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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday January 13th, 2019

We had about 10″ of snow the night before and yesterday so I was out for 18 hours plowing.  We get paid by the hour so it’s great money when we get forecasted, long lasting snow like this.  But at 49 its a bit tougher on the body.  Even in a tractor it wears on you.  “Just have someone else do it” you might say.  One, I do.  There are four tractors running.  Two, I am going to be gone for 3 weeks so I figured I would help when I can.  Besides, regardless of wealth, if I can throw a few extra thousand in to my pocket for working a day pushing snow then I am going to do it.  I like earning.

On another note.  I would like to wish my Mom a happy 70th birthday.  She reads the blog every day so I know she’s reading this.  As I’ve mentioned here many times my Mom has been there every step of the way.  I never asked for help because I didn’t have to.  I would feel a need and miraculously like only Moms can, she would be there or say the right thing.  Going into debt to make sure I had what I wanted or needed.

She might be moving down the road from me so I will get my chance to be there for her.   It’s how things work.  You take care of those that take care of you.  Never say “if there is anything I can do for you let me know” .  Just do it.  The last person someone who needs help is going to do is ask you for help.   If you think of someone, let them know you are thinking of them.  If you someone mentions something and you think you could add to the situation, them do something to help.   Happy Birthday Mom.  Thank you for always being there.

Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list

Quote of the Day:  Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Domain of the Day:       Makes your coffee shop sound special

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   Gets you there faster  Travel site all the way  This would certainly have warm weather   Pretty sure there are doctors in the UK  Good Western letters.  Pretty sure its going to move with a reserve under $500  Going to find out the newest value for triple repeaters  Upgrade name for a few companies  Not a huge fan of dot co but I like the R for realty here  Going to go with memorable here  Just came up for sale  Sounds like the 1995 domain that it is.  Only 5 bidders  sounds like a security name but I think it could be a handbag site

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  Easy logo and probably not going to be used to sell scarves although scarves are popular enough to have a dedicated site  Great canna name.  Almost all canna is grown hydroponically and leaf is a good brand for that industry as well  I’m not a buyer but I love this one.  If it had a 6 at the end I’d love it even more.  Just like the way it looks  Great letters and expiring.  A good combination for a high price  Solid productivity app or company name.  Sounds like it is going to help you accomplish something  Another desk name but this one has the desired work Box.  As someone mentioned on BirdBox. All box names have some value right now   Definitely a cottage industry  Upgrade name for a few companies.  Benefits manager is the first thing that comes to mind    Not sure what this would be fore.  I just hope its not a cheer squad.  They are like little sororities  Godaddy likes this and values it highly.  I am thinking more about reputation than pictures on this one   Only security or maybe just an online way to set up a family trust  Decent 5L.   Going to lose some to Clicko  At four figures at press time.  The entire net is built around people searching for stuff.  Usually funny cat videos and Trump tweets   We all have it inside.  Some is just more hidden than others   Really don’t know what this would be used for but certainly memorable and easy to spell   Still a lot of room for more tech in real estate.   The crazy part of this is this is really a thing   All the results are for a musical artist.  A pronounceable on its own  Easy logo and spelling   Nerds and Geeks are popular branding right now.  Exudes smart.    I think band  I feel like this is not going to be in Vegas.  Just be Vegasy  I like it but not sure $600 like it   “We work magic”   October seems so much cooler spelled this way.  But set aside a few minutes explaining how to spell it to your customers.   Two trendy branding words


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  Get down to basics or raw food diet  A bit long but a great post baby marketing name  You know its coming from New Zealand  You know its coming from Jersey  Sounds exactly like a domain they would use on a Tax Relief tv commercial   I actually like z here better than an S. One bid  I’m sure there are a few Zacks that want their own channel.  No bids at $12  Most people don’t know but Africa is becoming a big International rose grower  the new Sherpa has me thinking about extracts now with no bids

 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom Shane. I have never met her but everyone I know that has smiles when they talk about her.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum,Shame.Wishing her good health and more years.Good to always take care of our parents and not wait for them to ask.I value my parents and the care and sacrifices they made to raise me up and as they age ,we need to be there for them.

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