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Over the years we have had quite a few people ask to use the nursery for a photo shoot. I almost always say no because we don’t want a big event going on during working hours and I’m too lazy to stay around after hours. But every once in a while I get asked for one that seems pretty simple and fits in to our environment. In 30 years I’ve said only yes to two and they remind me while I usually pass.

I had a young lady say that she wanted to shoot 5 family shots in the back garden of the nursery. Said it would take a half day but would wait a few weeks until we were closed on Sundays. I admit the photographer had the prettiest eyes I have ever seen and it clouded my judgement. They were a color that had to be contacts but were mesmerizing to say the least. She Jedi mind tricked me into saying yes. And she only got to me through doing the same thing to several other people at the nursery. The day before the shoot the power pole in the garden, the main pole, started arching and went bad. We had an emergency repair and had to put in a new pole. They came in with equipment and completely destroyed the back area of the garden the night before the shoot. I thought she could simply move to the other half of the garden but evidently the whole reason she chose the location is for the lighting in that section. So I covered up everything the best I could with plants and mulch and told here that was the best I could do. I wasn’t charging her so I didn’t feel real bad.

The next morning I showed up and there are 5 classic cars parked in the back of the nursery. The little photo shoot was this giant extravaganza of a fake diner and classic cars all in a garden session. It was a pretty cool setup but the entire day she complained of the mess we made. The families all left with good photos and muddy feet. And to top it off as one of the nice cars pulled out it ran over a bunch of stakes and popped its back tires. Never found out how the pictures turned out.

The other time, another nice looking young lady (there’s a theme here I’m just now noticing) that said she loved our pond and wanted to know if she could do a photoshoot. I knew her Mom and thought it would be fine to let her shoot after work. I told here to leave out the private entrance when she was done. A week later she told me the shoot went amazing and wanted to show me the photos. All nude. Not a speck of clothing. I have to admit it went well. The pond looked beautiful. And I loved the peekaboo shot. Playful and sexy. I turned down a copy of the shoot but did ask what the shoot was for. She said it was for her portfolio and was trying to get in to Playboy’s online version. I told her she I thought she was qualified but unfortunately I am on the Garden awards panel not the Playboy panel.

I would say those were the last photo shoots but we have people all the time using the flowers for backgrounds for their Instagram and social media. We also have a small clothing line that shoots their new pieces at the nursery. We let them do it because we only have one new rule. Clothing necessary

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  1. re: — yes! A fairly valuable backlink profile for the right buyer. The backlinks are over represented by Japanese referring domains, so the site will be particularly strong when ranking in the search results, its performance in the .com is more… up in the air (which affects its value).

    Still, DR 77 with 700+ referring domains is very valuable. Would go for way closer to 5 figures if a) the site had a link profile with more .com sites (NYTimes, Wapo, etc. etc.) and b) was indexed in Google for more than just one page.

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