still check the price to see how I WOULD HAVE done. Which serves zero purpose. I write this because I know there are others. Most people can’t even take the first 5 minutes of holding options because of the swings. I have that down. I am just terrible at fully taking advantage of what seems to be some good stock analysis because I am not patient. Its translated in domains. When I make a great profit I move on. When in reality if I showed a little more patience I get more. I am getting better but not there yet. It’s something I hope to improve and I have. But I’m not there yet and my trading this week proved it

Quote of the Day: You must allow the pain to visit. You must allow it to teach you. You must not allow it to overstay.” – Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Domain of the Day: Misspelling of Keto but still a great name

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Click the links to fund the site and our work Top number of bids on the Godaddy list today Remember when these used to be $500 plus? This would have fetched the same price “Trust and speed built on the block” Fin tech…..maybe Great letters, N for Network The next LegalZoom is what the bidders are thinking At four figures for the history. These kinds of names always puzzle me. Could someone explain how someone profits off this name? Send money or metal string Stress is a KILLER. Prevention as they say, is the key Speaking of stress. Wellness is the new buzzword. As evidenced by the price. All about Health and Wellness isn’t it boomer? Mr. Levine. Does this have any value? People sure love their trucks. aka TruckPorn If Uniregistry works so does Registera I am always amazed how many mattress shops there are in town and now online Here’s the name of your new ChargeStation. Of course the money will be made in the convenient store of your charge station and Some 5L under $100 at press time

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  1. Looks like you moved the DOMAIN SPOTLIGHT graphic….congrats. It needed more attention.

    Next, change the color of the daily domain name. The orange color works on the white background but is terrible with blue.

    Make it pop!

  2. I’d love to learn options but I probably shouldn’t 🙂
    No fees now makes the game a little more tempting . Also heard Schwab will be offering fractional shares soon.

  3. IMO, only has value for the backlinks (some pretty good ones in the literary/publishing world), so if buying for parking revenue, it might be okay (although I see price is already at $205 with 6 hours to ). I’m guessing all the bidding is because of parking.

    The buyers for a name like this are almost exclusively book / writing coaches and they typically don’t pay a lot for domains. I think you’d have trouble getting more than $500-$1000 for this name at retail.

  4. Shane,

    You know what you are doing in the stock markets, clearly, so you already know what I am going to say on your exit. Sell half at your nervous point and lock in your win. The other half is a free ride.

  5. Thanks Mark. I consider you an expert in that field

    Chris. I do that all the time. Probably should do it more often

    Tim. You should definitely learn. Could do less risky things and still get some leverage

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