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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday February 10th, 2020

One of the most common things people said to me at NamesCon was “Don’t publish this” so I am going to write a list of 20 things people said to me that they didn’t want published.

Just kidding

I like to tell stories but I know if it’s a story that shouldn’t be told. I’m an open book but the beauty of being an open book is nobody is looking for secrets because they assume you say everything. Christa Taylor told me “there are inside voices and outside voices”. In order to not get in meaningless pissing matches, I’ve tried to keep my inside voices inside last year and just keep it to story telling, praises, or giving opportunities for companies to improve. The later being disguised as bitching with the difference being I try and give solutions as I bitch.

I had many conversations at the bar, in the conference hall, and on runs that would be great stories but telling them could get people in trouble for revealing too much info. Or the info is a great money maker for DSAD and sharing it would take away from our ability to generate revenue. And finally if I said the person’s name, what they do, or offer, then readers would be emailing him/her and asking for favors or information. In short, the talks were in confidence and will stay that way. That all being said, a good story is a good story, and helpful information benefits all. I just have to be careful what that is. That’s why you see more historic stories

Today’s conference stories are nowhere near the old stories from the Playboy party, the Magic Castle, the car museum, and all the awesome place we got to go, but the parties are better suited to a person of my age now. The conference is maturing just like me. Is it a good old boys club? No, but its still a club and a sausage fest. Still, everyone is welcome and everyone is approachable. A simple “mind if I sit here?” got you in to any conversation you wanted. Those that stayed home 100% missed out. Travel was definitely more difficult this year and people with bad or no portfolios probably had more difficulty justifying spending $3K for a conference because sales were down for many people in 2019. I get it.

I won’t talk about the conference any more but I will summarize it this way. There has been a lot of money that has been made in domain investing. It’s changed a lot of lives and given people a financial comfort level that they can do anything they want in the future. That opportunity still exists. You say it was easier for the last generation but that’s not true. Other than parking revenue, domains were risky. People put in a lot of time and money into things that other people called crazy. They traded heavy risk for profit. Domains are now defined as genuine digital assets. Nobody questions their value as a whole. The new opportunity is the ability to valuate and sell these digital assets. Anyone can buy, but the people that can buy right and have the skills to sell them in all the various avenues will be the next generation that changes their financial future. There are no walls. Timeframes may be expanded by having less capital, but the road is there. People were at the conference because they had made their money and came to see old friends, and the others were there to learn how to do the latter.

Domain of the Day: Everyone should have a few organic names in the portfolio

Quote of the Day: There is no feeling so tragic as wishing you had tried harder.” – Names at Auction or Dropping Great name to test your products on different browsers Pretty big category. online storage. Park estimates and its only an estimate 45K visits a year Only certain words go with dot VC. Have to have a venture capital sound to it. This does IMO Passed through the list and again, its the best I’ve seen in .gg in a while almost all seem to have some value now

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction 24 years old. VC for venture capital Sounds like the official Bar. Hope this isn’t used for bad 1998 domain. Always more room for site evaluation companies. Good marketing or rebrand if this is what their company does Another fine Earth name Thousands of entities named this. The .net might be an upgrade for some Not huge value but pillows are an important part of a good night’s sleep A bit long but bidders or at least one, really like it Could be a typo of Legit or Li Jet, jet service An Alabama TE great, Hall of Famer, and former General manager Go in front of anything is being used in today’s naming Closes today. At $79 at press time Better be good if you’re going to roll with this one. No bidders Closing. Dot net but a super short dot net X is gonna give it to ya

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the GD board today. 24 years old New York is cool but Vegans…..cooler see above Remember when this was a thing? Even the very smart Rick Schwartz thought it would work. Now we call it payment plans. You never get them back Has a few trademarks for various things. So people already think its a good name Everyone should have a few organic names in the portfolio Handbags Boring name, would have to have buildout to have much value. But maybe you like it Sounds like a delivery service right out of the box which is always in demand G for group. AG for agriculture Solid name for a loyalty program. 20 years old Made famous in Game of Thrones when someone said “Stick them with the Pointy End” 5L under $100 is always worth looking at Credit cards, collectible cards, loyalty card

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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