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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday March 12th, 2020

My Grandfathers and Grandmother all served in WWII but had drastically different experiences. I am fortunate that I have my grandparents still alive to tell me their stories directly. My Dad’s Dad was a pilot. The cool of the cool. He was the young fighter pilot that you see in the movies. Runs over Germany and France, shooting down planes and dropping the occasional bomb. Dangerous but points came quickly. Points were given for service and in the case of pilots, missions. My Grandfather took as many missions as he could. Staying way beyond the time when he was allowed to come home. He loved the action. But eventually he was shot down. Took a bullet to the brain literally. Fortunately, although badly injured, he survived. He has a large indention in his temple to remind himself and everyone. Once home he came back to the nursery but made extra income flying cargo between Florida and Cuba. Every where he went people knew my Grandfather. He was the pilot war hero. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. And those are words from his friends, not my Grandmother who is also still alive.

My Mom’s Father doesn’t have the same stories. His are filled with horrible memories and stories he wouldn’t tell. They come from my Grandmother and my Mom. I was there a few weeks ago and my Grandmother told me how my Grandfather was stationed in the South Pacific. He job was to set up communication lines on the island and keep them up. On the island there was nobody in charge. The men in his company would go down to the village get drunk and do awful things to the men and women. So horrific that my Grandfather refused to talk about it. When my Grandfather had earned his points he left that day. Left the mountains, went into town, told them he had his points, and hopped on the next boat out. Not waiting for them to tell him. When he got back he wanted the thoughts to disappear. AT&T offered him a job and agreed to help pay for him to go to Northwestern University if they would come to work for them. Doing what you’d expect, installing and repairing phone lines. He eventually moved up to management and took early retirement when AT&T split up Bell Telephone into all the Baby Bells. At 48 he took his stock and ran. Moved to California and started to 2nd half of his life.

Ironically his wife had the opposite experience. She was a professional dancer and traveled the world as a USO dancer. Stationed in Hawaii entertaining all the troops that passed through. As you can imagine she got a ton of attention and the eyes of hundreds of thousands of men. She only had eyes for my Grandfather while he was away and just enjoyed getting to dance for a living. She only got to see the fun side of the war but she talked to enough people and my Grandfather to truly understand what was going on out there.

I am one of the few people in the world that have family members still alive that served in the war. In a decade most likely there will be none. These stories will relegated to being told second hand. I am visiting my Grandfather on Friday. Some days I visit him and he has trouble remembering anything and even struggles with who I am. Other days he remembers my daughters name and can tell a great story. Its usually stories I’ve already heard, and he’s not quite sure who he’s telling it too, but I still like hearing them again. It’s something I cherish and makes me the person that is supposed to make sure it gets told again.

Domain of the Day: Really nice CVCV. Will fly into five figures

Quote of the Day:Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would rather have talked.” -Mark Twain Names at Auction or Dropping I don’t think there is a better plant out there as far as adding flavor to foods. Bayleaf honey is amazing Some great .gg names dropping today. That’s if you think .gg is a good extension Low hanging fruit Docs is a pretty strong keyword for any extension As I said yesterday, billion dollar sites built around videos and clips of people playing video games

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction 20 years old. Great marketing name for a wireless company. No bids at $79 5L with no bids. Also could be HeWig a male wig No bids. Can’t imagine this will pass through with no bids. 17 years old Sounds nazzzzzzztyyyyyy I thought it might hit reserve and it looks like it will Gets 177 monthly visitors I bought this name at DropCatch LAST WEEK and seller didn’t deliver. It was part of a list of suspected I’m not sure if this is even a thing but like the word. 1996 birthday Great letters and a ton of backlinks Get there before they close it off to non residents Great recycling name. I hope it slips through so I can buy it The kind of 5L that I love. Takes a while to sell them though Vacation spot in Argentina. Registered in 19 extensions Registered in 34 extensions. 1999 birthday. And the z makes it cool No bids. taken in 17 extensions. Means empty, void

Godaddy Domains With Bids Would probably do pretty well in November. Although beards are year round now Great name for a “TakeMyMoney” type of site I would need a partner Great sports dot net I’d like to see it reversed but bidders don’t seem to care Top number of bids on the GD board. Bids are on the history Millions are looking for them Great 5L. I’ll be bidding on this one The patreon of bitcoin A lot of great uses but all probably involve light or heat Female first name with a few million Google results And stay green Unique and expensive enough product that a site build out would probably work We spend a lot of money on portable cribs, strollers, car seats. Things to take our babies places I don’t know why but sounds like a fashion line

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  1. Great quote Shane, i come here every morning to see the quote first, heard my dad say my entire life that it takes 1 year to learn how to talk, 50 to be quiet.

  2. My grandfather had a similar awful experience in the South Pacific that he never wanted to talk about. Maybe they crossed paths. Maybe my grandfather got to see your grandmother dance.

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