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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday October 11th, 2019

If you read my twitter at @domainshane you’ll see I mentioned I bought Cluck dot com with Travis this week. He liked the name more than I did so I passed , but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. I don’t do a lot of partnerships but there are certain names where it makes sense or the timing is right. Some times the partnership resulted in one of asking the other for an opinion on the name and the other asked if they could be in. Other times its a great name but the price is a little higher than my free cash (or will get it below a comfortable level) . Travis and I have purchased July org, NIQ com, NWR com, Vinery dot com and now Cluck. Braden Pollock and I bought Grassy dot com, and Adam Strong and I bought Runner in the dot com but I am not majority owner. It’s obvious why I would want to be a part of runner with all the running I do. He was nice enough to let me be a part.

Less than 1% of my names are partnerships. It can be a little bit of a tax hassle and you have to keep organized to remember what name you have with whom. The most obvious is you have to completely trust your partner. I think the trade off is great and it allows me to have some names I would have passed on that are now mine. Or part mine

Quote of the Day: A human being, the more intelligent he becomes, the more confused he gets – every step is a confusion. Only an idiot is dead sure. The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” – Sadhguru

Domain of the Day: running or productivity

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Ends today and met reserve at $60 Peaking in value every four years. This year is one Its a dot net but a pretty good keyword. No bids For some reason bidders are liking this one Great name but going to take some work to get to reserve met reserve at $500 Midwest, management, Minnesota 6 BILLION results when I type the care center into Google. at $69 THIS IS A TYPO. CORRECT IS ONE L. DO NOT BID Great instructional name. bidders are already jumping on I think someone thinks they own the singular based on the reserve Sounds crazy but I love names that sound like good brands. They have to be common names and easy to spell. This just sounds like a clothing line or a some kind of household goods store Would look good on a landscapers truck. A bit long but it will fit on a F250 Upgrade name for a few wedding companies

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids

Click the links to fund the site and our work I don’t know why I like the word bright in my brands so much. Its not like I sell a ton of bright names. My favorite toy LiteBrite wasn’t spelled that way I feel like there should be a question mark after this one because the great ride share company probably won’t be uber or lyft The next site after MugShots Might be my favorite name on the board. Good as one word but also “In Crypto” Such an awful business ….but its lucrative. On both sides. Getting you out and making you pay back An ancient Slavic goddess Has some 4 figure bids and some backlinks Seal It sounds like a infomercial product. And of course I would buy it sue ong Lead gen. Look for the mailers to follow too Meets the letter quality necessary to be on the list 5N continue to hold value pretty well

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Slight correction – vinery was Josh’s find, and we all three partnered on that one. Now, if only someone would buy it. It get’s lots of view love. Just needs a new owner.

    1. Andrew,

      It definitely can be complicated. One thing that has to happen is it can’t go into anyone’s corporation because it would be a legal and tax nightmare. As for contracts. Don’t have them. I would imagine at some point Travis and I will have to form something because the value is getting pretty big but we have enough correspondence if we had to get into legal proceedings it would be pretty easy to prove we own half. I also trust those 3 more than most of my family members. As for taxes, I let my tax person handle it. I tell her I put up the money for half the name

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