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Below is a post I wrote 11 years ago in 2009. The beauty of blogging every day is you can go back and read things like a time capsule. The name of the post was “How to Draw a Small Audience and Make $1 a day in Only 30 Days” I literally was righting for 10 or less people every day. But you can tell I was going to do it until I was successful. I did set the bar a little low with the whole Chef Patrick thing.

What I look like at night up writing
What I look like at night up writing

Not really the headline that makes you want to blog is it?  My wife stopped asking several blogs ago about why I write for nobody each night.  I would put in an hour every night writing for audience of 10 to 100 people.   And that was just unique visitors, most of them probably never read a sentence. In the beginning she would question my sanity, or vanity. I can remember telling her, “you have to start somewhere”.  That is always at the bottom. When you start blogging, nobody knows who you are.  Are you going to put in a day, a month, and then quit?  Are you there only to try and make a few dollars and write your entire blog in a SEO style, writing about the basics that everyone already knows?  Nobody want to put time into a blog that is going to disappear in a few weeks or writes like they don’t care that anyone is reading but google. (google likes links back to their site).   Like everything in life you keep at it and eventually people will take notice.  Last blog I used my humor and social media to build it up to 800K uniques a month with 2 million page views.  It was nice.  Free books sent my way every week. I even posted about liking Fat Tire beer and a reader sent me 500 bottles of Fat Tire.  And then I sold it.

Why did I sell it?  The offer was too good to pass up and they paid me a salary for a year for doing nothing but overseeing the transition.  I took that money and bought domains and that lead me here.  Back to square 1 with no readers and a blog that makes me a dollar a day.  And yet I’m cool with that.  Some day I’ll be up there with Patrick (aka ChefPatrick) with a following that actually looks forward to what I post each day.  I personalized this domain so I can’t sell it.  I’m in this one for the long haul.  Sure, I won’t have posts each and every day, but I will stay consistent. Consistency, I found, is the key to readers coming back.  They like fresh, original content.

Next statement from my wife.  “You make low to mid XXX,XXX a year with your regular business, no matter what you make it won’t be worth your time”  My goal in domaining is to build, buy, and sell domains.  What a better way to learn that to surround yourself with others that do the same.  Every time I write, I learn.  I learn from other’s mistakes, take in their successes, and move towards bigger and bigger projects and sales.  I have made hardly any money on my blog but I’ve sold 3 domains and have had more offers for domains I own than in the last 3 years combined. I made $800 profit last week selling domains.  I plan to make millions.  I plan to make millions on the ground and in the net.  I WILL do it through domains or the sites I create on those domains.  Hopefully, you’ll join me in my journey and see just how I do it.

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Quote of the Day: “I hope that when I die, people say about me, ‘Boy, that guy sure owed me a lot of money.’” — Jack Handey

Domain of the Day: Do people really need coaching. I just thought you bought one and sold it for 10X more. Seriously, a whole business is ready to be built on this beautiful name. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup This one measures up well against the other names today I don’t think I realized that .ag was this old. 2008 birthday Huge keyword. Gives all tlds value As close to eSports as you’re going to get Getting a great price. Evidently everyone can spell concierge

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Don’t see 279 bidders in an auction at Namejet every day I can see it on the Billboard now 23 years old. I like station names. Not that I’ve sold them. Just like them for some reason Bed or Pillow all the way With flower meaning cannabis Exclusive and rhymes Taken in 76 extensions. And almost 1000 versions Perfect crowd funding name

Godaddy Domains With Bids At 5 figures already. And not because of Zion Williams. Its because its short and used to be a webhost Microphone, Non iPhone. Taken in 41 extensions Good 4Ls are now crossing 4 figures at wholesale again Nice fintech name. Exudes secure payments Not as glamorous as many think and Two chances to get your ninja on To me, these are the kinds of names you would buy if you think a particular category is growing. Digital, capital, design with a adjective in front. add this to your digital collection above BTC and Trump are two things I’m getting tired of on my Twitter feed. but I don’t get tired of bitcoin names to exact match for me Quirk. Phonetics seem to still be popular for new ventures I’d go to their concert or drink this IPA An odd for of the word but I get the use. Make you want it I actually wrote a program in Linux for a class. Don’t remember one thing except I got a C Perfect name for today’s hot sneaker collectible market I love me some Poong. Just kidding, I know its Korean but it has multiple meanings Add on to SnapChat all the way Taken in 10 extensions. 21 years old This is a data name. Going to need some servers on this buildout More Olsens than I thought spell it this way This is going to be a marketing name only

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