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Feb 25 2019


I have this thing that I’ve fought for decades.  I love cars but I am too cheap to spend money on high end car.  Every day I go to and look at cars.  I had been saving for a long time to buy a Porsche. I talk about it all the time with my friends.  But finally when I have enough to buy one I realize its one of the worst things you can spend your money on.  Some of my friends say, just buy it. I’ve earned it.  Others say they’ve gone through the same thing and after a few years they got over it, sold it, and went back to a regular old car. So don’t buy it.

Ironically my favorite car is a 2007 Subaru Outback.  My regular driver was a Ford Explorer Sport but once my daughter went to school I drove her car one day just to run it a little and I haven’t stopped driving it since.  One, its small and gets better gas mileage.  I only live 3 miles from work so I fill up every month or so.  Two, because I live so close her car heats up immediately.  Its the best heater in any car I’ve ever driven.  Ever.  And finally I don’t worry about getting it muddy or dinged up a little.  Let them ding me with their door.

I have a full time mechanic at the nursery so I am fortunate in that any car issues after warranty I can have fixed for 1/5 of a normal person.  On my daughters car I took it to the dealer for a recall thing and I said while its in here let me know what it would take to fix it to perfect.  They gave me a price of $7000.  I fixed all of it in house with much better brakes and parts for $800.  But the car is transportation.  I would like to have a little fun.  And I won’t lie, probably for some attention.  But every time I start shopping I move back to my “why in the world do I need this?” mode and remember how life was like in Africa.  It would be such a contradictory thing to do compared to what I believe in.

I write this because like most things I write about, I’m sure there are others that go through the same thoughts about a lot of things that are expensive.  Nobody NEEDS a big house.   Almost every person I know that is successful has a home that is way to big and expensive for their real needs. They buy it to show their wealth.  Instead of putting money into things that make more money they put it into a stagnant house.  I’m not saying their aren’t good returns in real estate.  Just saying that your personal home generally isn’t unless you happen to live in a hot city like any city in California and Seattle.

As for the car.  I’ll probably just shop forever because the hunt is the best part. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself so I don’t buy anything.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD continue writing each day.


Quote of the Day:  “It’s not the mountain ahead that wears you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe- Muhammad Ali”

Domain of the Day:  Love this name for a company that makes tech for lefties

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  I liked this name pre auction and now that’s its closing today I like it still.  The manscaping, bodyscaping market has started to be targeted by the big companies   No reserve.  A bit generic but could be a shortened version of Something Teaching Academy    Welcome to a club full of healthy eating and tons of anxiety   Met reserve at $71  If you like LLLL.coms with Cs in them   Pretty name and an easy logo  I think this one may sneak under the radar.  Great girls name which are hot right now

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   Means “cute boy” in Hindi.  Also the highest number of bids on the board today   I’m old but I always think of Oil in the Beverly Hillbillies.  They called it Texas Tea  Worth a good price for email value alone  It’s proven that people buy books mostly on recommendations  Lets you know exactly what they are going to do .  “Get Smarter”  and    There are lots of guys that call themselves this   People use the world alternate spelling but this isn’t really that is  Not sure what it would be used for but everyone knows the term  Buying the history and backlinks on this one  Exudes “pure”.  Also a last name    People would rather buy a set then figure out all the different parts they need  Godaddy WAY overvalues crypto and coin names because of last years sales.  But still a nice name   A project of the same name is operating under ZenArbitrage.   People like Zen names   1999 birthday.   Sexy is still in style, we’re just not allowed to say it anymore   You know I like matching or rhyming 2nd 4th letters.  I think they are easier to remember  Dot org is not as great but everyone uses adapters every day.  You want to be in things people use every day with 3.8 million Google results  He is either God or your husband   Good tribute site.  Huge amount of backlinks  Low Offer or just a decent   Easy logo.  Nice outdoor brand  Because just isn’t going to happen for under $200.  But is for sale



Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  There are people in every town that are this  Sounds like a language tutor name  I imagine a fanny pack like thing.  One bid  Sounds like a popular bar in a strip mall  Helps you carry your stuff around  If you do this for a business you should want to own this one  Sounds like a kids line to me.  No bids  I can see someone wanting this as a brand even though its missing the E  Passes the radio test, the short test, and the price test  Short with only one bid  Tool to building a deck that will raise you millions  Solid Crowd betting name.  I see this going for over a few hundred. No bids at press time  I see “Silo”.  One bidder at $10

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Anthony

    Things like going out to eat then worrying about whether someone is hitting you with their car door is true. A house and a car are different. A house is security, a roof etc, a car is more a work of art. You would be buying at what I see as the top end of the market, though. You can lose it all on stocks/Bitcoin etc and have nothing to show for it, the car, a classic, will always retain some value. You can be the grandpa who passes on a Porsche to your grandkid. Alternatively, you can die the richest man in the graveyard or be buried in this

  2. Michael

    When I was young, my biggest dream was to own a sports car.

    Now that I would be able afford one, I drive one of the cheapest micro cars available…

    I just know that if I bought a Porsche tomorrow, I would be annoyed by the expensive repairs and neighbors’ jealousy.

    Now my biggest dream is to own an ;¬) But that magical feeling would probably not last long either.

  3. Tim Davids

    I had a 944 for 7 years. Was fun every time I drove it.
    Sold it for $500 less than I paid 7 years later so cost me $71 per year depreciation 🙂 It really did attract the ladies so I do Not recommend it for a married man lol

  4. chris geras

    Shane, you DO deserve a really nice car, BUT why buy a depreciating one? Just get a classic collectible that appreciates and get the best of both worlds

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