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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 11th, 2018

I had yet another sale today.  I won’t disclose the name yet because we’re in Escrow but of course I will when we’re done.    I share because I think it helps others when people share their price and their name.  My personal opinion is writing an entire article about a sale and not giving any info about price and name is a waste of everyone’s time.  I would share the other one I sold in the last week  this week but I am going to wait for  DomainSherpa next week because it has a funny twist to it.   But I will say I’ve I’ve already sold about $10K worth of names this month which I am extremely happy about because they are all names I bought for a total of less than $200.  Probably couldn’t get them near that cheap right now because I’ve had them a while but again, talking about a name without saying the name gets us nowhere so I’ll just wait.

I will say the sweet spot is definitely $2500 to $4000 for a negotiation and the $800 to $1800 range in BIN moves pretty quickly on the lower end names for me.  Could I get more for them later?  Perhaps.  But I think the price is fair for the buyer and I am happy with my profit so that’s all that matters.  I haven’t been very good about replacing the numbers in my portfolio though. I have used my sales to buy one word dot coms and LLL.coms.   A ten names for one trade.  Between that and dropping my bad numerics and my portfolio is back under 400 names.  Despite being much less names, the names are much much better than they used to be.  But I like having a portfolio of names that I can move for $2K-$3K.  Half the reason I am in domain investing is I love the rush of selling names.  Even if its for a few thousand dollars.  I say just but a few thousand dollars is a lot of money.  I can buy a lot of things with $2000 and I never take that for granted.  I am heading to Kenya for a while this winter and the tickets are $2K each for my wife and I.   Selling the name instantly pays for those tickets.  That is a big deal to me.  Always will be.

So I want to increase the size of my two word and portfolio now.  I like the big names because when they do sell it will be a nice payoff.  But the smaller names keep the lights on and the party going. But I just keep buying more domains so I never had any money or throw a party.

On another note. If you ever thought Uniregistry was more than a big domain investor that owns a registry then you were mistaken.  They compete against you at the auctions (they were the high bidder on most Namejet names I looked at today).  They sell their names. They’ll sell yours for a price. They’ll park your names for you along with theirs.   They created a great platform to manage their names so why not share it with others.  But they aren’t going to give it away.  So everyone that joined the party realizes now that you are pretty much just borrowing the services of a nice platform that was developed to be used in house.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  Namebright is no different.  But you have to know what you are getting.  Who comes first.  Once you understand your place on the food chain you can make money.  The crumbs of Namebright and Uniregistry can be delicious.  You just never going to get the center of the Cinnabon.  That’s theirs.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:  “When you complain about the crowds try and remember you’re the other person’s crowd”  

Domain of the Day:      This one is going to kill it.  People LOVE dragons and unicorns


 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   There is no better time to realize the value of these then exactly what’s going on in the south.  Hurricanes.  These things are like gold when the storms come   So popular there’s even a house hunters for RVs.  And when you have them you have to add all the goodies. Uniregistry high bid on both of these   I like O in the third letter because it can stand for “Of”   Nice 5L but really depends on reserve.  But I guess it always does   You hear me say a name is positive.  This one definitely is   I think interior when I see it.  As in interior decorating. Sure others will see different things   Love this one.  Fun tech  Videography, special effects, editing,  and animation all the way  Will be interesting how someone will make the sun healthy  Landscape your wedding

If you do names, Sedo’s auction is ending today.  Some good bids coming through

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  1996 domain.  The 46 million Google results show how popular the word seva is  I think someone will pay a few K just to buy this as an email because its their nickname.  Jennifer Wadson  Simple, easy to spell.  Those are the best names   Acronym for a lot of different things   Sounds a bit dated but it’ll sell  Good letters or a wrestling name  I don’t like this because its too generic but it probably makes a good marketing name if that’s what you offer   We’re not doing Google circles but we’re still doing circles  Highest value on the board according to Godaddy.  Even with the extra U  People evidently are really into this whole trusted news source thing


Godaddy Domains With No Bids  I have no idea what this will be but craft has been a popular naming convention for things for 50 years Almost every city in the US has a St. Thomas Church  No value but would love to build this out.  People will be very disappointed when I teach them how to be bad at stuff and not……  Already a product and will be many more later  Nice religious name Definitely sounds like an IPA but still may not have value  Lightscaping is a real business.  A properly lit home is gorgeous  Definitely worth more than $12 IMO I hate when people zip stuff  Solid name for lending money on things like bitcoin and domains.  Only one bidder  Would need to be built out but Ultras are getting more popular each year.  Ultra is any race further than 26.2 miles

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids


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  1. Congratulations on your 10k month!

    People on Namepros are saying that a good portfolio sells around 1-2% of the domains per year. Would you agree with that?

  2. Congratulations Shane, I appreciate your sharing of sales info. I really like but am not even going to try to get it because the reserve is beyond my price range.

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