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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday September 9th , 2018

There was a comment from a reader at Mr. Rick Schwartz’s blog yesterday.  “Unfortunately it’s a buddy system with some brokers and domain auction houses. If you’re not a buddy, you’re on the outside looking in”  I used to think the same thing.  Eventually realized it wasn’t them, it was me.  I didn’t have anything that helped THEM make money.  Eventually I found the quickest way to being “buddies” with someone is to have something that helps them as much as it helps you. I 100% guarantee that any auction house or broker will not pass on a quality block of names to sell. They want the commission. The problem is everyone has common or shit names and think they have great stuff. Then blame everyone else because they won’t help them sell. “I see worse names than mine selling every day” is something I hear all the time.  One, I think most people really don’t know what is worse or better than their name.  Two,  if it is,  then why not put it up on Godaddy or Flippa and sell it yourself?  If you want to sell on Namejet, now is as good of time as ever to set up an account to sell.  But you can’t bring all junk.  You can slip some in but they have to be coupled with some names that are pretty much guaranteed to sell.   That is why you see some names get some bids that nobody expected.  Because it was part of a bigger list of names that were put in as one.   Namejet will take that, but as I said, among that list they have to have some guaranteed revenue.  That’s how business works.

Mirrors are hard to come by in the domain investing world.  Everyone has issues and problems but most of it really starts at home.  If you are paying for a service then there is a much higher level of expectation.  If you aren’t paying anything quit complaining.  Only friends and family give you quality work for free.  You pay nothing then expect nothing.   If you put up anything for sale you should expect tire kickers and time wasters.  That’s part of the sale process.   For any company, any product.   Selling stuff is hard.  Always has been.  Why should domains be any different?  Yes, I’m typing in short sentences. Because I think the people that need this advice couldn’t comprehend long and well written sentences.   But I need to go.  I have a Good Old Boys of Domaining meeting at noon.  Enjoy your Sunday

Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:   “If you are born poor, it’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it’s your fault.”  -Bill Gates

 Domain of the Day:        Great name.  If more people could spell it then it would go for five figures

 Namejet and Sedo Names   16 bidders and met reserve.  You think of the Zinc product at first glance but Google it and you’ll a ton of businesses share this name   A word that goes together very well with .co  A product name all the way.

That’s it.  Unless you like numerics, NJ is light today

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  At $1500 and climbing at press time.  Most bids on the GD board  Because we all know the real purpose of books is to have them look good on the shelf.  Shows you’re smart  OJ Is Killer   Hottest segment of employment right now.  Definitely worthy of a specific site  The 5Ls are definitely moving up in a price a bit.  Especially if they end in the vowel sound  I feel like there have been a lot of energy bulb names lately.  Maybe its just lighting or energy names.  I do a lot of these lists, they all run together  Four figure bids early.  Real Estate and cars are the assets that coin owners like  I think these premium letters with vowels present value.  My opinion alone   Same    I think, and many others, that CBD oil will have a big part of future pain relief.  I have no idea if any of the capital names sell to endusers but I do know they do pretty well at auction


Godaddy Domains With No Bids No bids. Guided hunts aren’t cheap.  GD values this at $4K plus  It’s takes a big Chinese city to give a a good price  1998 birthday.   Getting a few bids as a hosting name.  Of course it could be for any service  If Squidward bought out the Chum bucket.  No bids for some reason   Sounds professional to me.  One bidder at $12.  Grow lights, solar The only kind that sell anymore. No bids  I consider all finger names mobile plays  Road Island Energy.  Solar and alternative energy are going to swallow a ton of new energy names IMO  Never been a fan of Geek names and you would have to own GeekX in my opinion but someone may like this Decent travel site name Here’s another one of those energy light names.  One bid

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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  1. Both viewpoints are right. If you are a “buddy”, that does get you one foot in the door. Having good names gets the other foot in.

    I still remember R Schwartz letting in one of his traffic auctions. I posted on his blog that I thought it was a subpar name because the correct term was “infrared scanners”. Then his good old buddy Berkens paid $2500 for it at auction to “prove” me wrong. It was a shitty name then and still today. That was all buddy system right there.

    1. Tony,
      You make a good point on auctions at conferences. Now THAT is a friends and family show. Everything I said above doesn’t apply to conference auctions. Every time there are names in the live auction that are much much worse than names that got passed on or in the after auction auction

  2. I might add to what you saId…. “Eventually I found the quickest way to being “buddies” with someone is to have something that helps them ‘MORE THAN’ it helps you.” You will be surprised at what happens.

    A short book that highlights this well is the Go-Giver by Bob Burg.

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