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When I was a young kid my Dad did two things for me that were a big part of who I am. He put up a basketball hoop on the side of the house and he made me a full length soccer field in the lot next to our house. Complete with full size goals and nets. Because of this I literally never came in the house.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I shot 1000 shots a day for 6 years straight. At both places. We lived in NC and the weather let you play year-round. I can remember standing at the free-throw line and pretending I was in the finals, down 1 with 2 free throws left. The sceneario was always the same. I needed to make both to win. By the time it was time to hit those free throws in the real game I had been at that line a million times. I learned in that driveway that I could hit every single shot possible if I practiced it enough. If I missed it in the game I would come home, mark the spot on the ground, and shoot the shot until I could hit it blindfold. I would have been pretty good if it weren’t for 3 things. One. I didn’t practice my dribbling enough. I had no handles. I could shoot left or right-handed from almost anywhere but you were going to have to pass me the ball for me to get to that spot. Two, I only grew to 6 feet. Not a good height for a guy that can’t handle the ball. Three. I was soooo much better at soccer that I had to concentrate on that more as I got older. A fourth bonus reason. No 3 point shot while I was growing up so my shots were further away, same points.

Which leads me to that field. I did the same thing on that soccer net as I did at the hoop. Shot after shot after shot. You coudl see the worn spots in the yard where I did my work. I would set up fake goalies or set my little brother up in net and just pound the goal. Just like basketball shots, I took 1000 shots on goal every day. I lived outside practicing. The difference in soccer is I had mad handles. I could dribble, shoot, anything with either foot. I could shoot from anywhere and pretty much pick the spot in the net. Why? Because I had shot on net more than anyone I knew. Not many people had a weird shaped yard with huge empty side lot. I had a field at my house. People had hoops. Not many had full-sized goals. Like the basketball lessons, I learned that the only way to get better is to put hours and hours into it. Set up every possible scenario so when it came up you had been there, done that. Even if there wasn’t a crowd, real pressure, or even real defenders. You had felt the ball at your feel. You had set your feet, knew where your knee needed to be over the ball,  and what angle to approach.  Needed it to banana in the top right? Bottom left-hand side of the ball with a hard right to left kick and a long follow-through. Bottom right, knee way over the ball with a punch kick.

Its been 37 years since I moved from that house but when the temperature drops and it starts getting dark early in the fall, I still get that feeling like its time to go out and practice. I did it so many times. Turning on the side spot light and playing with just a little bit of light. Playing until Mom calls me in to go to bed. I never had an Atari, Colecovision, or cable. But I had nets. Lots and lots of nets.

Quote of the Day: “Practice puts brains in your muscles
Sam Snead

Domain of the Day: Great letters and the price is reflecting it. Prices are starting to pick up again for the highest quality LLLL.coms Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Someone has to set one Another one that will push the retail/wholesale boundaries Another short, one word, do io that is making wealthy Can OJ Simpson ruin a two letter domain ? Is it a big enough keyword to make .ac valuable?

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Kids or adult. Quite the contrast Men LOVE tools. Add the rare and this could get exciting Solid name for a fatigue mat or a non slip mat. No bids. 20 years old 19 years old with a little search volume. No bids, expiry name Love this. Get in a good frame of mind Billions being spent on improving or not making the environment worse. 19 years old Sounds official. Not sure how to monetize it but Google will help you figure it out marketing that hits you in the face I think this is a great marketing name for the price. No bidders at $69

Godaddy Domains With Bids The safe place to play Most bids on the Godaddy board today. A service every single person needs in today’s world Sounds like a deal that expires so you have to get it quickly but the bids are probably coming for the time share aspects If only it was that easy I’m always amayzed how well the misspelled words do. Taken in 20 extensions Not sure insurance is where you are seeking bargains but bidders think it is the professional term is Reseller but You’re going to get lots of naked pictures Google says the domain name doesn’t help in the SEO but I think this will. And I know nothing about SEO Hard to spell but every industry has a company with preneur at the end 20 years old and taken in 22 extensions The gluten free cooking specialist A double special. Discount and Deal Buff sales have reached all time high in sales. The future isn’t in the west. Its in Texas Great name for a design ideas and tools The only place there is freedom right now Scheduling app all the way I think we’re back doing capital names again I know have some, lack some Probably won’t get a lot for it but someone who does this is going to want it Golf is definitely back or pills I’d se this if the name of my company is Knight

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bid

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