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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday January 23rd, 2020

I wrote this yesterday day on twitter but I want to say it again here. There are a lot of companies in our industry. 95% of them can all exist and succeed without the other one having to fail. So when I said that Godaddy could crush DAN, EFTY and Brandbucket it doesn’t mean I want the others to fail. It merely meant that Godaddy has a huge advantage over everyone but chose to not put the time or money into Afternic and that allowed other people to gain traction faster than they would have otherwise. But they were still going to do well regardless because they are great at what they do.

Efty is not the great platform it is because of someone else’s failure. Its a great platform because they realized that some people want to manage their own leads and avoid commissions but don’t have the technical background to make their own landing page. Doron and Lionel built it. It was going to have its place regardless.

DAN came about because Rezza felt that commissions were too high at other platforms and that customers needed an easier payment. A lot of time and thought have been put in. They weren’t filling a hole left by Afternic. They were making a platform that’s good for sellers and buyers with that thought in mind

And Brandbucket. They were simply first to market with a site that offered brands. They believed in a business model that nobody else seemed to be able to build.

We should all root for EVERYONE and not root against anyone. If a business is doing something wrong then you should challenge them to improve. Root for them to improve. You can take your business elsewhere but if you’re a real business person you want as many platforms and businesses as possible that give you a chance to make money. There are no teams. The closest I come to teams is promoting companies that pay me to promote them. But we’re not promoting bad companies. Do they have room for improvement? Of course. Everyone does. And I let them know exactly where it is monthly. I want them to get better. For selfish reasons. I want their platform to be better so I can make more money using it. And I want them to be successful so they will make enough money to continue advertising with DSAD.

So keep this in mind. The domain industry is always in need of more innovation and tools. If someone can afford to bring them to market then encourage them. They are not a forest of trees where you need to chop one down to give light to the other. There is plenty of light.

Quote of the Day: The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” -Oren Harari

Domain of the Day: Going to be a lot of people’s favorite name today

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction 21 years old. Met reserve. Great name for stock market or asset trading assistance Met reserve at $75. Sounds like a radio show, podcast or tv show Sounds like a lot of disposable income Some use this as short for pregnant My marketing slogan would definitely be “You need to see these Snutz……” Solid name for some kind of clean or cleaning service When its good enough to be just OK 24 years old domain Reserve is under $500 and this should blow that away Solid marketing name . Hurry 20 years old. If you don’t stay with the main track you get sidetracked 14 years old. One bid at $79 I didn’t think it would hit reserve but its now up to 3 bids and getting close

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Not the best but a few people really want it and will be considered one of the best investments of our generation. With no huge swings like Bitcoin Sounds like art or artisan As you’ll hear on Sherpa on Monday. I’m long bet name. I don’t own many but I wish I had Part of a marketing name to go with the next name Love this one. And I’m pretty sure there’s a plastic surgeon somewhere that is willing to be crude enough to use it for marketing Speaking of nice and round Speaking of Cam Models How you can earn a little extra money from camming And finally, your stage name. What a package I’ve delivered today I still like the vowel out R in names. We’ll see if the price says they’re still good. Not sure what you would use it for but short and memorable word yesterdays snopes Plenty of note apps to make this worth a good bit. Computers, good looking athletic people, design Big price is for history and backlinks Remember the supergroup? Slash and Scott Weiland At the current price (under $100) I think this might be the steal of the list. But I think it ends up over $1K so then I take it off the steal section If you own a business you know that you constantly have to make your you have good policies in place. Although I think the big money will come for it as an insurance name. 21 years old Losing more value each year. But will always be some demand Bitch you need grammar lessons. I certainly do Pros works well at the end of pretty much any service. In this case rooms would be remodel, painting, design Worth over $1K to use just once on a listing Fintech baby The name of my pillow because that’s what I do to it 24 years old. Brokerage or stock tips Over 20 years old. Sound real eco and earthy

Godaddy Names With One of No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Monte is the same class as the turd AB from Canada. Just saying. He likes to pat himself on the back but he is irrelevant and in the way of progress. He should bend over backwards to accomodaye charity and goodwill.

    1. Mike,

      If you mean Adam Dicker from Canada you are completely wrong. 2. We all like to pay ourselves on the back. 3. I’ve always said he’s unorganized but he’s getting better and more relaxed every year. Not the bull in the China shop he used to be at times 4. He’s always been good to me and people I do business with and that’s all I have to go on

  2. Classy move with Good name. Hopefully it’ll sell for a bundle. By the way, I’m presuming this title-

    “Godaddy Names With One *of* No Bids”

    is supposed to read “Godaddy Names With One *or* No Bids”. Have a great weekend.

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