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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Tuesday February 4th, 2020

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen on the last day of NamesCon. I heard the activities in Lisbon were great but this is the United States. We don’t relax and kick back as well as Europeans. But NamesCon had an ace up their sleeve. They had 150 choices of free beer for 5 hours. Quite a few people left the conference early and they missed the best party of the week. An absolutely perfect day, surrounded by young adults drinking next door, and everyone in casual clothes, relaxing. I talked to more new people on Saturday than the previous days combined. It really was the best cap on the best conference we’ve had in years.

So I mentioned the beer. I mentioned the time frame. That’s a long time to be serving beer but I didn’t notice too many people going overboard. Except my partner Josh. It started with smiles that lasted a little longer than they should. Then proceeded to “I love you man”. Moved to eating part of the delicious corn muffin gifted to me by Kevin Fink but leaving most of it on the ground for the birds. And finished with a wrestling match with Chad Folkening in a Mexican restaurant. Fortunately they followed the traditional NamesCon, Mexican restaurant wrestling rules so nobody got hurt and all tables and chairs stood erect. I’m not sure who the winner was but Chad didn’t look like he was willing to get tapped out and Josh was still suffering from a broken tooth he incurred by biting into a $50 cut of meat so he was at a disadvantage. If I said it once that night, I said it 20 times, “That’s my partner”. And if they didn’t know it he would lift his sweatshirt up and showed he was wearing a shirt with my face on it to remind them.

For the most part everyone laughed and Josh made it home safely. Although he is not home home yet as he was one of the people that drove to the conference. Although also drove 20 more hours to get there than the rest of the people that drove there. Most people that drove lived in Texas. Generally Dallas or Austin. Not Pennsylvania. I called him to see how the trip home was going and if I could do Tuesday’s list for him because he was driving. He said he would appreciate it. He also said he loved me and that if he had three more minutes he would have Chad tapped out in a head lock. No wait that was what he said Saturday night.

Quote of the Day: The saddest part of life is when the person who gave you the best memories becomes the memory

Domain of the Day: Perfect name for a person in our industry. Names at Auction or Dropping Words are definitely were you should be investing in dot IO IMO but there are some acronyms that are quality. This is one. Again my opinion Another one . In the words of DJ Khalid I think this hits five figure. Electric Vehicle on .io. As good of a two letter .io as you’ll find On yesterday’s list but today is last day to put in a backorder You get whole the big city with this one I have ZERO what dot lc is but CBD will make anything have value

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Great keyword because the only time you ever need a locksmith its an emergency. $19 CPC and 20 years old Two good closing tomorrow. All comes down to reserves as it always does This one gets 1300 visits a month according to Sedo Short and sweet. One of the better dot co names in a while on Sedo The opening bid is pretty high but its a big category. Especially since the baby boomers are starting to pass 12 year old A brand site might take this one I see pure and I think others would see it as well No reserve which is the best kind of reserve Upgrade name for a few companies. Pretty short. Brandable company would take it Crazy that this would have been $5K not that long ago No bidders but someone might want to use it for marketing Dozen or more upgrade potentials.

Godaddy Domains With Bids Excellent!!!! Iconic movie Can’t go wrong with At least I haven’t gone wrong Three 7s, 5 figures This name is killing. 21 years old Going to fail the radio test but great brand regardless I actually like this one more than the numeric above. Bidders don’t I 100% support it but I also support the confidence it takes to eat right and exercise Last name and not much else. You would own Google with a company Top end letters. And its expiring so its fresh and so clean clean,, and All vegan, all the time We have Urgent Care places popping up all over A perfect name to sell 3 thousand dresses they’ll only use once or twice and Two more triple repeaters that are giving away money Not just amazing. CRAZY amazing It’s a legit sport. Okay, its a sport Anything bet I just like saying shuttlecocks You think your iPhone shots are good until you Sounds like a product I would buy on TV A bit long but an often debated topic

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. 150 Beers on tap… who the hell plans that event to start at 10 am? I assume I had a good time, but who knows.

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