Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday February 7th, 2019


3 years ago I wrote a suggestion on how to improve NamesCon.   I read over it again and I still agree with every point except the slots tournament. Austin isn’t really known for its slots tournaments.  Let’s see if any get picked up this year

1.  Have a for pay, evening meal.   Each evening there are a few sponsored meals that are highly attended but it also leaves those that aren’t invited or new to the industry,  without anyone to eat with or something to do.  I remember being that person.  Everyone talking about all the great dinners they were going to but I wasn’t invited to any (I’d like to think that it was because I was new and not that everyone figured out I am an ass).  I think it would be great to have a pre -organized meal that anyone can pay to attend.  Have a set cost and a required time in advance to RSVP.    Maybe even have a guest of honor speaker in the middle.

2.  Two Days of Auction.   Last years’ auction was great.  Good results, good times but way too long.  I think there should be two days of auctions with each night having its own “theme” of the types of names being sold.   Make sure each night has some big boy names to bring the crowd but maybe a short domain auction one night and then the others the next day.  Then you won’t lose people like they did last year.  And auctions don’t have to be the last event of the afternoon/evening .  After lunch is a great time to draw a big crowd.

3.  Raise money for charity by “Lunch with a Mentor/Domain Investor Celebrity (name to be chosen later) “ .  I don’t have a real name for it but essentially have 5 or 6 “special” people that you can pay to have lunch with.  Have a set amount of people per table and and have the starting cost be $5  per person.  And then auction them off.  For instance.   You want to eat with Frank Schilling.  Start the bidding at $5 and have it move from there.  Shouldn’t be too hard to have 6 tables of people that others would pay money to eat and chat with.

4.   Slots tournament.   We’re in Vegas and if I remember correctly the hotel had a whole section set aside for a tournament.  I like ping pong but a slots tournament would probably draw more interest in my opinion.  Easily sponsored.

5.  Non industry speakers.   Our industry needs new speakers.  The same people have spoken over and over and over again.   The industry is small and we’ve heard from pretty much everyone that is willing to get up and speak.   There are a ton of interesting people from all walks of business that would interesting to hear from.  I wouldn’t worry about the keynote drawing attendees because I can guarantee nobody is coming just for the keynote.   Understandably NamesCon wants seminars to help domain investors but anyone who started and run a website or business probably has good things share.   And they would be stories we haven’t already heard.

6.  Bring back a SharkTank type seminar.  Maybe this time instead of just an investor have a panel of 3.  One investor, one developer, and one business person.  Have 10 different people pitch a domain they have with a buildout they had in mind.   Let the domain owner pitch it and then the 3 can see if anyone presents a package they would get involved with.  Just an idea

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Quote of the Day:  Fiction does not become fact because it looks good. Fiction does not become fact because you wish it were true. Fiction does not become fact because it has turned into popular opinion. Remember this before reading the news, views, opinions or commentary.” – Loren Weisman

Domain of the Day:   Someone that owns a place named SkyBar wants this more than you 

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction    Barber shops are dwindling. Keep them alive with this domain.  No reserve   A lot of money in heart treatments.   Or just name your indie band this   Its a dot net but its a medical name   Every town has something named close to this  No bids.  Not a bad email for $69


Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  It’s where I get all my free pens  You don’t realize the value of waterproof clothing until you’re soaking wet  Quite a bit of use on this name.  A surname, an acronym, and a few entities that all share it   A bit long but nothing bigger than eSports right now  The west side of advantage is where the money is    Linens or pastries.  I’m a fan of high quality of each  Love these types of names.  But they have gotten on a little on the pricey side  I can’t be the only person that reads survival books to be on Naked and Afraid  It’s where most people want to be but chasing the leader is where the fun is at  Literally nobody says this but still a good name.  This would be listed at $20K plus on Brandbucket  At least everyone will know what your company does   Nice, short, Italian sounding brand.  Also a last name  Funny. I hear the term Meta all the time and I really don’t know what it means. 420 I do.  and yeah I know it means self/beyond in Greek so I actually do know what it means   Sounds like a Rom Com  Should be the name of every restaurant   A on its own,  but a few companies use the word in a brand   Solid name for a price site.  But you better have them ALL  I’d do a little hot yoga here


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  Was another crowd delivery source app.   Now the domain can be yours.  Sounds professional and aged  Erectile pill all the way   driving analytics or car something  Surprised this one hasn’t been taken yet  Could be skiing or skateboarding but I see this as a portable shredding company  “when life gives you lemons, you make glasses and contacts”  Dayvid  Only good for a site name but at $10 there is still some profit room here Probably backwards but I like it anyway so  Artisan crafted shit


Other Domains with Bids

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3 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday February 7th, 2019”

  1. Have never been to NamesCon – honestly couldn’t afford it – but they sound like great ideas Shane. Especially numbers 1 and 3 (but with a cap, otherwise the “wealthiest” will snap them up?).
    Hope to see you guys in Austin next year though!

  2. Every name I wanted to bid on today you highlighted, so thanks for that 🧐

    The prices for names on GD have gotten out of control… names that would be great buys at $50 selling for $700. sigh…we need a recession.

    1. Ha. I was thinking the same thing. But I’m afraid they only go up from here on the decent names. I’m actually buying more than ever just because I said this same thing for three years in a row and the prices keep moving up

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