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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday June 18th , 2018

You’ve probably figured out I’ve been away for a the last week.  I purposely shut off my US phone went all email and apps so I can just relax with the family in Europe.  If anyone needed to get ahold of me they had my email and my WhatsApp number.  For a one week vacation that is all I needed.  I had a gig of data and a Hong Kong telephone number and it would have lasted me most of the month at the rate I used it. The two things that surprised me were that no local businesses took credit cards.  Only debit cards and cash.  Even the major supermarkets.  Of course in Amsterdam and touristy restaurants did but anything locally driven you couldn’t use it.  I’m writing this on a train from Belgium back to Amsterdam. And of course it has free wifi.

Out of all the countries in Europe ,  The Netherlands,  is the perfect place for me and my family.   They are known for their beautiful flowers and I fit right discussing all the different flowers they grow. Their transportation system is as efficient as any in the world and most of Europe is just hours away on a train. The bonus almost everyone speaks English and the obesity level is 95% less because local transportation is based around biking and walking .   A few of my friends have moved here and it’s not out of the question that we may be spending summers here as well.

As for domains. It really opened my mind as far as branding.  Most of the url were .nl but the rest were short .com. seemed to advertise everywhere (or maybe I just noticed it more because it was   The stores all were short names, often taking out vowels (Dutch naturally lacks vowels in many words, Markt is market). In general it reminded me that we have to get away from what looks natural in English to have value.  Short in another language is still short and valuable.

I’ll be back soon and hopefully with a little recharge.  Until then, enjoy today’s names  Here are today’s domains.  Hope you find a good one. Click to see the latest price

Quote of the Day:  “They have lots of money and buy foolishly. Articles that just before our occupation were sold to the people and the German soldiers for 25 to 30 marks are now bought by the Americans for from 80 to 100 marks…a great many articles are being made expressly for the American souvenir hunters and in almost all cases these are made of cheap imitation material.”  -During WWII and still true today

Domain of the Day:     Millions of results, aged, and top price on the GD board today


 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction    Fuel for your car or propane.   Sourcing or  supplier locating    Flexible and creative financing is the future of loaning money    Could be used to sell doors but could be used for anything that exudes security  The perfect lawyer name for slip and falls claim  Never going to make reserve but love the name  Best value on the board IMO.  Merchant services produces billions of dollars in profit for companies. Met reserve under $500  Blockchain all the way  Good call to action marketing name.  Could make a few hundred to thousands on this one IMO Curious how someone is going to turn this positive Sounds like an old, established business.  1998 birthday. No bidders  Could have some fun with this one     No bids.    Lets the world know yours laster longer than others

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   All the backlinks have this one over four figures  Peleton led the market and its about to explode “Recipes” in Romanian.  Romanians cook too    Getting bids because of the popular site Houzz   Great Western letters.  Price is under $500 at press time   But these two are four figures plus because the Chinese prefer these consonants.  Especially the C at the end  Even with the odd plural in the name its getting good bids  I see a misspelling of Kayak but 258,000 Google results for it   You know what you’re going to find .  Big enough to make it valuable  I don’t love it as much as the bidders do

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids Solid name for things in the IOT  Nice 5L from 1998 with only bid  Not a bad name for a restaurant.  No bids. 1998 birthday  Need a little help?  No bids  Casinos are on all types of tlds. NO bids at $12  Not a bad marketing name for $12.  Of course saying don’t stress out doesn’t work  Good looking name for $12 And yet another  I thinks about taking a nap when I see this one  Great brand for $12 Godaddy thinks its worth 100 times the current price at press time  Love this one.  Fit and healthy  No bids. Nice brand  I have always liked these types of name.  And they sell

Godaddy Names With Bids

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