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Since Ive been back I haven’t talked much about my trip to Kenya.  I stayed twice as long this year and we say twice as many patients as last year.  We felt last year that a few athletes decided not to come because they thought it might be too costly. So this year we let everyone know it was free.  But let me back up and explain exactly what we are doing

The biggest problem with charity and helping in general is there are so many places, people, in this world that need help that you find yourself scattering your money and resources like a shotgun.  Everywhere you turn there are people that need help.  So most people do what they know.  They pick some charity and run some race or do something and raise money. That is great.  But our feeling as a group was that of that money you give,  you A. don’t really get to watch it flow and know exactly what its being used for.  B.  so much of it gets used in administration, travel, overhead.  Its greatly diminished by the time it gets to the sources

So we started our own charity.  The group is entirely made up of doctors.  I am the only non doctor or medical assistant on the team. They can deliver medical help themselves and not have to pay doctors and their transportation and accommodations.  We cover almost all of that ourselves.  (We did pick up some of the transportation van costs with the proceeds so the doctors could get to and from the hospitals and clinics).  In short, we can deliver help for a very low cost.  Your money went directly to patients.  It cost $2 to see a patient and $1 for X-rays to the hospital.  We covered all our patients.  For the entire week of being all the patients its was less that $500.  IN TOTAL.   So cheap that even I went and got a full upper body of X-rays. I figured for $5 I would have the docs look me over .  (I came out good)

As for getting off track.  Every where you turn in Kenya they can use help and money.  But we had to choose what we would do and stick with it.  Otherwise we would be scattered all over the place.  The goal of our mission is to deliver Sports Medicine to the young impoverished athletes of Kenya.  To many this is all they have. Its their only way out.  We chose the town of Iten because it is the home of the World’s Best runner.  The town is called “The Home of Champions” because it is.  There are countless Gold Medalists, World Champions, and World Record Holders.  Despite being a town of only 4 thousand or so.  So we do it the old fashion way.  We do it word of mouth. We list the tracks, we walk and visit with the schools, we walk around town. We go to the “hotels”.   We let them know that real sports medicine doctors are in town to help them fix whatever is hurting them.  There is nobody like this is town and only one person that’s within 500 miles and he is more of a surgeon.  There are some people pretending to be sports medicine but we went to their hospital and it was a complete sham and only made to prey on the athletes in our opinion. They were not sports medicine and we left disgusted.

We work closely with Wesley and Tarah Korir.   Wesley is from the area and went to Louisville and also won the Boston Marathon in 2012.  His wife ran with him at Louisville (where they met) and is from Canada.  We used some of the fundraising to pay for the schooling of 4 children.  $600 covers an entire year of their education, boarding, and food.  Their students are chosen for being the best runners in the area.  They have a race and the top 40 children all are offered an education for free.  Many of these kids have gone on to University with one running at Louisville now.  Our goal is to help them get an education.  The running is a bonus.  But the training gives them a chance to make a nice living.  Because the best from this are are World Class automatically.   I saw Sophomores in High School running a local school race and win with times that would have won our National Championships.  And many were running barefoot.

So each day we spent the mornings talking to locals about their needs, visiting tracks and workouts to let them know we were in town, meeting with coaches to educate them on the health of the athletes,  and the afternoons working at the hospital.  Some of the people worked all day at the hospital because somehow cases of Hepatitis B were popping up like crazy.  So the entire town came in to get checked. They think it may have been in the water.  So the hospital was packed with people. 2 to 3 times as many as normal.  So them moved over to other departments and worked longer to help.  Of course our doctors are more efficient and trained so they could go through patients much quicker and move people through.

As we did all this we could see orphanages, poverty, lack of infrastructure and want to help.  But it would never end.  Our goal is to establish a permanent clinic in this hospital.  To build facilities for missionaries and doctors to live when they come to help.  Accommodations aren’t good enough now for people. We get by because we expect a bad mattress, a tiny room, and an on and off shower and hot water.  We’ve done it enough times we have it down. But long term visitors would struggle.  We need to get better facilities and toilets that have a modern bowl up top and not just a hole.  When this happens we could have a continuous flow of medical students, local training hospital students, and doctors from all over the world coming in regularly.  Turning the little town into a Mecca for running and hospital care. Our

Again, why this of all the things in the world that need help?  Because you have to pick something and work outward.  We picked Iten because running has changed our lives and we are drawn to the way running effects theirs.  As things progress there will be more.  I don’t talk about the religious aspect of it because while we are driven and working for God, I don’t want that to take away from the message.  I personally don’t feel the need to spread the word of God but I don’t mind sharing my experiences and that God is big part of my life.  If that moves you then great.  What I want everyone to feel is the need to help others.  Locally or somewhere in the world.  It doesn’t matter.    I will pray with you or pray for you.  I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist. We are all brothers of the world and its our job to live and help our brothers.

