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Dec 10 2018

I agree with many people in that this industry has its squatters.  What I don’t agree with is the definition of squatter.  A squatter to me registers a name that is registered merely to take advantage of the brand recognition and/or trademark of another entity.  THIS is an example of a squatter and exactly the kind of person that gives the industry a bad name (although the guy is not a domain investor) .   Many companies think that anyone that has a name that has their keywords in it is squatting. That’s just a person wearing blinders to the fact that dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of other companies have a similar name and that most of the world has not even heard of you.  It definitely wasn’t on purpose.  It was merely the registration of good keywords.   For instance in the lawn service there are going to be hundreds of companies called A Cut Above or Cut Masters.  I don’t consider this squatting because you are not targeting a company to hold them financially hostage.  Although I do believe the company wanting the domain would think differently.  The other point that can be debated is that most will agree the intent of purchase is to sell it to someone that already owns the name.  I differentiate the two as one is buying the name for the intent to sell to one company vs buying because it would make a good brand.  I realize its hard to prove the intent but its still the basis on which WIPO and UDRP is making a decision.

When you own a lot of domains you are more than likely going to get sued or UDRPd.  Pretty much everyone gets that letter or email.  I personally have received a few C&D letters.  They were back in the day when I pushed the envelope trying to make a little parking money so I had about a dozen typo names.   I recently received an email from someone that linked to court cases for a known domainer explaining that the person had been sued 10 plus times.  The email basically said if I wanted to open a can of worms I could write an article about it.  I don’t. I’ll leave the worms to Josh and his fishing.   Honestly,  I expected them to be typos that the company sued over. Or maybe the scenario above where it was a small company that thought it deserved the name.  It was a mix of these and some straight up squatting.   But pretty typical for the parking people that made a living on typos and adult.

So if you ever wonder why people call us squatters when we own a domain they want its two things.  One, they don’t understand the difference between squatting and someone that owns a generic name.  And two, they are right.  There are still many people like the superhero movie guy that squat in the hopes that the company or entity would rather pay a price that fight it in court. Or in this case, get free tickets.  Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list


Quote of the Day:  Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ― Gustave Flaubert

 Domain of the Day:   Premium is overused but still makes a great brand

Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   The currency of Spain.  Not going to reach reserve but nice name  I am an investor in a company called exoskeleton that is essentially this.  its the future  You get two for the price of one with this one   Rosener is going to buy this one.  He used to be a fish monger now he’s a name monger  I think the reserve is fair.  Autographs have been collected for centuries   Sounds like a new show on the Food Network.  1  bidder    What’s your home REALLY worth?    plenty of stuff that needs screening with all the malware and junk on the net

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids    Upgrade name for a lot of different companies in a lot of different industries   Doesn’t take very many affiliate sales to pay for a domain like this   There’s quite a bit of these getting bids today.  I assume its for the typo traffic.     Sometimes the best part is the finale  I think many are going to see BrandRealty but still has value.  Nobody can say its not a brand   Company that didn’t quite make it.  Listed on Crunchbase  I know its going to do well but just a little boring/too generic for me  Getting some action.   I know people love their pets. The Internet loves animals.  That’s good enough to give it value.  But nothing comes to mind on use  This type of 5L .com have been doing well this year.  Most decent names are now 3 figures   Adjective + animal is almost always a good brand   I made one.  I love it and absolutely never use it  ology names still keep popping up


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  There are a ton of people just like me googling sites trying to come up with ideas for a gift.  Perfect would just be a bonus.  Amazon affiliate program in waiting   Probably going to be a technology or product but at $12 its worth a buy as a marketing name IMO  Upgrade name for quite a few companies.  No bidders A surname so it makes a good brand  Good email but I still think the statement is crazy  A nice marketing name for a closet or garage organization company  Surprised there isn’t a company already named this.   I didn’t see one but there should be  This has a double use.  Derby as in the type of hat and the frilly hats that the girls wear to the Kentucky Derby  I can spell it so it goes here  Camera and data gatherer that scouts for happy customers Its a band but would make a better tech name  Could be used by someone in our industry


 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Nate

    I always take issue with the fact that a squatter by definition is a person that unlawfully occupies a property and often pays nothing in rent or for the ownership of that property. As domain investors, we lawfully pay rent to have these pieces of digital property. how is that squatting? Of course there are people with bad intentions as you mentioned, but just the word ‘squatter’ isn’t right. They should be called, domain mercenaries. That seems more accurate to me. As always, appreciate the blog Shane. Cheers!

    1. Travis M.

      To me, it’s the goodwill and brand identity that is also being squatted on. The squatter pays nothing for that and a company has often paid a great deal for it. The squatter often turns around and tries to leverage that for profit from the traffic via redirects, ads etc…

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