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I was fortunate enough to run with Dean Karnazes when he was running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. He and I just happened to run about the same pace. Me, going as hard as I could. He running at a pace that was slow enough he could run 50 of them. We met in the middle. At the time I was completely amazed that someone could pull that off. I knew how hard it was to do one. Fast forward 10 years to James Lawrence the Iron Cowboy.

I finally watched the documentary where he ran 50 IRONMANs in 50 days in 50 states. Yes Ironman. 2.4 mile swim. 120 mile bike. 26.2 run. Every….single….day for 50 days. All while traveling to the next state to do it again. Meaning no sleep. I’ve done an Ironman. It was pretty tough. I can’t even imagine getting up to do it again the next day, let alone 48 more days after that. The documentary does a good job of how difficult it was for him and how unlikely it will be done again. It’s physically and logistically almost impossible to pull off.

I’m not always impressed with feats of endurance. They merely become sufferfest and most of the people doing it really have no reason for doing it other than notoriety in the guise of raising money. For instance, the interview by Joe Rogan with Colin O’Brady was awful. O’Brady crossed Antarctica by himself with only a sled but the interview showed he exaggerated every story and was completely a me, me, me person. Every story him overcoming some great obstacle. Of course most, created by himself.

All that being said, I truly enjoy stories of people working hard. Pushing past obstacles through pure mental and physical endurance. Nothing needs to be exaggerated when things are truly difficult. The watchers and listeners know how hard it is and merely want to know how you did it and what you had to overcome. Hoping that they can take some of that with you and use it to overcome your personal obstacles. In the case of Karnazes and Lawrence, I learned that they are genetic freaks. They also have great mental fortitude and a great team behind their every step. Pushing themselves and having people to help push them along when they don’t think they can take another step. That’s exactly how life is. You have to want to and work hard to be successful. But you aren’t going to get there without all the great people there to put you back on your feat when you want to give up.

Domain of the Day: You don’t see many expire and come to auction much anymore. I’m sure everyone was front-running this one

Quote of the Day: What happens after you die? Lots of things happen after you die, they just don’t involve you.” —Louis C. K.

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction I knew this would do well and its not disappointing. At four figures depending on currency you use Finally received a bid. Endless possibilities I liked as well but not sure that’s the term used in the UK A last name and no bids Huh? Homes in someone’s back yard? Definitely memorable. honk honk All god letters. Met reserve at $250 Upgrade name for several companies Weed makes everything better (according to weed smokers) Not the guy you want serving you Burgers but memorable The future is never leaving your home. Shopping, fitness, work

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bid Bidders are loving this one. If PayPal bought LegalZoom What would be better. VistorGuide or VisitorsGuide? Yes please I can help you with this one. I can how the hell out of a tree all my floors in the addition to my house have bamboo. Cheap and durable. How to adjust the speed of your nailer to keep it from splitting but pretty sure none of you install anything yourself. I don’t know about guard but you certainly need to keep a watch on it Nice little 5L. Google results all come up for a Wolverine boot of the same name I see this as more of a show or book I doubt this is going to be used to sell chalk boxes and string lines Like all As long as its cheap enough I find these product domains boring but I know some people like them Modern day pen pals I thought it looked Russian, Googled it and yep, its Russian My inside secret to keeping my feet soft

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