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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday October 23rd, 2020

We don’t have a COVID crisis in America, we have a health issue. A hospital and insurance issue, people are a too big issue and a mental health issue. I could type for days but it’s simple. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have no idea what my hospital or doctor charges before I go in. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a company in Illinois can’t buy an MRI machine and start a private MRI company and put up a facility next to a hospital. They can’t because Illinois won’t give them a license because the service is provided by the hospital and they won’t let you compete. Meanwhile, the hospital is charging you 5K when the private company would have charged you $500. Texas allows it and prices are 1/5 of the cost of Illinois. It’s a racket.

Hospitals are allowed to cheat their users and they do it because we have to have them. Without them, we die. And evidentially you can’t put a price on death. But they can put a price on keeping you alive. They just won’t do it until after they saved you. Then you have no choice but to pay for it.

We caused this issue ourselves. By suing doctors for everything. To the point, none of them could stay in private practice and had to join the big hospitals. Now we don’t have competition. Competition is what keeps prices public, down, and fair. Hospitals make sure laws and rules take out the competition and use the guise of public safety to do it. In the meantime, they make billions of dollars in profit. Then they write it off by giving free care to the people that can’t afford their ridiculous prices. Writing it off at 100% value. All a scam, all at our expense and all legal.

COVID is the least of our worries. Our medical system needs to be changed. We need more mental health care. More public discussion of weight and less acceptance of being overweight. Not shaming people but programs in the schools about the importance of a proper body weight. We need to have penalties of weight just like we do smoking. We need to have counselors to help people lose weight as part of insurance. In the long run the insurers will pay less out if people are thinner. More mental health counselors is a must. Mental is just as important as physical. It’s all a mess. I only hope that someone will make it a focus and that some catalyst will drive change. I don’t know what it is. I know this post won’t be it.

OK, Enough Rant. I have a new podcast out. I’ve always wanted to do it and although I will talk to other domain investors, I want to talk more about business, about life, and nondomain stuff. Domain stories are interesting to a couple of thousand people. I’ve learned a ton after two episodes. One, audio is everything. Bill’s audio was rough. Bad enough I almost scrapped the episode. But I saved it because Andrea, the producer was able to improve the sound a little. I will make sure the sound is good from now on. Two, editing is tough. I couldn’t do it without Andrea. I mean I wouldn’t do it without her. I just don’t have the time to edit and she has it done within days. The key is to give her good sound quality and edit times. She can do her magic but if she has to spend all her time fixing the shitty audio or a Zoom track with only one track I’ve made her job harder. Again, this is only going to get better. It’s something I plan on doing for years and will get better at my craft. I will have a few domain investors on in the next couple of episodes but it won’t be about domaining. It will be about the other things they do that are interesting.

If you go to iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Audible or anywhere you get your podcasts search for Shane Cultra. There are a million podcasts called Uncomfortable but only mine is with me and only one that owns

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Quote of the Day: “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, then the country is safe.” – Monika Wiśniewska, Polish Author

Domain of the Day: Under $20 at press time. Seems like a good time to get in Masks. Don’t see them leaving any time soon Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Its a bird. An Animal. All animals sell well at auction The eSports jocks probably not real experienced in pleasure To stand on or lower your requirements

Park has added Dot US 6 years old which is old for a vc name

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action I imagine this gets a lot of type in traffic. The percentage is probably a millionth of a percent but that’s times Billions every day Love this one. I use Grammerly and by use I mean I have it installed and love trying to win by having a 10 or higher in the red dot. What do you see. Things, Thugs ? As good of a home food delivery service as any I’ve seen lately. Of course you better get gormet, gormay If you hire a tutor the idea is for your kids to excel 22 years old and taken in 14 extension Would be a good marketing campaign for a Whiskey. Some nice dot io have been coming across on Namejet Nice name. But its a pending delete so put in your bids everywhere Met reserve at $99 One of the first Sedo GD auctions to meet reserve I think this one sells. Almost every auction one does. Sedo is pretty good about their reserves Its a dot net but a hell of a dot net

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids on the Godaddy board today. Used to be a hosting company that offered other services. Not sure what happened, I just know you can buy their domain name Buy this at your own risk. Not because of the name but because there are some people that HATE puppy breeders Sounds like a new Food Network show You know I prefer these as a hold of value. They are my bitcoin I feel like I could get some great flavors there I wonder what he/she did to get them so upset or how much it costs Buying lots of high PR juice here When you can’t get your actual Spa name Only $60 a shot Save money by dropping the M Could be a good show Add it to your app name collection Sounds so 2008ish The reverse would be better but this isn’t too bad I’ll look at any 5L “My Flower” in Spanish. And looks and sounds nice Love the name. I know its long but super memorable and you get a good head start with all the history Used to be a promo printer 21 years old and taken in 11 extensions The next hot fashion brand Bit now means bitcoin regardless of what it meant originally Good name for a CBD company Taken in 16 extensions so this one has some meat

The Godaddy Names with One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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  1. I am lucky to live in Great Britain were healthcare is great and free for all.
    The trouble we have is that people take it for granted.

    1. Nothing is free. You, or the people you know that are working, pay for it through your taxes. The difference is that here in American we already pay taxes, upon taxes, upon taxes and get no health coverage. If we’re going to do a “free healthcare” idea, we’re going to just have to squeeze more people of more tax dollars.

      1. Adam,

        You’re 100% correct. What we have to get is upfront pricing and competition. If the government is going to subsidize, let them subsidize private practice insurance

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