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One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is to take all recommendations of what is “optimal” for me to be a healthy person. You read a million articles and they’ve all done some study that says you need X. A year later someone else will come out with an article that says something different. Our running joke is the magazine Runner’s World. One month the headline on the front says “Low Mileage: The Secret to Your Next Marathon”. Next month, “Do You Need 70 miles or more to Run Your Best Marathon?” They figure if they just cover every angle they’ll occassionally be right. I figure I would read them all and then figure it out myself.

The same goes for sleep, diet, work. I read as much as I can. Not what to do but how things work. I know that sleep is important. Maybe as important as anything you do. My question always was. Is the quality of sleep as important as total time? I know people that are in bed for 8 or 9 hours. But they are not good sleepers. Probably getting 5-6 hours of good sleep. If I sleep 7 and it’s hard, solid sleep, I’ve always figured I’m probably doing better. So I have concentrated on getting 6-7 hours of good sleep every night and 8 hours 2 nights a week. I did this by teaching my body its time to sleep. One, by getting it tired during the day. Most days my body is ready to sleep by the time it’s bedtime. I have the same routine before I go to sleep. I don’t keep the routine because I’m OCD, its because the body can be taught. Through the scent of a certain toothpaste. The routine of putting my retainer in. And the sound of the white noise machine. When all that happens I don’t think I could stay awake for more than 15 minutes. I’ve trained my body to start shutting down when all that happens.

I’ve read all kinds of articles on how to go to bed. There was even one today that says white noise machines are bad because your brain listens it instead of going into shut down mode. There is an easy measure to tell if you got a good night sleep. Your heart rate. Your heart rate will tell you anything you need to know regarding your health. As long as you keep regular track of it. If you measure your resting heart rate for a few weeks when you wake up you can come up with a baseline to measure. Once you know that you can start tracking your health and sleep. When you wake up with a higher than normal heart rate, you know you didn’t get the sleep you needed. It could be that you are sick but other things would help you know if that’s the case. It also tells your fitness. As you become fit, your resting heart rate will slowly decrease. One because you lose weight, the other because your conditioning makes your heart work less. I can move from 60 resting heart rate during off season to mid 40s once I’m in peak shape. It’s actually how I know I’m in good shape.

I’ve done so many things like this in my daily life to find things that work for me. And by work I mean something that is measurable against a baseline. I read for ideas, but I try and measure to find the real answer. Of course I use professionals to find the details to make sure I don’t waste my time being stupid. I’ve done plenty of that. From diets to gadgets, to supplements. I’ve listened to too many people that say “this is great, you should do it” and its borderline no good to harmful. It’s worked for them because they wanted it to work and the other things they did in addition to doing that. The product or method was pure fad. No more fads for me. I’ll stick to results, yearly, decade long results.

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Quote of the Day:We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” -Native American proverb

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