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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday June 4th , 2018


I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next few weeks.  I can thank Travis for my trip because he got me to get the Chase Saphire Reserve credit card while they were giving away 100,000 miles for signing up.  Add in the travel credits and the points I built up from buying domains on it and I was able to book 3 business class round trip tickets to Europe and hotels all for free.  I even have some point left over.  They realized they were giving away a bit too much because they dropped the free miles down to 50,000.

I’ve mentioned credit cards a few times here on the blog but as people that do a ton of online spending it makes sense to maximize the bonuses of our cards.  Something I really never thought about. I was always concentrating on the vendor side trying to save money.  (I actually got our rate down to under 2.1%).   I hated to be the guy trying to get free money because I was always fighting those people with the high fee cards.  But I joined them and now I get a good trip out of it.  Domain investing has been good to me in so many ways.  Here are today’s domains.  Hope you find a good one. Click to see the latest price

Quote of the Day: “If I asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”  -Henry Ford

Domain of the Day:    Can’t beat this price for a quality fantasy draft name.  No bids at $12 at press time


 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Met reserve at $730 so this one is headed to a new home    We talked about this on Sherpa.  Ammar thought it could be used and made positive. I didn’t think so   Follow the legalization of cannabis   Young something something  There is a lot of need out there but only two bids  A SPIA is a contract with an insurance company where you give them a lump sum of money, and the insurance company pays you a set amount every month for the rest of your life     We all want properties that are alive and kicking   A first name in India


Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Smart has always been a good naming convention for an Internet brand  popular letters, several different organization could upgrade to this.  Good backlinks  The bids show the Chinese still love their 888 domains  If you believe Godaddy it gets 700+ visits per month  Sound more fun than the Banana one  Great letters.  Should cross $2K   Not quite as nice as the above but the consonants will keep above $1200  Sounds like a domain investor’s lovemaking session  and   Don’t see many NNN.nets up for auction.  I think they pass$5K. Not close yet   Everyone should.  I am next week   Love this pattern.  I’m going to buy it  Makes it sound like its going to hold up well to the elements.  Even if its not   Food or canna.  Price says it will go canna  All over the board on these LLN.coms but the board usually has good prices


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids Not worth but a nice sounding brand.  1999 birthday  some kind of tagline for a marketing campaign.  At $12  No bids on this Fintech name   Two cannabis keywords for the price of one  Not sure this is even worth $12 but there will be Hemp and Canna futures traded at some point Funny how one word added takes it from a kids movie to a horror film  Pronounceable with no bids

Godaddy Names With Bids

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