So that’s what we did and it was beautiful.  I grew closer to my wife, my friends, the people of Iten, and my God.  I think you can see it my smile and my attitude.  I still love making money.  I still have drive.  But I can’t wait to get back to Kenya and meet more people, see more smiles, and shake more hands.  In Kenya they see me as the man that is there to help the people. I love that label.  It’s a label I hope to get locally.  The guy that helps others.  Here are a few more pictures.  There are a million other stories and pictures but I don’t want to bore you all morning

And few special shout outs to Alan Dunn who sent us 20 very nice soccer balls and pumps to bring and hand out. They were the hit of the town. We gave them to schools and kids that we saw playing with plastic bags.  And to the women at the market to give to their kids for being so helpful.  Also a special thanks to Gregg GGG , Gary Chernoff, Braden Pollock,  Namebright, and Alan again for extremely generous donations.  There were dozens of others of you that donated and I am extremely grateful.  I told you privately and I thank you all again publicly.  We only spent 25% of our raise so we are on to great things thanks to all of you. 


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Quote of the Day: “There’s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it?” — Kin Hubbard

Domain of the Day:  I keep one of these in every car and truck.  Will go for $500 plus but at $20 now

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  I think this will sell.  A big company is going to swoop in and buy it.  Maybe not at this auction but soon.   Why not add to the  Etsy Efty confusion.  And its met reserve under $150  Another pronounceable that would do well on Brandbucket .  Reserve met  Sounds like a trading site name  New York name with no reserve   No bids.  Sounds like a nickname of a golfer  I usually don’t like ing names but this reserve is fair.  Worth this price IMO  I think Rick Schwartz dusts off his vault and buys this one.  Actually I’m positive

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  The real domain of the day.  Sounds like a 1999 survivor of the dot com era   I know a lot of people that are looking for this in our industry   Most of the companies named this are really scammers.  Act like they are going to make your kid a star and charge you $150 for headshots.   You hear a radio commercial about them coming to your Mall or city every year.  But the name is fantastic.  Eat em if you got em   Since I haven’t sold any of these C at the end domains this year maybe I am just advising everyone to collect them. Don’t buy them because of me or your money will sit stagnant.  But at least you won’t lose money  But this one I say buy.  Just kidding.  But it does have good letters.   Except the J its so so  We installed them in the bathrooms and I will say they are fantastic.  Not sure if they need a whole category though  I sold SocialGain recently and another social name last year so I know they move  I don’t know that we have a true B movie culture any more but Sharknado would certainly be on there if we did   Not sure if this is pronounceable.  I’ll say no but the price says some think it is    Namebio shows shows a few giga name sales  The price is showing it makes a good sleep or mattress name   Job board all the way   Its all about being memorable and it is. But throw in the pattern and the Chinese and you can add a little value  A restaurant name or just a good low fat burger  Under $100 at press time  Good religious name  All coder names are decent if cheap enough   Not sure what this would be but the name caught my attention in the list.

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  One bidder at $10.  Every day is gardening day for me  A bit long but a nice website idea for $10  In order to get fit you have to make a deposit every day to the muscle bank  a last name so eventually a brand I think of kids but I also think of a Latino girl calling me from the streets  I’m sure there is already a site where there is a shoe club where you pay a monthly fee and get as many designer shoes as you want.  Get two, return two  Upgrade name for a few.  Cool startup name for the rest  Lotza good names on this list.  This one ?  Worth $50 or less IMO  I’m not saying buy up every wordsolar name but saying I think if you did have a collection of solar names I think you’d do OK.  Nothing to prove it though. Just my hunch. But its your money so just read, don’t act on my words. with no bids at $10  My guess it was the same person who forgot to renew both of these   My guess is online names won’t use Bookie but might be worth a shot just in case.  I think wager and bet will be the keywords. But I’m wrong all the time. Marijuana is moving from weed to canna and bud to flower  What you should try and do for people at least a few times of year Since took the all the rules off the table for loans its a free for all. One day loans here we come  Reminds me of the companies that will lift your sunken driveway .  Could be product as well.  No bids   Spelled just like it sounds  A few 5Ls with no bids

Other Domains with Bids

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  1. That pic with the wooden fence is killer!!!
    I get your point about shotgun. It’s impossible to help too many things. You’ve nailed it combining something you love with helping people.
    Wish more people would get out in the world and find out that they should be thankful even for plumbing and toilets and not complain their French fries are not hot enough:)

  2. Fantastic Shane! Great picture’s! I especially like the one from the classroom where all the kids have a big smile on their face.

  3. Shane,
    You make the world a better place. Sorry I missed you guys at Namescon. I would not want to subject anyone to what ever I had it was not good. I hope we get a chance to do it next year.

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