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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday November 15th, 2020

At this point in time I have no desire to talk to an empty room. I didn’t mind doing it building this blog. I actually talk to an empty room every day. I write this heading piece everyday with little to no feedback. But I know people read it because when I talk to them the know everything about me that could only be known if they read this piece each day. I treat this like a diary anyway and its fun to look back and my thoughts and ideas. After a ton of thought I’ve decided to not do the podcast. I just don’t feel its worth al the time and effort it needs to be good. The most successful podcasts are by people that are either already successful and have a big audience that follows, or it’s their job. It’s part of their Big 3. I think you can only do 3 things at a time really really well. There isn’t enough time to do more. You can hire others to do everything and you be the face of more but otherwise it never works. I looked at 1000s of podcasts that have been around more than a year and their is a common trend. The big two being what I said above. You can’t have a full time job and do it or if you do that’s all you do. I have way too many things going on.

I want to make stories not have others tell theirs. I want to experience things myself rather than taking up all the time and money to hear about others. It’s not a selfish thing, I do love hearing stories. I just prefer others to go through the work to bring it out. If I am going to spend the time making content it really needs to be with plants. It’s what I know and what I do. I can crush it in this area and makes so much more sense. It also takes a lot less time because I’m surrounded by it each day.

When I sat down and thought about the time to money ratio of the future I see nothing. No way I could make on a podcast what my time is worth at this point. I already have so many things going on. All of them pay well except running. There are so many great podcasts out there. They are being added every day. I will just be another. I think you will see the same with 90% of the podcast that has come out in the last 6 months. They are doing it because there is not much else to do. Wait until the kids are back playing travel sports, vacations come back, business picks up. Time will become more valuable. My businesses just happen to be at all-time highs in volume and income so I get to realize it early.

I’m still going to record my chat with my Grandmother, may even release it. But otherwise, I’m an early exit. I’m going to change my focus. Put it in a realistic endeavor that betters suits what I love and what I want to be. I’ll leave the podcasts to the people that are doing a great job.

Quote of the Day: The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” —Mark Twain

Domain of the Day: We could all use a fresh break. No bidders at press time Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Virtual Reality Something with a T I like this one even more Works as well with dot to as any name Step in and fight Probably as big of a generic GG as there is

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Reserve under $500 so this should sell OK, now I’m nervous. This one is also with a reserve under $500. Seems way too low Needs to go to a good home. No reserve Another too low of a reserve name. Remember the ads for fake IDs in the back of magazines that would all come back looking nothing like a real ID but you hoped that maybe, just maybe, someone would do something illegal and send your a good one One more with a $200-$500 reserve. Hmmmmmm Basically again no reserve. Its a dot net though Last name from the same seller. Going to be interesting to see if these actually go to auction I like it better than OnlyFans . No bids at $79 Every single name at the Sedo auction has met reserve and will sell 503 visits this month This and most names are under $150

Godaddy Domains With Bids Used to sell crypto mining services. Crunch base listed. Not sure what happened because Bitcoin is certain at a price where its affordable to mine. Most bids on the GD board today Since we’re talking crypto Generic name for Craigslist Surprised this is at four figures. No backlinks A play on thankfully is what I see. Bidders love it. I just love seeing names like this do well because anyone doing this for a while has lots of these types of names. Food for little dogs or people with little voices Alpha is a great adjective in naming IMO I own quite a few motors names. Haven’t sold any but I like them Taken in 12 extensions. I think wrestling when I see it but you know how I love to grapple 24 years old and taken in 40 extensions. Godaddy has it valued at $5K To protect but actually taken in more extensions We still doing You know their slogan is “Go Big or Go Home” I used to go there are the time back in the 80s Nice non specific brand . 17 years old and 51 versions of this registered Taken in 8 extensions which means its a low end LLLL according to registrations but I think its more of $400 name IMO This name is bananas 22 years old. Taken in 9 other extensions.

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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