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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday July 25th, 2019

The last time I visited the Big Island of Hawaii I left with a few parting gifts. I bought TheBigIsland dot com and IslandSolar .com. I didn’t buy them on vacation but I wrote them down as two names that I wanted to own and eventually bought them. One, could be a million dollar buildout and the other is perfect for the islands but could be used for any island or really any solar company.

I also felt that every trip could be a business expense if I built out the domain myself. I don’t really write off my trips but every time I go to the islands I raise the price of the domains. Because it makes me realize the value of such a defining, category killer domains. People that don’t know much about Hawaii don’t know the value of the domain but those that do or live here certainly do. When I tell them I own the domain everyone is pretty impressed and let me know I need to do something good with it. People of Hawaii are very proud of their heritage and their state. Not big fan of outsiders other than to let them come and spend their money and go. Doesn’t mean they are kind people but there is certainly a difference between locals and visitors. I would love to buy some land and have some cattle, fruit trees, and a great view but it really depends on where my daughter ends up. But if its west, my retirement job may very well be TheBigIsland dot com.

Domain of the Day: My favorite name at Godaddy today. Happy is good

Quote of the Day: I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance.” ― Seth Godin

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Ends today. Under $200 and met reserve Nice Snap exclusive. Makes a nice acronym as well I was thinking Las Vegas but all the Google results are other acronyms Easy money Met reserve so they can’t renege on the auction This fish is at $79 at press time with no reserve I would think it has to be getting close to the reserve I see this as a gambling name. Or a cat site. Or porn Unbelievable that people still let LLL.coms expire Met reserve at $150 at press time Another one with same price and also met reserve

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids Top price on the Godaddy board today. As I said I’m a big solar fan Good for so much more than a shampoo A and a Boston Weiner Top number of bids at press time. No other reason than two people really want this one If you bought at the low on numerics you would be doing very well in the triple end repeating 6N and LNN.coms On their own they are meh but together as a group….priceless like it but I’m not sure if its pronounced Jissa or Gissa Kind of a joke for some people. “We’re not very popular here but we’re big in Japan” but could be a site of cool Japanese products Nobody has it as a brand yet. All yours Plenty of security services in Miami to make this worth some bank Hard acronym but may be pronounceable. Not going to be too expensive I can see this as a marketing name in the travel space Not A business school you would be THE Old TV show with Don Johnson. Could be a big fan out there Need help picking numbers ? I think there is still money in Geo/Service dot coms. I think Memorable and lazy people will relate to it

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Way to go Shane with Very nice name. Same way with me – sailing around the Caribbean for a few years and I had to pick up and My two favorites. Yeah, I think you should be writing your travels off -especially when you acquire the names. It is inspiration for acquisitions. It is for me anyway – check with your accountant – haha. Cheers.

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