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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday December 17th, 2018

We have a new panelist on Domain Sherpa today.  Hobi Michalec.   If you’ve been to a domain conference lately you’ll know that he and his brother Slade are two of the most charismatic people in the industry.  But are they any good at domain investing?  Absolutely.  You’ll get a chance to get to know Hobi’s a little better today.  I think its one of the more entertaining shows of the year but I’ll let you decide.

I think the next two weeks are going to be slow as people wind down the year and the Christmas holiday kicks in. Depending on how people do their taxes/budgets I do think there will be some buying in attempt to get some money spent but overall I think action was this past week, a little this week, and then nothing. I know I made sure some of my purchases went through this week to make sure the money got spent in 2018.  I also know if a big sale comes in the next week I will try and stall until next year for the same reason.  Of course I’m not going to lose a sale over it but I can drag negotiation out at this point if I wanted to.  Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list


Quote of the Day:  “Don’t talk, act. Don’t say, show. Don’t promise, prove

 Domain of the Day:   Great marketing name for anything that helps you relax or unwind

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction and 48 other Crypto names for one low price.  At $24 at press time   Nice to see that running is popular enough to have its own TLD and people are bidding on it  Met reserve at $110  Met reserve at $9000  Met reserve at $300.  Memorable but a bit bullyish  I think it meets reserve.  Brides spend A LOT of money   Expiry name so no reserve.  Adding The saves you a few hundred grand or so     Sounds like such a nice tree.  No bids   Its a thing.  Maybe enough to warrant its own site    Don’t want any of that dank stuff

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  It’s not often you get to own an entire genre of music   Yes, lily has one L.  Nice brand. Good to see price as I have BlueDahlia   Not sure how you would monetize it but everyone knows the word and easy to spell  Not sure if its a fad diet or not so I looked on Google Trends.  Of course it peaks every January but its a declining trend for the last 5 years. Still enough to warrant a look   “Fair” in Italian.  “Wild Beast/Animal” in Spanish.  And a great brand across the board  As opposed to an offline blog.  I never got the world online before an Internet name but to this day people pay a lot of money to have the word in the brand.   You could sell wood doors on the site but guessing its going to be a restaurant or a brand of some sort   A Muslim term and a city in Rwanda.  Also a first name.  In short, means various things to various people which is good and bad  Trademarked for health care but the rest is wide open  A nice 5L getting a little action  Solid advertising company or platform name   I think design when I see it   Unfortunately I just think of Motley Fool when I see it  Mr. and Dr.   There can only be one of each   The hottest you can be   Chinese restaurant all the way  Buying the history, not the name

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  Some have won it and some look like they never bought a ticket  “Health for the long run”  free slogan with purchase  The world needs more coupon sites skin care and it sounds expensive  Not a ton of potential buyers but makes a good brand IMO  Worth a look at for $17  Because for some reason people actually care that their shave is organic  Easy logo, two words we all can spell  same thing here.  Minus the easy logo part  Upgrade name for a few companies  Yup  I love to watch em strut  A bit long but great brand for fertilizer or pest control. No bids  “Good prices plus a whole lot more”


 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Funny you say that about OnlineBlog as I just sold an “Online_____” domain today. Not a huge sale, but mid xxx for it is fine with me.

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