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Yesterday was the first day of the conference and it was exactly why I come to the show. You get to talk in person to people you chat with off and on all year but expand on all of it and see the facial expressions and reactions you can’t get through text and emails.

Being in retail I spend a lot of time looking at the body language of people in groups here at the conference. You can tell a lot about what’s going through people’s minds even though they aren’t even participating in a conversation. You can tell who is enjoying the conversation and wants to participate and who is looking to get out and talk to someone else. In some cases its people that just don’t know the other person and not interested to meet them, other times the conversation just doesn’t interest them. I try and make it a point to bring them in to the conversation but I can read when someone doesn’t want in. So I give them an out and kind of bring the other people’s focus to me and let them slip away without anyone noticing them. It seems like I’m shutting them out but I’m really doing them a favor.

Another social skill is the introduction of others. We all know faces and the ID badge is super helpful, but there are a lot of people we know but we can’t place or dig out a name. If you know someone well and there are some people in the group that may not, bail them out and introduce people. Nine times out of ten the other people will say “Yeah we’ve met” whether you have or not, but if they have you’ve taken an awkward moment and made it better for both parties. I’m always on my wife about not helping when we meet people. I want to introduce someone because I have known them a while, but I just can’t remember their name or their last name and so I just awkwardly smile as my wife comes up. I always tell her that if I haven’t introduced her in the first 3 seconds then she should introduce herself . Doing it so quickly that it seems I would have introduced her but she beat me to it. We both get to hear the name and nobody is the wiser. We’re a team and we should play like a team. But if she doesn’t bail me out coach yells at the team at half time.

And finally a giant thank you to The gave me TWO brand new visors to replace my 8 year old visor. As seen on Domain Sherpa many many times and now to be seen many years to come. Thank you for helping this old man cover the bald spot and take off 10 years.

PS extra. Did you know if you copy something on your phone and hit paste on your Mac it will paste it on your computer?

Quote of the Day: Pain doesn’t tell you when you ought to stop. Pain is the little voice in your head that tries to hold you back because it knows if you continue, you will change.” – Kobe Bryant

Domain of the Day: No bids at the time of this post. You know I like honey names and the sales lately show they are popular.

Domains at the NamesCon Auction Today No Reserve. This one is going to a new home today. Could be yours The other name ICA charity domain. Generates over $300 a month in parking alone. But that’s a bonus only. Great mapping, directions, app name In the Live auction of NamesCon and the best “hack” in the lot by far. It all starts with Tech and this one literally does. In the NamesCon Live auction tomorrow

Godaddy Domains With Bids This checks a lot of boxes. Short and an upgrade for several companies and a bonus that it means “Insect” in Hungarian Remember that most of the world spells mobile this way and Easily the best aqua names on the list today Generic for AirBnB An acronym, a city, and a restaurant. Because ShittyBookie doesn’t really bring in the gamblers It is what you think it is. Cooking site all the way Not that miners need a website but would make a great name for a script or instructional site on crypto mining 20 years old and the price is a combo of backlink, history, and quality of name Godaddy puts the value at $6K, bidders are at $350 What countryfolk call city people. Great urban brand 5L at a good price…..for now I think pets when I see this one. 22 years old Cool looking name but a bitch to say. Not many other people like it Barefoot names like this seem to be in the $300 wholesale A great idea. Teach people how to write great content. There will always be a need for for content Two short names and one is a color. Always a good add 22 year old 5L A town of 800 in California and also an old Intel Chip name

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Good social tips, and being a bit introverted and possibly on the autistic spectrum, I appreciate when someone who is comfortable like that gets me in — or out — of social group interactions, imo that’s a mark of proper leadership personality, (and also simply a marker of higher developed social intelligence values and good manners), since it recognises the obligation and responsibility that go along with it.

    The Kobe quote is on point. The ego is a powerful force to counteract because it thinks it’s perfect, even a second complete ‘entity’ which resides together with us and has to be re-constructed after it’s continually challenged, demolished and transformed/reconstructed as we grow. Which is why self-sabotage is a constant struggle, such as through putting things off, unwillingness to be self-critical, or making excuses in every kind of way to get out of evolving the true-self which includes the intellect and consciousness, and also the body and all other characteristics and values which are not simply the imagined, ego-construct version of oneself.

    If you haven’t already, look into a reverse-mirror. The ego is kind of like that. We get used to seeing things a certain way, and when confronted with our true self our mistakes are glaringly obvious (despite being an illusion which exaggerates imperfections, the same way reading italic text for a few minutes will make normal text appear slanted to the left), being self critical is essential for co-existing peacefully. Being one’s own harshest critic, so that we don’t start sweeping the dusty floors of our neighbours when we have piles of dirt on our own.

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