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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 9th, 2020

My running partner of a decade took a job in Washington State 5 years ago. He’s an Ear Nose and Throat doctor/surgeon and he took a job at a hospital called Evergreen. Unfortunately it turns out that his hospital is ground zero for the COVID-19. I’ve been talking to him every day and I can’t say what’s going on but you’ll hear it soon enough. The retirement place called Life Care that has all the deaths and infections had residents coming to the hospital a week or more before anyone suspected Corona. It wasn’t until the next week everyone figured out what they had. But for the week before every doctor that treated them came in contact with those patients. Taking normal doctor precautions but not Corona precautions. In the mean time those hospital workers went home to their families and their families went to school and to the market and lived a normal life. In short, you are about to see two things. A switch from “lets trace the steps of those that have it” to a everyone is going to get it, what do we do with the elderly and preconditioned. Two, people will understand that those that are healthy don’t get that sick and in little to no danger, but those that have existing health issues they are dealing with are in great risk. Covid 19 is going to run its course and quarantines will not stop it it will only make the inevitable drag out even longer.

By the time this is published I think they will have announced that all the Life Care workers are infected. The markets will probably be down 5% or more. In the near future you are going to see a shortage of health care workers because so many will have to go into quarantine. This is going to last a while but reductions in quarantines for health workers are going to drop to help them get back to helping. In summary , might as well get used to it and stay as healthy as you can. Doing all the things we should be doing regardless. Exercise, lots of sleep, and lots of washing. And adding in the don’t travel right now if you don’t have to. No I don’t think I’m an expert. I just get to talk to one and not get my data on Twitter.

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Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Dropping “runaway runaway I will follow” Name that song We’re going to find out of a has any extra value A term they use all the time in the Venture Capital world. Another word they use…..spend…one that’s rare…profit It’s what you use to control ……a horse It’s what they call television in the UK. taken in dozens of extensions

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction 1995 domain. Registered in 71 other extensions. That pretty much covers all the important ones Upgrade name for several companies. Nice and short Sounds like a 1999 but its not, its 1997. And people still have sick pcs No reserve so going to a new home at whatever the market says its worth One more. 25 years old 1996 birthday. Registered in 58 extensions. First result is for a teaching system to help people write better Gonna get them papers, papers Could hit five figures

Godaddy Domains With Bids aka Pace car that limits the speed of race cars during a race in the case of an accident or safety issue Has any company with the word “town” in it been successful? and Two big bid names that are there for the history and juice The Internet was built on the keyword A movement but not sure there’s a bunch of money in this one I’m dreaming I just get to travel again Sounds extremely boring An app or tool in the making Site seemed to have been used for malware in the past but do your own research as I could be wrong. and no I’m not making this up to get it cheaper. I will not be bidding on the Tweeche As I say daily, I love MY names. A great alternative to the keyword and much cheaper. But less cheap every day Venture Capital or helping others Good brandable. I think Brandbucket would take it Too generic for me but guarantee there will be lots of bidders Most results are a movie of the same name. But taken in 25 other extensions so obviously good for a lot more things “We’ll get them talking about you” 19 years old and registered in 11 other extensions We all could use a better diet Its a protein in your DNA so geeks are going to name their stuff this D can be a lot of things. Another nice 5L At $40 at press time. Great deal considering retail and medical uses Design site all the way

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