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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday February 24th, 2020

While I don’t wish a bad economic downturn or a worldwide epidemic I do know that it presents a fantastic opportunity to get things at cheaper prices. The retirement of my wife and earned the most money during the down periods of 2007 to 2012. If I believe in something I keep buying on the up and the down. I often double up on the down. The key is knowing if its a point in time or a falling knife. My grandfather told me that I need to pay off my bills during the good times and buy things on credit during the bad. My Dad and I did exactly that in 2008. We bought land, greenhouses and vacation homes during the crash. Homes in Florida that were 700K went all the down to $150K. Those same homes are almost back up to the $700K range again.

Where I’m going with this is the Corona virus. There is no doubt in my mind that commerce is going to be disrupted around the world. It will get worse. Stocks are going down. Many of them will go down a significant amount. Apple will go down because of manufacturing slowdowns. But history tells you that it won’t stay that way. The company hasn’t changed its business model. It will present an opportunity to buy Apple stock at a discount.

To me a real economic downturn effects two important things. The price of transportation, food and housing. During an economic downturn housing prices usually go down. I think the future of gas prices stay low. More people using electric cars only helps. And the lack of vehicle use in China will actually make gas prices drop. If you remember in 2007 gas was $5 or more. A literal tax on every worker in America. $50 a week more was a huge impact on many families. The price of gas effects the disposable income of the working class. Cheap gas is good. So the corona virus is good in that aspect. And food. Food is local. Conceivably if Corona got into Mexico, Costa Rica, and South America than many of our fruits and vegetables could be effected but otherwise most of our food is produced somewhat locally and an overseas epidemic won’t effect that either.

So while I see Corona as a big deal and nobody wants to see fellow humans die or suffer. It does present an opportunity to get investments at a better rate. We all know many great domains are in the hands of people from China. That market could suffer. They could need to liquidate if things get bad enough. Again, an opportunity. All good investors make money on volatility and we’re definitely going to see a lot of volatility over the next few months

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Quote of the Day: “If you want to be better tomorrow, go get after it today” -Daren Ruse Names at Auction or Dropping The greatest of all Dot ag has a pretty high renewal rate but this is a pretty rare repeating LL Porn or a good song I believe one word .io are the way to go but this is a pretty strong CVCV. Go Be is a great slogan and a good name for a startup a way to measure how trustworthy your site it. I also think its a good world to use to measure influence There are one of two venture capitalist in New York city

Namejet and Sedo Domains at Auction I’m sticking with my prediction that this one sells. Already in the reserve range although its a big range I think this one gets sold as well. Sounds like a Nelly song Met reserve. Balloons will make a comeback as soon as they are made out of biodegradable material Buy low Reserve under $100. Surprised no takers on this 5L Don’t see a lot of Might be good enough for a branding site to take it Expiring When that $8 renewal becomes too much 1996 domain with some backlinks. No reserve Although most rehab is from getting old or getting obese, this is a huge market Registered in 196 other tlds. That alone makes the dot net worth something. No reserve Because not everyone is vegan or vegetarians I would buy a suit here I like this spelling better than Caribou Reminds me a buffet in Vegas called the Wicked Spoon

Godaddy Domains With Bids Nobody wants to know this. They want opinion value. Of course they have to have the same value as the person searching for value Top number of bids on the Godaddy board today We still doing clown names? That’s what some of these plastic surgeons should be going under Good name for a fair trade site Good eSports or video game name There’s nothing in the world more powerful than Hope Actually an English word. Moderate pace and Look at Namebio and you’ll see that earth names sell well. Earthical =ethical earth Not to find it but to get rid of it Not my favorite bet name but all bet names are worth looking in to No upgrade users that I see but Core is a good keyword Learn Forex. The original bitcoin trading Good letters. Time for CD. A model trades her photoshoot in exchange for a copy of the the whole shoot on a CD. Also called shoot for shots (I made that last part up) Sounds like a farming company Good play on Hot Pink Makes me think of narcolepsy and yes men What people often call the area right around the ski slopes in Vail A lot of people have no idea how big the market is for floors made of reclaimed wood, from reclaimed old floors, or wood at the bottom of the Mississippi Adding 123 is good for getting a unique name but keeping it easy to remember Hot and elegant 28

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