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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday September 13th, 2020

I think you need to find three hobbies to make you complete

One to make you money

One to keep you in shape

One to keep you creative

Life and family doesn’t allow much time to do things you want to do. But I’ve always felt that the above was super important to live a full life. I have had different things to make me some side money with domain investing being the one that ended up being the hobby that I loved doing to make money.

Running is the other you hear me talk about all the time. It keeps me healthy, gives me motivation, helps me mentally, and allows me to enjoy meals that otherwise might have to be skipped to keep at a healthy weight.

The creative side for me has been writing. I like to write. I have done it every day for 20 years. Can’t think of many days I’ve missed. I don’t consider myself a writer. I don’t have the vernacular for it. But I can tell a story. I write it down exactly as it comes out of my head and that’s what makes it to print. There will be a day where I have an editor but I’ll save that for the big stuff. What’s the big stuff? Not quite sure. I know I have a book in me. I just need to accomplish something big enough that makes a good ending. You would think buying and selling $25,000 plus domains would be special but in our industry there are a lot of people doing it. Not good enough. In time we’ll find it and it doesn’t have to be in domains. It just has to be something.

For those that say they don’t have enough time I would tell them to send me their daily schedule of the whole month. And after they lied about their day I would hang with them for a week and show them how much time they waste. How they pretend to work, cut out the fluff in their day, cut their sleep to 7 to 7.5 hrs, and crush it with 3 hobbies. You time is important. A great you makes you a better partner, better friend, and better parent. A great you makes you more money. That’s my advice for the week.

I have no idea if it works for anyone else but it sure has worked for me

Quote of the Day: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” —Winston Churchill

Domain Of The Day: As good of a non pronounceable as you can get IMO Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Will be interesting to see how these do. VC is getting some publicity but its more us talking about it than real enduser sales. But there have been more lately than last year And another one tomorrow Its two words but a pretty big two words You can make a living on oatmeal. True story. When I saw this name I looked to see who owned this one. It was me. I absolutely don’t remember buying it but after so email checks it was in 2008 and I even tweeted about it. I’m getting to big 🙂 Sounds like a nice gaming site to me Such a cool looking name Taken in 20 extensions. A type of nuclear fuel and a nice Pretty good name for contests at a really cheap price

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Not the greatest pronounceable but for under $200 is a heck of a deal Private regs are personalized license plates in the UK My algorithm. Sedo expiry so hardly anyone even knows this up for auction

Godaddy Domains With Bids It’s been overshadowed by Covid but still more money spent on this than any other medical issue I wouldn’t say the same here but its double the price sooooo For many of those with cancer, cancer studies are their only way to get on trials for new drugs. A last chance for some Taken in 20 other extensions. 21 years old Taken in 60 other extensions pretty much sums up its value Top number of bids on the list today. It’s definitely not for the name. All in the juice juice Ditto here A lot of uses here. Test prep. End of the world prep Evidently the mantra of the guy giving me my change at the pizza place I don’t really like it but taken in 20 and getting bids so basically I know nothing Out or their last name How long? Nice to see the LNL.coms coming back into the action I like Capital Names because they have capital to spend. Or should Where they still drink milk I know Brian who runs the highly popular site Alpha Trends but he’s on the dot net and the plural I know a few people that have busted theirs The tweet without the trademark Great branding potential. They have LotsMore I look at all the great keyword dot nets and think “What if they make a comeback?” A man can dream can’t he So Fresh and so clean clean. Song? Sounds like a joke board from 1999 with lots of spinning gifs So many businesses with the word concepts in it. And the type of businesses that use it are so diverse. That’s a good thing 18 extensions taken on this one. Chinese name under $50 at press time

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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