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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday October 15th, 2018

I booked my tickets for my two week medical mission to Kenya this past weekend.  I’m really looking forward to this trip because my wife is coming with me this time.  The hardest part last time was being away from her and now she’ll be by my side. I won’t miss NamesCon this year because I am flying straight their from Africa. I’ll be a little tired but I’ll be there.  I will admit I feel like I need to do more to help in the US and feel guilty I am going oversees to help.  But God doesn’t see boundaries or skin color so I figure helping another human being can’t be a bad thing, regardless of location.  Our mission is to help the runners of Iten and Eldoret and some may wonder why we don’t choose to help everyone.  I feel that you have to start small and work up.  Trying to solve everything becomes overwhelming from a financial, logistical, financial, and emotional standpoint.  You spin in circles because there are so many that can use help.  You just have to tackle one thing, work to get it solved, and then expand on the other needs that arise as you manage the situation.  And boy does it arise

In Kenya, working towards one simple goal is much more difficult than in the US.  The infrastructure is fairly non existent in any city but Nairobi.  One of our biggest difficulties is merely finding a room for guests to stay and come help, that is satisfactory.  And satisfactory is a place you would never stay in if you were in the US.  You would drive right by it.  Clean, running water, a sit down toilet, and a 50/50 chance of hot water.  One bed, a little space, and a bathroom.   That’s the only requirements and its tough even finding that. And we’re staying in one of only three places to stay in town that meets those standards.  The other is a decent hotel overlooking the Rift Valley and the other is a High Altitude training camp where runners from all over the world pay top dollar to come train with the best marathon runners in the world.   So far no other choices.  When you are trying to get doctors to come train and assist at the hospital they can’t live in squalor.   They simply won’t come and definitely won’t come back.

We learned a lot last trip, met and helped a lot of people.  But there is so much opportunity to help more.  But it requires more than just visiting and helping.  Its about setting infrastructure and teaching local people skills.   Working with the government is also a challenge.  They are always gracious and will always meet with you.  But they are no different than politicians everywhere.  They want to make sure they get as much publicity out of things as they can.  Its just as important to make sure they are associated with the events as the good it does for the people.  Once you understand that you can move forward.  Eventually I will start fundraising but I want to make sure I can exactly where the money is going and the good its doing before I start the process.  I promise it won’t be for a Kenyan orphanage.  There are certainly great orphanages that need help but 90% of them are scams (my made up number).   Kenyan children can only be adopted by Kenyans and poverty doesn’t allow for extra kids.

In short, I’ve worked hard all year and winter is time to give back.  I hope everyone that reads this finds something that allows them to give back.  Whether its financial or simply giving your time to someone that needs it.  I know there are a lot of seniors in retirement homes that would love to talk to someone, anyone.  The childrens home is always looking for people to help.  As much as the dogs and cats need help, there are humans around the world that also need attention.  I could go on forever but you understand what I mean.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

PS:  I apologize about the Camel Casing.  Somehow it switched back on me at the end and not enough time to go and fix all of them.  OK there was enough time but I wanted to sit and watch at least SOME tv on a Sunday after having to work.

Quote of the Day:  “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others”  Audrey Hepburn

Domain of the Day:     Leaf is my favorite word to capture the canna market

 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others  My favorite name on the list.  Easily worth the reserve IMO   Under $500 reserve.  Would have been 4 times that back in the day   Concentrated tea.  Why not?   Everything is visual now  A bit generic but I think it would still make a good suite or app  Everyone has this….or maybe that’s opinions   You don’t need training for Everest.  Just go.  It’ll be fun   Great domain for a bridal planner

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids       “The Use of Sarum, also known as the Sarum Rite or Use of Salisbury, is a variant (“use”) of the Roman Rite widely used for the ordering of Christian public worship, including the Mass and the Divine Office”  and its a    Most of us have two eyes and part of that is taking care of them.   Great marketing name for an eye doctor   Used to be a conservative, religious news site    There are enough Greg Boones in this world to give this value   Five figures and climbing fast.  Most bids on the board    I liked this one.   Of course everyone would rather have   You always want to have options.  At $400 at press time.  And I like the singular better as a brand   The CPC on hosting clicks makes a successful hosting guide very profitable.  If you can get anyone to use it   If you’re having trouble with the above you could always check with these guys and girls   One of the few malls that could stay open   I was pondering whether it should be house or home.  I think house is better because home is more personal and this is an investment which isn’t personal, or at least shouldn’t be   To me budget sounds cheap but its worked for many companies including the rental car company.  But I love energy  Godaddy still has no idea how to value numerics.  These are always valued less than their sales price


Godaddy Domains With No Bids  The little blue pill in a plain paper box  Dozens of hair salons in every city in the world.  Can only be one Salon #1 A bit long but no bids and a media name  Sounds like a bread shop….that of course serves sandwiches Fails the radio test but not a bad looking brand for $12  No bids.  Surprisingly.  I think it will go for over $100 though by the end  A ton of people with this name but no bidders. I Googled just to make sure because I felt like it sounded like a made up name  Sounds like an IPA  I’ve sold to “let” names over the past 10 years.  Such great names I can’t remember what they were. No bids   Category owning keywords.  Even with the .org.    At $17 at press time  we still doing snap names ?  Keep them there once you get them there

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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