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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday May 4th, 2020

This isn’t stock advice just a statement. Almost every company in the US that sells home products is crushing it. I talked to the manager of Home Depot and he said that Saturday was the biggest sales day and eclipsed Black Friday. The first thing that crossed my mind was I didn’t realize that Black Friday was a big deal for a hardware store. Evidently it is. The next is that I should ask around. Flooring companies. Yep, big big sales. Compost manufacturers, fertilizer, grass seed? Best sales in history.

Plain and simple, people aren’t going anywhere. They are spending any money and many are hurting, most are still getting paid. If you are getting unemployment you are getting $600 PER WEEK more than you were probably making while working. And you got $1200 to spend. For every person that is hurting are 2 that have more disposable income than they had 3 months ago. And they are spending it on their homes. Yes, this is a generalization on people I’ve talked to but time will tell. And I think the earnings reports will prove me right. I know I’m putting my money towards those industries.

Quote of the Day: “if you don’t have the balls to stand behind your statements with your face and your name, don’t say it”

Domain of The Day: One of the people that works on the blog sold the dot com version of this Names at Auction or Dropping Companies like to name themselves after months and days Probably not going to be used for something positive but still a good name Great forwarding tool Only seven of these and the price reflects it I don’t know the resale value but I think Endurance makes a good venture name

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Sounds like a medical company. 23 years old Closes today. Met reserve at $185 Not sure I believe this price For $500 you can protect it In case you’re looking for a piece of ass 22 years old and taken in 37 different extensions Has a high reserve but a great short brand. $25K name IMO Upgrade name for dozens of companies

Godaddy Domains With Bids The top number of bids and highest price on the Godaddy board today We still doing crypto names ? How about drones? H Mark Trust is the backbone of business I think Bright is one of the best words to use in a brand Sounds like a holistic shop or an addiction recovery place I know a bunch of you own lots of dot com I think Manpower when I see it I know every single hospital in the world buys it

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids Prefect  for start-ups, can be a brandable, advertising companies or mattress or bed companies – 10 Year Old Domain Perfect for Investment Job sites, Head hunters, Career coaches, etc… 13 Years Old Domain Great product for camping or everyday. And of course for countries with water that isn’t clean – 12 Years Old Domain (20 year old Domain) – GBP – British Pound Sterling – very strong currency Meatless is the next big vibe in food and growing! (14 Year Old Domain)

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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