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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday October 16th, 2020

I’m pretty sure everyone’s Grandfather had a 1932 Rolls-Royce so you’ll understand. Actually he was probably the only nurseryman ever to have one. That was my Grandfather. A wordly guy who made his money doing small town things. He drove that thing around the country with a group of people that all owned old Rolls Royce called obviously the Rolls Royce club. He would make an effort and drop by if he was in the area. Drive-in with this Giant Beast of a car and “ooooga oooooga”.

My Grandfather has always loved nice cars. He was always looking for cars that had style. Not necessarily what was in style or even good looking, just something that had an interesting design to it. He bought a Gull Wing Mercedes for that exact reason. Not knowing it would become iconic. He just thought it was cool looking. He had an Avanti, a Bentley, and always felt that modern cars like the Dodge Magnum and Prowler would become collectibles because they didn’t sell very well but were different than others on the road.

Back to the Rolls. He bought it when it was about 25 years old. That’s not a very old car if you think about how old your first cars were. But then again, most of us don’t buy a Rolls Royce as one of our first cars. My grandfather doesn’t sell his cars, he only got new favorites, so by the 80s it would become a super valuable car. Sheiks would fly in to make offers on it because, in the 80s, oil money wanted classic Rolls Royce. Not many private jets fly into the Paxton airport. There were only a couple of Silver Ghosts from that year in original condition left and they wanted it. They started with 100K offers and at one point got close to 800K or that’s the story. Grandpa wanted a million. It was always a million. He almost got there until the sheik’s sons decided they would rather have a sports car and the demand for the big old Rolls dropped like a rock. Even as it dropped his price was a million. My Grandfather is 95 and he sold the car a few years ago. Price? $180K. Not the million he was looking for but he wanted to choose who got it. And what did he do with the money? He bought a Bentley. And not the old ones or the nice new ones. He bought a shit ugly one from the 90s. Because he said nobody bought them and it was still a Bentley. He’s right. The drive is amazing. The engine is fast. Just ugly as sin.

I’ve learned a lot from my Grandfather and his car dealings. He stuck to his price. Some times it worked out. Some times it didn’t. My grandfather was wealthy because he worked his ass off. Is smarter than almost anyone I know. I don’t think anyone in his whole life ever told him what to do. Many people didn’t like him because of it. Cocky they would say. But confidence with no regrets is often deemed as Cocky to a person that lacks it. They thought he was buying cars to show off his money. It wasn’t that. He had flown tons of missions in WWII. He felt the speed and exhilaration of being in the air. He needed cars that gave him the same feeling. He held the speedboat speed record for a while because those boats gave him the same feeling as flying and he loved to build big powerful engines for it. Another true story.

He was hauling an engine that had won the speedboat record in his plane. Yes. He put the engine in the back of his plane and was flying it home. Except the engine was too heavy and couldn’t keep the plane up. So he and his cousin had to parachute out and let the plane crash. To hear the guy who jumped with him tell the story has you peeing your pants laughing. There was no way he was jumping out. To my Grandfather who had bailed out of shot down planes several times it was no big deal.

That’s the man my Grandfather is. A guy that jumps out of planes as if its no big deal. Drives a Rolls Royce down the center of Main Street in a town of 800. A guy that did what he wants to do on his own terms and has a million great stories of the journey. He’s 95 so the memory isn’t what it used to be. I was fortunate that I spent the last few years having him tell me stories so I I could pass them on to the next generation.

Thanks for listening to them. And now for the domains.

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Quote of the Day: “As I look back on my life, I realized that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”

Domain of the Day: Maybe the best that’s expired in a long long time Names at Auction or Available for Pickup It takes a lot of it in the VC world and Two names that work perfectly with dot me I love it when you call me big Papi. Name that song Will be interesting to see if the hot shoe market is hot enough to give this some value

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Not sure of the value but love the statement. I use it all the time. Usually doesn’t Always looking for winners 21 years old and some pretty decent search volume

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids on the board today. Getting a great price. Think how much DirectMedical would get We have a few brick and concrete product manufacturers near us whose names end in materials I would meet digitally but I’m not screwing someone virtually. Actually I’m not doing either says my wife I have no idea why Godaddy thinks this is worth $6K Data has to be wrong on this one. Says its only taken in 2 extensions Not sure why this is getting bids. But it as the second most on the board so I’ll let you do the research. 22 years old and taken in 22 extensions. I remember this domain place called Uni back in the day The Chinese are going to like this one Yeah, I see fuck too A brandable that could have been had for a few hundred not that long ago but now going to cost you $500 plus Was surprised how many companies share that name. Taken in 21 extensions Upgrade name for most of the companies on the first page of Google Exclusive . Everyone else gets pesticides I’d eat a cinnamon roll from there Hike It

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  1. My Grandfather owned a Ford Dealership in Greensboro, North Carolina called Brady Motors. It went out of business in 1959 and he blames it on the ’58 Edsel.

    In the mid-70’s he served as the U.S Ambassador to the County of Kuwait. Brady is responsible for delivering HITACHI color televisions to the Emir of Kuwait, because Japan since WW2 was under strict U.S. export controls.

    We bought the HITACHI’s in Bankok, Laos then shipped them to Kuwait via Air America, the American passenger and cargo airline owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency.

    1. He was on the USS Savannah CL-42. He didn’t fly airplanes, he shot them down….German Junkers & Messerschmitt fighter planes. From the deck of a sea cruiser you can’t really aim for a specific plane, you just create a field of metal in the air, where many times the Allied British Spitfire planes flew into it too and dropped into the sea.

      When you’re on a battleship with bombs dropping on you, your best best is to clear the skies

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